Sortable, browser editable list/table of items (ad’s site style)

I need way to include dynamic list/table around my basic HTML website. (Example)
It should permit to edit facts from within cell phone and be sortable and in addition would be good if there is way to help make search or sieve data by selected criteria.

You need to help me come across FREE solution.

You’ll be looking for a PHP/MySQL script.
And that is a MySQL collection and run using PHP because programming language.

There are some free real estate programs (and some which have been for sale)…

Within just these hits, look specifically with the " hotscripts. com" prices:
http: //www. the search engines. com/#hl=en& source… cripts& aq=f& aqi=& aql=& oq=& fp=c26c79a56c95bda8

Most of the scripts that you’d probably buy might often be worth the price tag,
as they could be almost very much like the example a person gave.

Within just Hostscripts, they variety commercial and zero cost scripts. So scroll by their lists
and check if any of the free ones might get you in the suitable area… then employ a programmer
to customize for your own personel exact features:
http: //www. hotscripts. com/category/php/scripts-programs/real-estate/

To program this from scratch can be very expensive (to retain a programmer).

Understand that any software you purchase may possibly also be a write-off intended for business.

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