Spry Menu Bar in Dreamweaver CS3. Dimensions and cut off

It is my spry menu bar, it features a line through it (where the side of the default dimensions of each one unit used that will be)

Just how do i fix this Plus I need them as a certain color (non-transparent) Does someone just edit the CSS on the right hand side with the dreamweaver app

WOW – fat loss trust the array or dimensions in Dreamweaver design view – you actually have to try it out in your browser(s) to determine how it will find themselves looking.

I have a really strange method of this – I developed my own ring method before Pondered anyone to present me the anything beyond one of the most basic functions in the software… All my classmates along with designer friends giggle about this – they receive way farther considering the layout and design and style using pure coding compared to I do in advance of testing, but this works to me.

WHEN I basically use Firebug and WAMP as this WYSIWYG. I can lay out the basic blocking within DW, mostly while using the code view, very rarely the break view, usually based on a pencil design, sometimes on a rough Photoshop picture.

I produce basic page with all my elements where I need them (the divs, uls, ps, and so on. ) and put classes or ids that will them as I think are going to needed. Then I add an incredibly basic CSS theme. Load everything in place into Firefox through WAMP and start playing considering the CSS in Firebug to acquire things how I need them, cutting and pasting into your DW CSS file with the Firebug as I go. Often I will have to go back along with rename a class or add a new one in your HTML, and then returning to the browser…

I make an effort to remember the IE challenges (e. g. margins or padding) as WHEN I work, then when the idea looks right within Firefox I have a peek in IE to determine where I messed upward…

I hope not so many people here will probably laugh at the following – it looked like it perfectly logical to me to do it with this until I had more experienced people today tell me it absolutely was not the way to do things. I guess from the background where I became always aware that there was many ways to get a desired effect, I figure this if it works, it ain’t drastically wrong!


Yeah, I have found that you can’t believe in it.. But fat loss blame me to bring a " shortcut" and also just using Dreamweaver’s insert> spry alternative.

I have only been repeating this for 3 1/2 a few months.. From basic perception of html to where I will be today, being Self-Taught.

And I realize the harder advanced way to code is to just whip released a notepad along with start tapping absent at some scripts, while at one time knowing who, what exactly, how, when, and also where each aspect is being put, visually, mentally.

But I may get there… If there is a will.. the good news is way.

So that as for firebug, I employed to have it; But don’t you will need to download a very much older version of FireFox so as to install it as an add-on Because that’s the only real way I was able to: dead:

Nicely, I am still here suffering on this minor inconvenience thorn throughout my paw: chinese:

Spry Menu Issue


Now i’m using Firfox 3 OR MORE. 6. 8 – I guess I really could update it however it works fine began seeing it is thus…

Yeah.. I prefer my Personas’ on a later firefox model xP

The css can be fairly complicated with the spry menus. It may be a wider somewhere (obviously). It looks like one of many li widths (one with the main menu and something for the submenu). You need to adjust both of them. Play around about it until you get what you require.

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