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Howdy guys, I’ve been right out the game for some time now, but wanting to spice up my personal home network a little bit. I’d like to begin a little house intranet that such that i can have my own DVD library on hand always, recipes that I’m keen, etc, etc. Eventually I may share my music and try a dynamic DNS service and therefore access this data anywhere.

So, maybe a little an excessive amount of information, but I’m thinking about doing a common WAMP setup. I used to be always under the particular impression that these types of softwares were usually standalone, but a friend mentioned that you could download bundled offers. I did a fast Google and found a plethora of.

Long story short, what are some of the more popular WAMP bundles Reasons Am POST better off installing them all separate Is there a larger community for another than another (I am in search of free open-source).

Direction, if anyone includes any opinions on how I should established my server, I would appreciate it. Thanks considerably guys,

That can be done some incredible stuff with a Linux home equipment, which is what exactly I use. If you are using Ubuntu Server, you can during the install tend to include Apache, PHP, in addition to MySQL all preconfigured. You also have access to numerous open-source software to, for example, generate thumbnails of one’s video library plus transcode between formats.

For your home AV stuff, consider:
http: //www. avsforum. com/

For any LAMP MCE: http: //linuxmce. com/

There’s just soooooo many ways that can be done it.

I would really prefer and keep this box the windows box (I run TVersity on this, among other Windows software I prefer to use). With that said, any suggestions for any few Windows customers

Regarded as a just pick one and match it.

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