How must i get statistics of which word has been searched in google

I mean only keep asking how more often than not the phrase " sky" was searched throughout google.
How will i find this specific informaition

Take a glance here http://www.the search

You could integrate the search engines analytic in to your internet pages to obtain statistics.

No I know about search engines analytics but this is simply not what My business is looking for.
I need to know what number of people are searhing for spesific words at google optimization.not exclusively words that take these individuals to my site.

Oops! drastically wrong post.

you’re trying to find keyword homework tools.

You keep asking about that excluding your internet site Like what number of visitors are usually searching this or in which keyword

If you could have cPanel, feel free to use AWStats.

snoopinc, maybe make sure you read/re-read the main post because i don’t think you determine what the op is in search of.neither within your suggestsion (analytics neither awstats) can perform what just what the op wants.

as truly said ahead of, s/he needs keyword homework tools…perhaps make sure you examine them also.

you might try
https://adwords.the search…timatorSandbox
https://adwords.the search

You could try these

adwords.the search

Best matter about G

Witht this individual keyword outside tool is that you could alos see which kind of traffic typos involving words increasingly becoming.

Adwords must be your greatest bet.

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