strange idea incorporating drop down menu’s – HELP

Not sure if it must be in here or perhaps html help.. but ahh well..

So i’ve got this new website i’m taking care of for my auntie’s dry cleaning company

you can check it out at baysidedrycleaners. com. au its not much at this point but i’m getting there.

You may have noticed that the specials and agents pages usually do not work.
Specials i’m to not ever worried about at this point but i’m currently focusing on the agents article.
What i’m seeking to do is, have a dropdown box to the agents page then when you click on one of the agents from the actual list (most likely listed by suburb) within the same page information about that agent might be displayed (address along with what not) with no actually navigating faraway from the page.

I really hope you understand what i’m endeavoring to do. I’m trying to lessen clutter regularly, so hopefully you are able to understand why I only desire to use a dropdown during this fashion.


furthermore other ideas usually are welcome, but will not start dissing this n00by coding skillz.



You could use an < iframe>.

The inline frame are the part on the correct side of the particular vertical line.
Whenever clicked on providers, it would open up the stuff within the iframe on the best side.
This could happen without fresh new the page.

It’d also make the actual " agent" link (on that left) stay exactly the same.
That link would not should be a drop-down palate or " selection" field.

Whenever refreshing the web site is OK, then it would be done without the iframe,
using some PHP content switching within the right side.

One problem using iframe is you must define its size against your page,
and that size stays identical. If your content within the iframe gets as well big,
a scrollbar will glimpse. That may definitely not be something you choose.

I guess it depends on how a great deal content will appear on your page.

The positioning and agent material could utilize Yahoo and google Maps too.
Also , you could store that information from a database (MySQL)…
As being a profile for each agent in addition to GPS coordinates pertaining to Google Maps.

============= strategies for other material ===========
Move the superior up on this browser… too much blank space the best.
Having IE6, the correct side overflows as well as drops down beneath the nav.
You possibly can make the Google Road directions smaller and let the user zoom in.
Put all locations within the same Google Map with a, B, C… or anything else.
Have a customer log-in for them to check status with their items.
You need to use PHP scripting considering the. htm extension by means of setting it inside. htaccess

Hmm i just now tested it available on IE6 im not getting every overflow.
Probably cos I’m operating 1680×1050
Where ever suggest putting this 20 or consequently agent locations whenever they weren’t in a drop down
And yeah, I ‘sort of’ understand the majority of what your saying.. I’ll have a more in depth mess with what you could have suggested; but my coding knowledge types of dies at fashion sheets and straightforward javascript. I’m also just getting used to cPanel, and i have no idea about mySQL and also anything. but not surprisingly I’m willing to be able to experiment.
So I’ll start into it tomorrow night then reply back to that topic with the results. I’m guessing Cover need some pretty close assist with this step while

Those 20 agents could be in a list around the right side from the vertical line.
Each agent would be a link to the actual detail page w/Google Road to them mainly.
Coupled with phone number, enterprise details, etc.

You don’t really should use MySQL…
But you do need to know how to decide to put an < iframe> upon the
right side of your page. What appears within the iframe are other
web pages you’ve made, which are designed to fit inside the iframe size (W BY H).
Clicking a link within the left would " target" the iframe and that is what
will certainly load the target page.

This process of making it work might be a problem employing forum, as it is hard
to convey what steps taking without actually being there in the flesh.

As you are know Javascripting, you could play with the thinking behind making
this " agents" link a fancy drop-down menu then use Javascripting to
display stuff within the right side per agent. There are a range of ways to
accomplish the page… I just now am not confident where you’re comfy at.

I wish I had more time to deliver a real doing work example.

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