Strange Page Rank Case

Strange Page rank Case

Ok, Here is something very freaky.

I made an online site with drupal concerning 2 in years past and forgot to set good anti-spam quests.I mysteriously left your comments available to anyone who seem to registered on the webpage.

Last week I remembered coursesmart existed, and saw who’s had grown right into a SPAMfest…Cialis, viagra, ex-girlfriends, you title it! For any whooping full of 208, 000+ reviews AND 2800+ users on the webpage! All advisors probably spambots.Luckily for me, I employ a healthy website hosting program which swallowed this traffic with no it ever talking about my restrict.

Well, POST also checked the particular sites PR, and it trouble to be a 2! This is a palm regged domain name which I am certain didn’t even have a pagerank at all.

My guess is the spammers or perhaps spambots travelled into on the web forums along with posted links therefore to their comments in my site.Forum professionals usually remove duplicate content such discussions, but many of them might have been forgotten, and they also provide links to the site.My next physical exercise is use googleanalytics plus start administering what backlinks to our site.

Anybody have a very similar situation

very interesting!

google analytics is designed for tracking traffic though, not backlinks.for those you should use webmaster has the benefit of something identical although its count is usually much greater that google’s.

i’m curious to learn how numerous backlinks people did have and coming from where.

Yeah, I had not implemented any sort of tracking ahead of, although its still taking traffic throughout.I’ll look for out where this site visitors is originating from.

We had a niche site hacked a bit ago as well as thought all of us had taken away everything.Turns out there ended up being still a new php script running within the 404 computer code section.Plenty of backlinks, se rankings for those these fake pages all of us didn’t possibly know been around.It merely showed up whenever we did analytics on all the 404 websites.

I does never experience this kind of situation even we have never heard too, but researching this queer thing along is the very first experience to me.but i’ll research regarding it any much more, by how we have good idea that quite a few spammers and bots posted your website link some forums (may possibly be in different forums, which have not great moderation) and so your links was saved in these posts pertaining to long.which links people.

Maybe your own comment back links are nofollow.

Probably you might have received free of charge backlinks through spammers.But anticipate Google didn’t identified your blog as your link town.

Well available for you i choose to tell you something that google has become so wise that when someone is delivering backlinks the item wont damages you.Like whenever somebody is supplying you with link then google always consider the point text, if it is related to your site content and then it can help you.Need to not worry that much, if the idea happened including so and then spammers could harn every website plus google is additionally might possibly be in risk winning harmed.

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