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Good day,

My personal girlfriend, a computer tutor to golden-agers, has created some sort of catalog of about 800 really simple tutorials that your lady wrote in html page. She has these in a very folder hierarchy with virtually no navigation. Each lesson folder possesses an images folder which has the screen captures linked while in the html file including a rendered pdf file with the lesson with web site breaks for stamping.

She now want to share these lessons online and have an interface to look by keyword, search by category along with browse by software name. She would also prefer to allow the person to filter the effects by the operating system.

Relating to considered a few approaches.

ONE. making a collection of links using fields for bill, description, url, software, category, keywords, etc for each record
ONLY TWO. Loading all the lessons right Content Management Procedure.
THREE. Building an index page of links in each of the folders.

Any suggestions will be welcome and kudos ahead of time for any good souls.

#1 is ideal, as you don’t have to change anything with all the way you
include stored things now. PHP and MySQL will be the programming used.

Put all the images in one directory (you contact them folders, yet online, they will be directories).
Put all the PDF files of hospitality attire directory, each which includes a unique name.
Put all the lessons in one directory, each which includes a unique name.

You develop a MySQL database along with one table labeled " tutorials".
That table has the variables (fields) an individual listed plus any more things you wish.

You are already aware what the three directories are known as, so you merely have to
save the filenames along with other information for just about every tutorial.

Maybe a list of variables like this in the MySQL table:
ID (auto increment ID variety of each record) Major ID
key terms (each word segregated by commas)
rating_qty (how sometimes it was graded by students)
rating_sum (accumulating sum from the rating on the 5-star scale YOU, 2, 3, SEVERAL or 5)
downloads (how sometimes the pdf had been downloaded)
revision (UNIX timestamp involving tutorial revision date)
relationship (ID numbers involving similar or relevant tutorials, separated by way of commas)

Once a database is created, in which case you’ll have about 800 rows with your table,
it is possible to search, sort, query by an infinite amount of methods and a combination.

THE rating system regarding students to fee each tutorial (sum / qty = rating).
A PDF down load system that makes track of the amount of were downloaded.

That’s the approach We’d take anyhow…

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