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I am building a form to get a Dentist. Its needs to be interactive and lead the person to a specific outcome based on the selections them to make. For model, One form shall be to determine when they are Cost Influenced or Cosmetic Driven and based on the selections they make the shape will recommend a Metal or Porcelain crown. I am a new beginner and I’m looking for top level way to attain this that wont employ a crazy learning curve. Thanks in advance for the suggestions!

Oh dear around the understanding curve issue… this will likely involve AJAX (the very best solution),
which is a variety of Javascripting and PHP.

But you can find another idea… in the event you could find an individual that does " Flash", which might
be methods to create a great interactive script concerning dentist and customer.
The Flash idea would be more creative (and quite a few great graphics possibilities).

Run the Flash idea in the Flash part of the forum, or in the " hire some sort of programmer" section.

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