Table and CSS IE Issue

Relating to a right navigation template which is used for all our product pages. The actual table which consists of the " enhance cart" button seems to wrap for the left when IE’s Compatabilty Watch mode is powered down. It doesn’t come about in Firefox however. I tried when using the < meta http-equiv=" X-UA-Compatible" content=" IE=7" > which will Emulates the older IE browsers, however it messes up my dropdown menus from the header.
Can someone review the code and tell me how We can keep the " enhance cart" table from wrapping for the left in IE as soon as Compatabily View mod is actually off Here’s the page:
http: //www. ebladestore. com/knives/SCHACALY. html
Almost any feedback is appreciated, thanks.

Have you thought to put them in divs as an alternative to tables.

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