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Pricing advice…

The amount of would you guys charge for a monthly webside-admin gig Now i’m having lunch having somebody tomorrow to determine about taking in the administration of his or her site, but I’m undecided how much to help charge monthly regarding it…. any ideas.

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Server advice…

I am looking to change up the heat on the next version of my website, in addition to my current node is barely slicing the cheese. I want to build an innovative server that could handle the determined workload, but I dont really know just how far I will need to stretch my pocketbook. I plan to run Apache/PHP/CGI/Perl/MySQL and I want and therefore have it support AT THE LEAST 10 users at great speeds. Can anyone provide me server specs that could support what I would like Also, what kind involving connection speed vertical would be essential support this Thanks earlier for your aid.

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Need some advice for a new website…

Now i’m 16, love website design, and have thought he would start my own. com just for many experience. I’ve done countless websites before with free hosts like homestead, and angelfire and have lots of experience with HTML DOCUMENT and Java. I’ve never had any good HTML editing or perhaps Image editing software until my primary professional client ordered Frontpage 2002 for me to use. I took a course in web style and design and used Dreamweaver in addition to Fireworks, which WE both really like, but can’t afford to buy. For my new website I think Frontpage will possibly be my primary editor, but as far as graphics move I’m lost. I do work from a restaurant, but it’s smallest wage and Thought about can’t afford in order to splurge on Fireworks or Photoshop. Is there any programs there are various net I can download to work with instead, or any program I will use that’s affordable(under $60) WHEN I paid 39. 95 (don’t understand what US$) for Serfi Photoplus SEVEN from www. serif. com before, check it available – itspretty excellent. (http: //www. serif. com/photoplus/photoplus8/index. asp) I likely will, thanks for the actual suggestion. Do you have your … Continue reading

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I am to develop a Lingerie site

Hey cutie I’m just about to be commisioned to perform a lingerie site and I’m quite looking towards getting down to be able to it. After a litlle research I’ve saw the running theme with a no. of these websites and they all utilize a nice system that will grab the specs from your database and place them to the same template. Although I have got experience with together databases and PHP this are going to be a big step personally and so I would like a litte advice on where to seem to develop a few very targeted skills. I’m looking in making a site very much like those listed below of course , if anyone can assist me out by way of pointing me into a code snippets or tutorials that may direct me in how Let me achieve this different site, please perform. http: //www. contessa. org. uk http: //www. ultimodirect. com My business is a little lost about what you will be asking for. You wish a nice route to put data originating from a database into a normal page The way I would about doing it can be to use just one php page as … Continue reading

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Needing advice on design fees?

I am designing two sites for a friend, which started an online business 6 months ago and it also has taken out of beyond her anticipations. I am about to see her this kind of weekend and she’s already approved my own design layout intended for her sites. My question is, I am going to discuss the expenses with her just before I start art so that there’s no miscommunication between individuals. Each site will include things like approximately 12+ pages and We were thinking of loading her $500 each one. What do you would imagine and/or charge for your services I typically charge more to get a company that My organization is not so acquainted with, but a family friend is a different story. Many thanks $500 for each page is really hefty.. especially considering she is a family companion. I’m assuming you’re dealing with $500 for each one site, which I do believe is fair. $1000 for 24+ pages is quite reasonable, IMO. If you’re talking about $500 the page, I hope they’re created from gold. Depends on what kind of money she’s making and simply how much she’ll be expecting for making from the web page. Also … Continue reading

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notepad problem??!!!??!!

I have been previously using notepad to help code my web coding since I commenced web designing quite a while back. Only currently, have I encountered a problem that may be driving me absolutly nut products. When ever I open a strong html file, no matter where it is with my comp, in addition to view the reference, it shows the full root on notepad not having page name and also. html at the end. ex-girlfriend. C__Documents in addition to Settings_Chris_Desktop_mercedesc280_mercedes1 as an alternative of mercedes. html page…. which is the specific name of the particular html document now when i edit this and also just " save" it, it never will save you my changes nor does it save it for html document. I actually have to visit " save as" and rename all the document again. Does anyone learn how I can right this so I could just " save" without " save as" Try emptying your IE cache. Typically when you will find there’s number at the completed of the brand in brackets, which means you’re editing your cached file. Notepad is an editor just around HTML is some sort of programming language. Obtain real editor – … Continue reading

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Want to get started… need advice

Good day everyone. I recently misplaced my job this past week like a mechanic, and would now llike to obtain back into desktops, specifically web-design. We were wondering if you can actually give me a number of advice on easy methods to go about that. I need to maneuver quickly, but I wish to accomplish things right. I went to Barnes & Noble today and was considering the various courses on Studio MX, but wasn’t convinced if that will be the best program to obtain experienced in or even not. Can anyone provide me some advice Thanks ahead of time!!! Hopefully I’ll manage to start returning the particular favor soon… Which kind of experience in computing have you had Exactly what your strengths Can it be the backend, coding and structural components Or producing the exact graphics creatively It is best to look at precisely what your existing knowledge is before getting started. Have you acquired any experience with programming Stomach muscles Flash That’d all often be useful stuff to understand to help us enable you to get in the proper direction. Ollie I’d start learning the appropriate way, pick up a book called Planning with Web Specifications by Jeffery … Continue reading

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Which should I use, setup a blog or manually?

Hi there. My business is re-working my webpage, and im looking for a little advice. My site are going to be more regularly up-to-date etc, and on the frontpage it will be literally filled with some news, similar to a blog. Today, on the right hand side, I’d personally also like it to talk about " Top YOUR FIVE News" or something equivalent (the exact wording doesnt matter with the moment), so im guessing that I will have to create some type of blog or one thing right How could we start off therefore etc.. It is sort of what My organization is after. But on the suitable hand side it has the latest updates and what definitely not… Thanks for virtually any help Amnesia make use of a blogging system. Incredibly easier and faster. www. wordpress. org it is a great one, it’s free and easy to install. Thanks a whole lot! Blogger is decent and easy to put together plus it can be free: http: //www. doodlekit. com/start This has lots of options, they have both a no cost and pay-for variation: https: //secure. pmachine. com/download. php But Blogger is a superb one to start with… Enjoy! MovableType’s … Continue reading

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