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Double server-side on one server?

Is it possible for a page going thourgh server-side twice e. g. individual requestes page " good day. " > equipment proceses " good day. jsp" (or asp and also php) and churns out and about into speical xml format > on identical server, PHP proceses XML, as well as does other stuff, and turns away hello. html ONLY TWO questions: Is it possible If that’s the case how How would an individual request a page Whenever they request hello. jsp, what they get will not that but hi. html How could that work (this is perfect for my project " SIX " ) Using AJAX, I trust so. ahhh… think about without ajax put it off a sec… what does ajax are related with any of the this is most of server side… or is my idea of ajax wrong i highly recommend you explain…. PLAN! individual requestes page " good day. PHP" > PHP in turn requests hello. jsp> equipment proceses " good day. jsp" (or asp and also php) and churns out and about into speical xml format > on identical server, PHP proceses XML, as well as does other stuff, and turns away hello. php (now … Continue reading

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Future of scripting technologies assignment (help Please!)

Howdy I am a student in the united kingdom and have already been set an project to write a quick report analysing in addition to discussing the options that come with client and machine side scripting technologies because they relate to this implementation and progress of online store websites, and to investigate how ecommerece small business systems will advance and develop in the foreseeable future including some specific detail associated with the next Two to three years. If anyone may give me any getting loans this as We are a little weak during this. What is important I have produce is the development of digital currency and having smartcards as a digital currency store. Please help, cheers. I’m not sure but We’d imagine things similar to DOM Scripting and AJAX likely have something to do with it Improving an individual Experience on these websites while shopping. Making the websites perform more like a desktop application. Online is starting to vary from document delivery to be able to application delivery. By this I mean at this time the web situated around screen reloads including a load of insurance or pages getting used for these techniques powering an ecommerce webpage. This relates … Continue reading

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Ideas for gaming site!

Good day all, Relating to recently acquired a website name which i am service plan developing into an online games site and we’ve a template ready. I know there are actually literally 1000’s of these out there that is why i wished to know your opinions on easy methods to set myself aside from the crowd. What would make you settle for a gaming site What features can you expect from some sort of gaming site Can you use a forum on a gaming site Can you pay to accessibility extra features What would these features have to be Another thoughts We were thinking about a web site 2. 0 style of site, RSS feeds, AJAX, maybe integration along with flickr so people can display screenshots/photos or anything else. What do you think I highly recommend you tell me your own thoughts, ONE and 2. Media, info, great producing, game tips, tips about games, reviews, etc. THREE. There’s tons out there already. Maybe. Reviews on news give food to, definitely. That may help it blossom in full forum. SEVERAL. People have during the past (e. g. fileshack, etc). distinctive beta test encourages, unique articles, full featured walkthroughs (check IGN’s information … Continue reading

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Web Design Podcasts

Just simply wondering if any individual on here listens to any web page design podcasts I listen avidly on the boagworld. com podcast. Very informative and has something for everyone, not to mention the hosts, Paul in addition to Marcus, are hillarious. Other ones we have listened to include things like: http: //www. web20show. com/ – Obviously about everything ‘Web 2. 0’. http: //webaxe. blogspot. com/ – About accessibility on your website, not bad content women and men host will probably send that you sleep. http: //pmpodcast. blogspot. com/ – A good unique podcast regarding Project Management. Other web page design podcasts that relating to not listened to be able to: http: //www. webdevradio. com/ http: //www. ajaxian. com/podcast/ http: //www. effective-website-secrets. com/ http: //feeds. feedburner. com/webdevdesign Hopefully people will see this list valuable, if there are usually any i haven’t so much mentioned please place. Ive started reading the ajaxian not too long ago, obviously it depends upon ajax. Going to have to check out some of those others also. What do you think of that Ajaxian podcasts MY SPOUSE AND I downloaded them a time back but never have got round to playing them.

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What to learn next?

Definitely, I am trying to figure out how to make websites. I believe i have ‘learnt’ CSS as well as HTML. As much as you can actually ‘learn’ these. I have found which you never really understand everything with coding lanuages also , you forget a ton else. Anyway, What regarded as a do now Regarded as a learn more CSS or even will this come as i pattern more sites I know i should learn javascript, and php/ASP/ajax Can certainly someone answer all these: Where is for the best to go through here Which coding lanuage must i learn PHP/AJAX Are you ready for diffrences, if you realize one is it easier to find out the other Are they are more i should learn Ajax, what is it How do you learn it What is actually ruby on rails Is there everthing else I should learn, need to understand about Also, here are degrees of my list a couple sites. Is there anything you might recommend based at these designs http: //homepage. mac. com/damienoneill/Interaction/index. htm http: //homepage. mac. com/damienoneill/Vis/index. htm Javascript would be your next step, undoubtably. You want to be sure to learn the entire client-side, widely used … Continue reading

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Help persuading no AJAX!!

I’ve been working on the website for a time now, it’s an attention of mine and perhaps they are the biggest website online for this unique interest. I do a reasonable amount of coding job, free of ask for, because i enjoy it. Unfortunately they have decided they want to gain to use AJAX to help load page!! Concerning given them the normal reasons not to use it e. gary. back button. bookamrking and many others. but they will be insisting on deploying it. They are using it because they won’t have to load the header, sidebar, nav and many others. more then once. They are convinced it is just a brilliant idea but i realize they are jumping for the AJAX bandwagon. I really don’t want them to achieve this but they may not be listening to me and they are convinced they understand best. Basically I was wondering if any person could provide some ideas in an attempt to make them alter their minds before they are doing this!! Thanks 1. It truly is completely reliant upon Javascript. TWO. It won’t develop most past, quite a few current, and several future browsers. 3. It is inaccessible. Thanks for … Continue reading

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Watching people surf your website

http: //www. clicktale. com/ Interesting by using AJAX. Sounds like a sensible way to improve UIs, but is there much price Figurative price or price with regard to functionality each, as well as price of users not taste it (various privacy issues may arise), in addition to system resources. Coming from a webmaster’s perspective, ignoring the technical elements, it is very appealing when you know exactly tips on how to improve your internet site (do they spend quite a long time with the mouse idle before encourage click a several location Then help to make that location a lot more obvious). From an end-user perspective, I don’t would like peope watching me like this. Yeah, the privacy issue is definitely huge. The biggest fear I have from a blogger perspective is, what if people find out about this and then decide the perfect solution is is to flip Javascript off And also by people’ I mean a lot involving people. Practically a double frame sword. Sure, it could help with UI, developments, etc…….. but you’re right people might be turned off through it. Oh dear to have it devoid of the whole Big Brother effect. In addition, I run straight … Continue reading

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update webpage without having to click refresh

Howdy all Is there methods to automatically make any users browser revise the page not having clicking refresh Internet marketing asking because when i update I often have to tell some others to click refresh to find out the new info or pics. What would be ideal is to obtain a code that could say for case in point: If the cache files are are over the age a certain time, refresh the page. Is niagra possible many thanks! refresh meta tag Instead in the entire page, consider reloading only a single image and also container, or rescuing new images and also containers: http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/AJAX. sorted. thanks guys.

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Active drop-down lists

I am just just wondering when anyone can recommend what the most effective (or only) technique of having dropdown listings that affect the other page almost right away. That’s probably not a very good description actually… To give an example, usually used at order forms and so on., when you’re asked to decide on a country a single drop-down list, the page can refresh quickly but keep all of the correct info after which the drop-down list below could have different contents depending on the previous one particular. Hence, if the initial drop-down list had been a country choose which selected england the next one may be updated to display all the counties, or places, in the UNITED KINGDOM. Formerly suffering with tinnitus learning php as well as MySQL recently and also I can’t visualize any way to do this using simply them. Is it achievable Or is it oftimes be a JavaScript function Any help can be great! Gives thanks! I’m guessing you’d need to use Javascript. You can probably find a script that is going to do what you are considering if you seek around. http: //javascript. web. com/forms/ e. g. Specifically, you are considering AJAX. But some … Continue reading

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web development – where to start

i’m sure some HTML, CSS along with frontpage 2003, i would like to start coming up with websites, where is a good place to start off In precisely what context Would you mean what function should your 1st website have, or would you mean the guidelines involved developing your own website If it truly is the latter, receive sime good pen and paper and prepare your websites composition, it’s content, and so forth. Then once you know what you look for the website to obtain, start thinking about the design. appears to be good, but i essentially meant where should i find some entry level web design work bfsog is right – you should learn the basics before you can get work. You need to consider site structure plus the conceptual side regarding things. Then you should uninstall Frontpage and study hand-coding valid XHTML as well as CSS. Off the top of my head, the following sites should sooth this: A Checklist Apart Vitamin Eric Meyer You will be keeping up-to-date considering the latest developments in the industry. You should learn why standards are crucial, what AJAX is going, and how microformats may or will not be beneficial to ones … Continue reading

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