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Just what would it take ANY computer or few DSL or maybe cable connection Knowledge of linux and windows Knowledge of apache and iis Networking skills Like establishing dns etc. Wouldnt the easiest be to just build a cheap committed server hosting later b When i was running TT off my own ring machine, I made use of Apache, Tomcat (for JSP), oftentimes the PHP modules or Apache, in addition to my router. There is no such thing as cheap dedicated hosting. TT and a website 10 times their size would be on shared internet site. Dedicated hosting will be bloody expensive. $215 any month Aussie that like $125 to you seppo’s!! Receiving 3gb of distributed space is A$300 +. So dedicated hosting aint less costly!! Filly: We all weill have reviews, articles, forums and media the amount of space will most people need We’ll allow uploads with mp3s, mpegs for example. to a qualification Will it often be used primarily only for storage, or to get actually streaming Tunes and videos If its the latter, you’ll pay a king’s ransom for the additional bandwidth; if its the previous, all you are related is get any custom plan, perhaps even … Continue reading

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Sorry if that is in the erroneous section.. My organization is starting to design and create a small website (a very few pages) for someone who gives living lesson workshops. She wants me to style and build that website, graphics, rule etc. It defintely won’t be very big. I’m thinking of just using (x)html, css and which is it. There probably are not any javascript or maybe php involved, but I would use some php comprises of. There will become no contact form. The content will more than likely be mostly provided to me. My organization is needing to give a quote really soon because of this site, and given that this is my personal first paid site, then I don’t know what to demand. Here i will discuss my background: I’m 17 and have been doing a number of webdesign stuff regarding about 18 montsh or perhaps so. I have a really good knowledge of html, (validated pertaining to xhtml), validated css, many photoshop skills, User Experience (UX) suffers from and knowledge etc. I reckon I could truthfully tackle this one particular, but I’m confused what to demand. I was considering $150 ish Aussie, but have absolutely no idea. … Continue reading

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