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WDF: dynamic to static?

Hello all – I’ve noticed that some WDF threads are arriving in Google with all the following format: online world. webdesignforums. net/threadid4331session. code I would like to ask (if I may) how this has become achieved – ie, may be the actual vB coding modified due to this, or (more likely) are these claims from using mod_rewrite about the actual server to be able to modify the URLs If you do, is there anywhere I can find more details on performing this My forums are instead being well indexed, but dynamic pages as static pages appears to help you more with participating backlinks – which serves as a particular selling point for smaller forums attempting to attract newer customers. Is this something that could be discussed here . htaccess applying mod_rewrite. There are wide ranging hacks I learn for invisionboard, and I’d imagine there is some for vB to be able to. It’s a genuinely simple thing really… Unfortunately, not really for myself… I was simply curious concerning using something related on my vB THREE. Would anyone be considering discussing more about how precisely it was performed for WDF Or can i leave the situation alone – specifically in public … Continue reading

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Navigation help… Links galore!

Hi folks, This probably will prove to be a cold article, but I am thinking of getting some constructive feedback with a draft navigation system geared for this personal/professional website. And this I have a long way: As an alternative to the above navigation system, I was also contemplating having four most important links: Those four is a visible main hyperlinks, and the rest is hidden via some sort of dropdown and/or Flash-based routing… Anyhow, please feel zero cost to comment/suggest/critisize this above mock course-plotting… I am furthermore contemplating having sub-links for my portfolio segment too… What are peoples thoughts regarding one-word links compared to multi-word links… example: Impress Design vs Print Sonic Comps or Audio And so on… Thanks beforehand, cheers! < /m> Not a bad idea, but unless you’ve got a huge amount of stuff for each category, you will find that there defintely won’t be much content within the page. Perhaps splitting a person’s categories up directly into smaller sections in lieu of having 10 inside the portfolio, have between one and four. Once you have a large amount of stuff within these sub-categories, then it is best to expand. Just this view anyhow. I’d personally have … Continue reading

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Link to websites using vertical marquees

Might somebody please convey to me the backlinks to websites which will use vertical marquees. Thanks i dont knwo a site that uses these individuals. but i will give u the signal: < marquee direction=" up" > subject matter here< /marquee> as well as < marquee direction=" down" > subject matter here< /marquee> quick question would you mean a marquee licence plate or scripted I am talking about scripted. Any help could well be really appreciated.

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Interlinking Sites

Concerning three web web pages, www. waikoloacondorentals. com, online world. haliikaioceanfrontrentals. com, along with www. koleabeachvillas. com. I will be trying to boost for google along with am wondering whenever anyone has any kind of ideas on optimization which i am lacking. Concerning purchased numerous optimization softwares and find a way to have the article optimized well, but just is unable to get over the actual google ranking associated with three on each kind have. Thanks, I often remember that 3 is fairly common and who’s is quite tricky to acquire better than this. Backlinks are very important. Try and discover similar websites and setup a link change. A link at a related website is worth more than a link from your non related webpage. I think the very first post is junk. Can give him/her 1 time to reply again with another submit, or this post will probably be " dee-leeted". Thanks, yeah it is nearly impossible to find relevant sites with a better page ranking than that you link to anyone. Any ideas with getting links.

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Facebook links?

Do you find it really worth making a Facebook web site and liking returning to your site The sites are for carpet cleaning and car insurance. Your sites are in a list of several million different sites. Regardless of the you do, you’re going to have a hard time getting ranked… There are just too a large amount of. Try getting linked on sites local for your area… that is likely to be best. Regional online directories, some other business, commerce sites, Better Business Bureau, etc. Facebook is too wierd due to " invite" feature. Advertising on posts/walls might not come across adequately. I think it is best to have a Facebook page, and Twitter and many of the rest of them. Not that We’ve got mine classified yet. I’ve just done a few seminars on social media marketing marketting and there are many key points i think apply. YOU. Its FREE consequently your not likely to waste anything besides time on this. COUPLE OF. People trust social networks therefore will beleive what they keep reading social networks greater than what they keep reading your official website. THREE OR MORE. Anyone that signs up as a fan or member of … Continue reading

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Hi! I was thinking to produce an website using good quality scripts which I can find on web. Can somebody yes me some backlinks about such scripts A search powerplant like google or yahoo is often created using some tools found about internet If yes type scripts do I must have My website must have search options on different categories for instance videos, music, blogs, audio etc in addition to a few more neat options if it can be possible. Then I may put adsense advertisements and maybe I will make some capital too.: -p I found many turn-key non-free optimization scripts but that they look poor plus the design is horrible.: surprised: The performance of these kind of ready-to-use sites is definitely questionable. An affiliate site that is looked would normally have got a database (MySQL)… and that is the thing that is definitely actually being researched. What would your internet site be about Don’t produce a site simply " to have a site"… a waste of your time and money. If you need to make a link farm, and also be a spammer, we don’t really would like to help having that. Just email google they usually will … Continue reading

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Images wrapping in unordered list inline menu

I’m developing a menu using the unordered list considering the items presented inline. The menu features six text links and two images : Twitter and LinkedIn icons. Each text connection and image can be an individual list object. Before adding backlinks to each listing item, the menu appears began seeing I would be expecting – inline. However, when I add links into the icons, the icons wrap to new traces (the text backlinks remain together for the " top" line). I have searched for a reply to this problem, but can’t uncover anything. Support is greatly valued! Gives thanks. If you’ve got a link so we could see, that would be most valuable… Here’s a test page the location where the format is what I would prefer: Social Media Inbound links Test And here’s certainly one of my site pages considering the code used above embedded in to a template: Leah Gillespie Thanks beforehand for your assist! #SMLinks ul li a This particular line needs your float: right. In that case some padding: 0 5px appearance about right. By the way, floats should have a width applied so you do not have any bugs pop up banner in different browsers. … Continue reading

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Alignment problem with CSS in IE

Hi there Everyone, I’m taking care of a page that could have invisible backlinks hidden over a great image. I used CSS to help position the links within the image. It shows correctly in Firefox as well as Chrome, but in IE there’s an area between a lot of the background images end of it. Does anyone realize how to close the gap Thanks beforehand. (I will, not surprisingly, add a border=" none" tag if the page is all set — to disguise the links. ) I evaluations have a whole of 13 links, if that matters. With thanks, Joe <! DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD HTML 4. 01 Transitional//EN" > < html> < head> < title> Hookey Twiggies — Rose< /title> < meta http-equiv=" Content-Type" content=" text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" > < fashion type=" text/css" > <! — . navbarfont font-weight: 1 , 000; font-size: 14px; font-family: sans-serif; –> <! — . songtitlefont font-weight: 1 , 000; font-size: 14px; font-family: serif; –> <! — . lyricsfont font-weight: 100; font-size: 12px; font-family: sans-serif; –> <! — . notesfont font-weight: 100; font-size: 10px; font-family: sans-serif; –> #link1 placement: absolute; left: 25%; top: 15px; #link2 placement: absolute; left: 45%; top: 25px; #link3 placement: absolute; … Continue reading

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Javascript Toolbar

Hi all. I’m thinking of designing a website which will utilize several backlinks from other internet sites. I have noticed on websites such as StumbleUpon while others that they start using a toolbar on the most notable of the web-site that stays there irrespective of which outside website link you follow, furnished you started from StumbleUpon. com Can anyone no problem me some pointers on how to code this right website Is now there any software this does this automatically Or will there be a link to some guide that anyone could show me My business is specifically interested in being capable of have users For instance (on Facebook) another woman’s page that some people accessed from my personal website, but could still reference my personal website when Preferred on Facebook. Just about any help is considerably appreciated I really believe what you’re actually interested in are frames.

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Website Copycats Awareness

The key reason why do people require on copying others. There must be some method to expose these people Here’s a summary of website I’ve found so far.. Lets play that guessing game. Is it possible tell who’s the particular original http: //www. cloudcodz. com/ http: //www. ginnietech. com/why-ginnietech. htm http: //webdesignerexpress. com/ http: //windnriver. in/ http: //www. gustavotosta. com/index. html Is it possible guess who’s the particular original http: //www. thoughtmechanics. com/ http: //www. nutripharmlab. com/index. html Is it possible guess who’s the particular original http: //www. haibomedia. company. za/ http: //www. bluefountainmedia. com/ Is it possible guess who’s the particular original http: //www. lancerinfosoft. com/ http: //cmsitedesign. com/ http: //www. 123triad. com/ Once you learn of others, help make us aware! As a consequence of templates, perhaps I don’t web themes were involve one of these from each has an unusual which I don’t think they use templates. If you compare the source code in an effort to the first a couple of examples are just about all WordPress, built to the same theme. The 3rd example is any template that both are using, which you could see by the CSS backlinks. And in the last example these … Continue reading

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