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Preventing access to site directories..

Truly seen this, by testing it myself, on some websites. That is the right way to prevent viewers in addition to guests from about to a directory, like http: //www. yoursite. com/images/, and getting of which basic HTML number page that allows you to browse throught he / she files. I need it it gives a awesome " access denied" site instead I think this is done inside cpanel or anything, just not convinced where… Decide to put an index. html file within the directory. Users are certain to get that page besides seeing the service structure. They will however be capable to directly browse into the images (if many people know the names). Employ. htaccess instead… … provided you’ve got a host that can handle it (i. at the., not a n00b free one). Nicely, n00b hosts might go kiss: banana: ‘s ass. Grr… WHEN I hate n00bs, specially n00b hosts and also n00b scripters… Put this from a. htaccess file throughout whatever directory you’re looking for this to impact: Code: Options -Indexes This spins off auto-indexing, that (apparently) is with by default during your host.. htaccess rules inherit so if you put this with your root HTML directory … Continue reading

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Article for people starting out.

I just now wanted to post this article for site designers staring out, or considering starting out. Write-up Great article, Dan! All the revolutionary people to web page design should read this. Yeah of your brilliant article. The whole site is in all reality really good to stay informed with all the online goings on. I don’t even think I have run into it before. Great one Dan. So good, and it brings a lot of the important facts along with details. Good website link! I can personally vouch for the point made related to formal education. Once i got out of collage I used to be as preparied to create websites as everyone who read any book on basic html and knew some thing or two with regards to dreamweaver(BTW the books can have cost about 31 bucks, but I spent 31, 000+ upon tuition). Most everything I realize about creating websites I’d to learn outside the classroom. On the other hand, I did learn a whole lot about color way of thinking, information design, undertaking management, teamwork, ect.. And that is where the value of formal training came in. It is hard to learn that almost thing outside … Continue reading

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Is this overkill for so little content?

My personal daughter was bugging me to get a domain name, and so I registered you for her, and she has been trying to construct a simple website. I think she may have been using Dreamwaver tryout, not sure tho (She’s EIGHTEEN and lives together with her mother) Anyways, I was contemplating the source for her pages, and it positive looks like tons of code to get such little subject matter (BTW, all I realize is some quite basic HTML) Is there a less strenuous way for her to do this (Not so much the primary page, as it truly is the tables on the other pages)www. samanthaley. com WE guess I have to add, this is an extremely basic site. Nothing fancy like the vast majority of others on below. She has never before even attempted any web development. I did tell her to test to make something using notepad along with manually typing to all the HTML rule, but do children ever listen This website serves absolutely no purpose aside from she wanted to create it, because most of her friends get sites (and your lady wanted her own website name lol) I wish my parent baught my … Continue reading

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Total novice needs some help

Mostly all I carry out is print style and design, recently I started working together with a novice programmer to redo an affiliate site. Not knowing an excessive amount of about web pattern applications I asked merely could design in illustrator after which have him plan it. Well, the positioning is up as well as it’s viewable but it isn’t searchable (in that search engines like google have nothing for you to search), which kind of defeats the reason for having a site, especially from a new client perspective. The positioning was designed throughout illustrator, then sliced upward in fireworks and exported to dreamweaver. The main problem is always that technically there’s no body text, what should read for the reason that body text is merely an image chopped up up. If anyone could give me some advice on ways to combat that, be my invited client. Also, after this particular fiasco I’m definitely just considering bouncing in myself and also learning it, I am aware some basic html document, how advanced would I ought to be in html becoming a decent site designer The site address in addition is: http: //www. newjerseyhairtransplants. com I see people worked hard while … Continue reading

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What’s the simplest way of creating your vertical menubar without the need for frames. I would like to creat something like this: http: //www. corefm. net that when i edit the menubar, it links with all pages. you should use Server Side Comprises of (SSI) or php involves Ok many thanks, is there any function on dreamweaver that should let me create it and not having to use code : because that looks not possible. All I know is quite basic html. If the server lets get PHP, then all you’ve got to do is usually make an HTML file with your menu, and then call it with all the include function.. So here is your index. php: Code: < html> < head> < title> Title< /title< /head> < body> … header content… < include(" sidebar. html" ) > … content of site… < /body> < /html> Hope this pays to you.. It barely pays to me while I described them. If your gonna use PHP, which is very easy, be sure to save the page your such as the header on because. php like catalog. php good then… time you start learning more in which basic html ssi in … Continue reading

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I need some Tips

Howdy everyone and Lets hope I have the thread within the right place. I recently recently graduated coming from a web design lessons and designed an affiliate site for a close friend that owns an exclusive lending company. A basic HTML CODE site nothing nice but this friend has a friend what a realtor and has 80 real estate agents working for the pup. He liked precisely what he saw of the private lending provider site and wants me to provide him a plan and also a bid on what I could truthfully do for the pup. As I am new to that and not looking this to pass me by, does anyone have any tips which may help me out I are considering that the site would include all realtors along with the listings and I am certain that with a lot of research and time I could sort this out but I was hoping that with all the professional web designers which might be in here possibly you guys could possibly give me some pointers to post me off from the right direction. Thanks for virtually any help you may possibly provide. Feel cost-free to email me personally … Continue reading

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Looking for the right forum

I’m new here plus the reason I become a member was to find out more about web design. I noticed the services requested section and 90% of the post have many hundreds views and " 0" replies so I guess that’s not a good place when you need help. Can someone explain to me where will be best to post a variety of questions I will probably have. I know basic html but as everyday goes by that will becomes history, could be seen as there are new approaches to design website day-to-day. I simply need a position where peple are going to be willing to guide me out if when I get in the pickle The reason why there are no replies within the " Request A Service" section, is that replies there tend to be prohibited. If somebody ‘A’ posts any request there, you should contact person ‘A’ instantly through e-mail. This is certainly to avoid men and women advertising their products. You need to remember that questions within the " Request A Service" forum, are from individuals who want a complete job done. They aren’t asking design or perhaps coding questions. They are prepared to pay people … Continue reading

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Can basic HTML and CSS make a good site?/Coding: College or web resources?

I have solely designed a handfull connected with websites since I began self-teaching myself lots of years ago. The majority were being sites for friends (a number of band websites including a personal site). These were mainly redesigns involving what was by now there (the typical Geocities, red-text-on-yellow-background, super-hero GIF, Times Brand new Roman type websites). The newest of them appeared to be a redesign of any local home engineering company (see cases here: http: //i17. photobucket. com/albums/b70/a_wilson/lastdesign. jpg). The redesign of the website helped out the company significantly and by what I listen to, they quickly became one of many top 10 corporations for home construction inside the entire state. Your website was all basic HTML, some CSS, a rotating expensive banner (I don’t maintain flash, but thought it made a fantastic addition) displaying a number of samples of its works, a phone form and meta tags. To tell the truth I had trend up information on how to do this contact form (perl) and the meta tags. I really could not do the following again unless I looked it ” up “. Right now I’m about to be majoring around photographic technology, and also it’s been awhile since … Continue reading

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Stationary Navigation Bar Help

Good, I’m an second time beginners wedesigner and I am using Microsoft Frontpage with the last few decades. I know basic HTML and steps to make decent sites having Frontpage. For the top time I’ve been trying to get a decent map-reading bar up which stays put when you browse through various other pages. I was looking at other sites, and I found just what I’ve been wanting to create on that page. http: //www. bowserbasher. com/index. php The guy states he used Dreamweaver in addition to CSS and PHP. Fundamentally, it looks like he can edit just one page and the navigation bar will probably automatically be current onto every internet page of his site. So, my question is actually, how can WHEN I recreate what he has been done Can that be done by using Frontpage If another person could explain it in my opinion I’d be grateful. I’ve never applied CSS before so I needs to read some novice tutorials. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks, -SuperBanjo To begin with, Frontpage is rubbish. It doesn’t (to my own knowledge) support CSS, and generates a variety of unnecessary code. So, my first suggestion will be to … Continue reading

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Newb working out the kinks

I have taken over our companies website (we are small and not looking to pay a reliable web designer, sorry) with the basic html awareness I learned in one section of the college course. We were using a bad website creation program i always can’t recall right this moment because I in no way touched it; Coursesmart that had been created for it was hideous and I want to to start through scratch. Basically I understand up enough in html and css to create a much nicer site than we had which is adequate for what we are doing, but you can find one issue i always can’t seem to find a consistent resolution for. I’m affraid which it’s probably a far more complicated solution than I want to dive into, but I’d at the least like to recognize. The main problem I am having is the site looks great once the browser window will be maximized, but once you shrink it, everything starts wrapping to stay in your window. Pretty much any website I view on-line does not make it happen. what I imply is, when you shrink the eyeport, things may correct but some stuff is take off … Continue reading

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