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Creating a forum

Hiya, I wasn’t guaranteed about which forum get started on this thread in… hopefully this the first is ok: classic: I’m pondering creating a online community for our intranet, mainly only for communication between staff members, such as logging computer glitches, leaving memos in order to other staff associates, etc. Can anyone recommend fine (cheap, if definitely not free) forum computer software, to save me the need to code something by myself Kind regards!: laugh: Assuming you can run PHP-based forums you’ll find lots of scripts you need to use. The most favorite free ones are generally http: //www. phpbb. com/ and http: //www. invisionboard. com/. To get paid boards you will find http: //www. vbulletin. com/ to get either $85/year, or $160 the initial year and then $30 for your other years. With thanks fil! I am going to give phpbb a go… I’ve a similar issue after having researched lots of forum software (though MY SPOUSE AND I missed phpBB). What I’m looking for is much simpler, more like your BLOG setup. Is there any simple way to setting up something similar to a BLOG yet with net access by only several people To paraphrase I post an … Continue reading

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Stretching a page ??….

Hy, We are very new to this forum, and I am hoping to get a few help here (-: I was wondering how I can make an integral part of a page " stretch" in order that the whole height of that page is loaded. Therefore, I have a layout of hospitality attire table, 600 pix wider and 550 pix heigh; I now want we have an integral part of my page below that table is actually " stretched" in order that the whole levels is filled. The next table below should fill up the page making sure that the exact height to the page is reached. (that should work in a number of resolution, 1024, 1152, 1260,…. ) May this be done Thank’s Renzo Im not exactly sure what you indicate, whether you would like the table in order to stretch, or whatever was in the table in order to stretch. If it’s the table you need, you simply have to change the height/width parameters to 100% rather then an absolute value. I feel he means making use of percentages too however yeah im quite lost if you’d like percentages then the particular code should appear like this < … Continue reading

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Navigation, Links, ..what?

Which could you use for your blog I’m confused YOUR menu is a type of navigation, as are links and directories… and yet sites use navigation as well as menus… I knew We would confuse someone. I aim for Home, Contact Us all, FAQ, etc. and so forth. links on the index page. But what might I name for the header, that contains all the link i’m still confused aswell.. They’ll all be classified for the reason that same thing.. (arguably) What There’s no doubt that he means is putting a box filled with links, and above in which box he prefers a header — what should he or she name it LIke if you ever had some affilate banners, you would put them beneath " Affilates". If you do – Navigation sounds one of the best. Navigation……. that may be all i claim : typical: Bingo. Precisely what do others assume Maybe " Modules" Sounds more modern day than navigation. I dunno basically said to someone of mine.. check out the moduels on the top of our webpage they’d possibly be like whoa lol there’s no doubt that navigation is one.. because the word is so meaningful.. but hey … Continue reading

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HELP!!!! Cant see site on one pc but can on another !!!!

Good day, The issue i am experiencing may be the following…… Relating to a website http: //www. epsilonpsl. com this also loads my index. htm file which then redirects to http: //www. epsilonpsl. com/About_Epsilon. htm however in my pc it doesn’t work, all i get is a blank screen if it redirects, yet on another personal computer, the redirection performs fine. Why is that this Am i likely mad I need help and advice on what is causing the issue and how to correct it. Many thanks in advance. believe be amazed at what amount different browsers, browser versions, and THE GW990 effect your web-sites performance and overall look. I do believe and anyone belonging to the above things might be causing your page not to load correctly. The most likely reason is browser compatibility. Just about every browser handles javaScript in another way to. Make sure the PC’s have today’s feeting version of their particular selcted browser fitted. One method of attack could be to use a bit of browser detection first after which you can execute the suitable peice of signal for whichever browser an individual is viewing your blog with. We are using IE6 in both PC’s, … Continue reading

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Opinions needed…

Heya, Although I’m not likely starting out, I feel this can be some a n00bish concern: What ever suggest I utilized to layout my websites Currently, (Still using notepad I’ m frightened, don’t really find on with Dreamweaver) POST make all websites using Tables/Nested tables to produce the framework after which you can obviously add content, images, backgrounds, borders etc as essential. On the other hand, I’ve seen tiers used in loads of cases, along with Frames (Not wise IMHO) and PHP Comprises of. I’ve used loads of these approaches nevertheless I still carry on going back to past tables! What don’t you use and why are there any particular advantages Cheers for your help in progress, John Tables are the easiest way to lay out your blog post IMO. Everything else just gets too complicated or you will find too many compatibility issues. I’m keen on to use platforms to format any basic page, then work with a PHP include with regard to different content pages. I find this useful because if I want to change the particular designs or anything all I must do is edit the key page (since every one of the content pages are just … Continue reading

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Tips for my site?

Without doubt, Just started my first site ever for my friend unreal tourneyment mod, and i wanted to know if you guys had virtually any tips towards increasing it http: //chobo. wc3campaigns. com/ I love the design however I’d personally consider aligning this center box with the naviagtion boxes for the left and proper, maybe decrease a bit for the content in this center box aswell, so it goes " on and on in addition to on on plus on and upon on and with and on in and on along with on on plus on and upon on and in and on with and on and on on and also on and upon on and on and on at and on in addition to on" and it helps make the box extended and out associated with place. I such as the design but the item deffiantly needs tidying up a little and maybe introduce a few graphics to the site, for example a banner along at the top. Just little things such as I have already stated, would finish off the site nicely. Excellent work. The basic layout appears to be good, but maybe propose a cleaner banner to … Continue reading

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Looking for a good Blog

Hello, I am interested in a new website for my innovative site, but I cant find a way to find a good one, and was curious about if anyone can recommend a good one. It is required to be easily integrated together with my current format, and I need kid configure the layout and design me personally. Also it could be handy if I could set it up so some people who write products for my site is able to use it, and have their own username. I can established my server up hence the is a dedicated FTP be the cause of it, which can certainly only access that blog directory, making sure that if anyone other than the writers receives on they cant access the rest if my device. Thanks for just about any suggestions.

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besides ie what would you suggest?

Besides ie along with netscape what does one suggest for browsing your blog on Mozilla Firebird — www. mozilla. org/firebird/ IMO it is the most innovative cell phone browser ever, the first to ever try to expand upon browsing where other comapnies be satisfied mediocre. opera — http: //www. opera. com/ nearly anything but ie critically… mozilla 1. 5 VARIOUS or firebird My family too Ive never definitely used a broswer rather than IE, what exactly is wrong about it I wouldnt realize because Ive never experienced everything else. They don’t usually follow coding standards is a large part connected with it. Too much integration with the other system. In brief, the usual junk from M$. I’d personally almost say that’s just the start of it.. Native skinning, tabbed exploring, more space for internet pages, EXTENSIONS – wherever any user can certainly code an extention that could completely change the actual feel and how we use the browser. For example, one too I have is actually Web Developer, it adds a few buttons to my personal browser that provide quick view source button, resize web browser to different file sizes, quick check compatability, and many others. Also there isn’t what … Continue reading

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Displaying articles

POST run a gaming web site, and I have some friends to support me write articles or blog posts. Thing is, some people dont know every HTML, so I chose to make a very little control panel for them, kind of including the ones you use in a forum. Well I will be testing how I would display information through the database, and Concerning tried the < pre> licence plate. Although it honours range breaks as grammatical construction, it also honours that news that the information is returned as a big dirty long string, so your page stretches along with I get you ferocious horizontal scroll pub. I was wondering how I might go about having a method where your browser will present the content because it is written, with out streatching the article. I thought I’d post this around here as I dont know very well what technology I would require. Thanks a lot in adavnce for any replies. Just avoid using < pre>. As well as stuff like in which, as all subject matter gets dumped as-is for the display. If you would like the formatting, apply < font> as well as CSS. If you have to support … Continue reading

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Hosting and Webdeisgn

Heya guys, what’s the likelyhood connected with me getting many action if I live a hostign as well as webdeisgn business.. with good costs that compare to this site.. www. x-gravity. net/ I know that you’ll find lots of sites to choose from, but I think merely work hard on advertising such it will function.. also I’m looking for someone to aid me out about this and we may split everything, With thanks alot — Jud The hosting and website development business is one of the most competitive markets to purchase. There are 1000s of others trying to undertake the same thing you’re. To make it inside hosting business, you must attract a wide range of customers, and then earn and maintain a very good reputation. It’s not really a part time organization IMO. As long as web design, of your similar market. Everyone and their mother thinks they might design websites. In case you are good, you can offered a website plus solicit your services women you know. That’s hard bet at landing a job, as your not very oftimes be hired right off the bat by strangers visiting your blog. Not seeking to discourage you, that is definitely … Continue reading

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