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Apache again

goes anyone learn how like make multiple address’s with Apache just like: home. localhost will load from you folder while community forum. localhost will head over to another. any help appreciated. absolutely no… u may should register w/ a DNS before you could do something similar to that… PM beacon, he has the apache expert They’re named subdomains BTW yeh, i understand, sorry i didnt name then that throughout here hmm, i thought i might need a DNS, nevermind then, i’m only a developer from your home, i’m not positioning my page on the web yet. From the apache records it seems that can be done this: Code: NameVirtualHost * < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. website. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/domain < /VirtualHost> < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. otherdomain. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain < /VirtualHost> Go to http: //httpd. apache. org/docs/vhosts/name-based. html for any full info. Yep you can as martin said but on the. conf file: Code: # VirtualHost: Allows the daemon to react to requests for several # server deal with, if your node machine is configured to simply accept IP packets # with regard to multiple addresses. This can be accomplished with the actual ifconfig # alias banner, or through … Continue reading

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Link to other site :scary:

It is has been going on for several days in fact it is scaring me. On times (never know), while i click on virtually any link, it would receive me to another website as opposed to the correct web site. And in a way, it takes me to one of the websites that is on my " Favorites" link (random). It just happened about a minute ago. When I tried to generate a new line, it took me personally to another web page. WE do virus updates/checkup, spywares detection/removal, and windows update. I think I am acquiring paranoid. BTW, Used to do not check this e-mails so zero new viruses. Plus, certain times, I get massive amount error pages. Notice this can be a Windows page. Have you utilised AdAware – it is extremely useful, I put it to use at least every Week. Also – whenever did you past do your house windows update – coz I realize that it was haywire this morning sometime, so perhaps something probably have affected it after that! I already been using three spyware-detection programs. hehehe I just now reformatted my LAPTOP. It has been many months since.

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Are incentives on online forums a good idea?

Many months ago most people asked the members of the forum to look at our new challenge www. coffeefun. com and most people also were searching for promotion ideas, so it was very difficult to enhance a new community forum. Now, we can claim with certainty that the forum is very successful and all your insight were very useful! We changed the overall idea of this specific forum. Now it sounds like Coffee for talking. It means it is possible to earn coffee pennies while talking while in the forum and trade these cents for almost any coffee related products from our retail store http: //www. 1-800-espresso. com For this reason we created brand new design for community forum. We want to know your opinion about it idea with coffees cents and with regards to our new design and style. Btw, CoffeeFun ended up being only our 1st step. Some days ago we started off another forum world wide web. vitatalk. com, according to the same thought C earning vita cents while speaking about health. We hope it’ll be successful as good, but any ones comments and criticism about our projects might be greatly appreciated. Some people consider these 25 … Continue reading

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Advice on Web Design Software

Howdy Guys, I am currently undertaking my own final year during university, which involves developing a dynamic web software, which will consist of. asp code and connections into a MySQL database. I am pretty familiar while using likes of Dreamweaver as well as hard code HTML PAGE, but I’d also love to increase my understanding curve by learning a totally new web-design package aside from the commonly applied Dreamweaver, Front Page or even Notepad. I’d like some advice by you guys. Are there another packages you recommend on the market that I should use instead of state, Dreamweaver The package would also have to be capable regarding handling dynamic code just like ASP and connection to databases such when Access and MySQL. Thanks on your time, (Apologies only have posted within the wrong forum). Jonathan. Frontpage Adobe offers golive, I have it but don’t do it, I’m pretty new into the whole web style and design thing btw in order to probably get more practical answers from much more experienced people. GoLive should certainly be more n accessible, but after using dreamweaver I believe its horrible. If you’re going to be using ASP, then make sure you probably just stay … Continue reading

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Copyright Infringement!! What can we do!? Please Read!

I got checking the research of our provider website and WE noticed a unusually high number of hits incoming from another style and design company’s website… Well sure enough they copied each of our entire site design and style, scripts, and sometimes the text!!! Their contact page possibly has our company’s contact information as well as their portfolio is definitely listing our people!!! What the terrible can we do about this They have no contact info simply no their page usually i’d threaten them using a lawyers note. Should i atleast report their site to somebody Serps or anyone BTW your site is http: //www. eWebDevelopment. net as well as site copying ours is http: //www. designplays. com/test. htm Of course it’s in test out production but these are stealing our first design!! Thanks before hand for your advice. Sincerely, Brian B. Us president, eWebDevelopment, LLC One good thing is at least that they still have your contact particularly their site so when they do get virtually any customers they’ll arrive at you. Here’s a link to the available registrant information* https: //www. securepaynet. net/gdshop/whois. aspse=+& prog_id=kkindle& domain=designplays. com& ci=1718 *You’ll really need to enter the numeric code displayed to … Continue reading

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somwhat unusual question

Concerning a question in every case here. The company I be employed by does not have got an in-house design team along with the CEO wants to help change our pattern. But, instead of just employing a freelancer, he wishes to hold a pattern competition. Have any regarding you been involved with something like this, or heard involving another company who has done this Almost any info would aid. Thanks. Sure, its pretty greatly considered bad perform.. more so inside the graphic design, however it applies to webpage design also. Their often refered to as " Spec Work", and it hurts your organization and web graphic designers also. Because it’s merely a contest, you don’t get to do business with a designer to receive all the elements your internet site needs for its effective design. You just get submitted tons of designs… Along with of cource it kinda screws around designers, because they put the persistence into a design and style and all yet one are undergoing it for free/nothing. Read more about this here http: //graphicdesign. related to. com/cs/workingfromhome/a/specwork. htm Thanks for that info! Do you understand of any companies specifically who has done this The concept (which isn’t … Continue reading

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HELP! Website Design Rip-off

Hello there Everyone, What actions should i take against this guy in peru who copied my web site. He copied all the details! The NERVE! as well as placed copyright. WTF! Investigate it. Here’s mine: http: //www. arnimation-studios. com. ph AND HERE’s a main who copied our design: http: //www. infotechperu. com/ HOW CAN I STOP THIS CHAP! Thanks in advance for all the help. Tried emailing him and politely telling him to acquire it off ventasinfotechperuhotmail. com is usually his address. In the event that its any consolation, he is really mucked upward the code in his version, stuff is out with friends of line, nevermind the scrolling huge div of loss of life hes got in the middle. How is it possible to come in here having a straight face preaching about " I bought ripped" when your site is sculpting off a well-known copyrighted piece of music, and your Flash animation was in the very the very least " inspired" simply by 2Advanced. BTW, he didn’t do an amazing job in his recycling of your respective site… and the particular damn thing utilizes iFrames anyway… so I’d just overlook it. couldn’t even hear the actual music before … Continue reading

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Sub this font…

Yo, I’m designing a website for someone plus they’ve requested which i use a font called Frutiger for that site, but it seems that a majority of people (me included) is not going to have this font mounted on their cpu, so I had been wondering what folks what you individuals would recommend to be a substitue. There’s among the font for the good ol’ Wikipedia: http: //en. wikipedia. org/wiki/Frutiger I reckon Verdana nevertheless that’s probably cos I have a thing as it and use it continuously anyways. Kind regards ears Chip Verdana may look pretty nearby. Of course you could have the right idea that numerous people will not need that font on their system in order that it will not work as they definitely are hoping. The only fonts i always would consider safe since we have a good chance it is installed upon Windows, Mac, and Linux are: Arial, Georgia, Courier New, Times New Roman, Verdana, Trebuchet. There are many others that are also well supported in all platforms however dont I dont discover their usefulness including: Comic Sans, Arial Black, and Impact. Verdana happens to become my most valued choice plus the one I use on … Continue reading

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getting rid of scroll bar at the bottom of the page

Morning all, My first blog all up and running with 2 bit of a issues. Im getting the scroll bar appear at the bottom of the page horizontal. I have employed tables and my table should be 880 pixels broad – i receive the scroll bar whatever res i work with. Its only there when i view the site online I pay pertaining to hosting btw but for some reason cannot view this sorce code im not using frames women and men sorce shown next time i do a perspective sorce mentions frames could they be putting a body around my whole site that is throwing the whole thing out Im only using IE to check out the site at the mo but get noticed my intro page/homepage dosent work in any respect with mozilla. Sooo take a glance if you will probably peeps and allow me to know if oughout spot anything clear. world wide web. ukselfdefence. com In the event using Firefox world wide web. ukselfdefence. com/index1. html because of the into(index. html) won’t display anything with firefox! Value fro the intro — hope im fine to paste throughout here! HTML: <! DOCTYPE html page PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD … Continue reading

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Chatrooms on a Website

I had this idea yesteryear, where the those who log into this site can open chatrooms that will suit up for you to 10 people, also , you can enter any chatroom which is unprotected (unless you understand the password) also , you can randomly key in a chatroom unless of course the host includes disabled the aspect. Some of the ways it works: if the person clicks " Randomize, " a page comes up asking for ‘keywords’ plus ‘preferences’ on randomization. Using the keyword strategies and preferences, they’re certified engine will comb in the chatboxes, each using independent keywords joined upon creation, and can randomly select one ideal for the search. Is that this possible I don’t discover why it’s not achievable. An AJAX powered chatroom would appear to work better in this article, for some explanation. The question is actually, what is your current actual goal You can’t start things by simply defining how these people work – you start by defining exactly how they’ll benefit a person’s users. Properly, what I want is an online community where persons could either own private chats and also group chats… what ever they prefer. I think meebo have beat to … Continue reading

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