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Proposal Help

We all got an RFP today coming from a local University in which wants redesign its site, which includes several thousand records, and 60, 000 " pages" (meaning that you will discover 60, 000 internal links on the webpage… though not all are unique pages. Most are data-driven sub-pages), which includes: Information Architecture redesign (navigation in addition to content) Graphic Design Template Design Database Integration Content Supervision System (CMS) Integration (or development) We’ve never had to make a proposal on a really large project, and honestly have no clue what to bid about it. Anyone have any idea what something like that would bid out for.

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installing apache, php, and mysql

I’ve sucessfully installed Apache. Once i type in localhost, I have the Apache page. WE tried installing PHP 5 VARIOUS times (rebooting concerning installations and deletions)…. inside line LoadModule php4_module n: /programs/php/sapi/php4apache. dll WE changed mine for you to c: /php/sapi/php4apache. dll. Once i install PHP, there isn’t any folder sapi and also a file php4apache. dll anywhere on my computer. What gives This is very frustrating as well as almost enough to travel with the circulation and use Ms products. Uninstall anything and go get a hold of FoxServ it creates all that easy. The challenge is you’re installing PHP, download the zip document and unzip them. furthermore, no need that will reboot your equipment, just apache each and every time it starts. Always remember that pages CACHE. Meaning that if you unsuccesfully installed php, made an experiment. php and the idea tried to get a hold of, even if PHP is currently working – it’s going to still try that will download it mainly because browsers aren’t of which smart – complete a new test page each attempt at reinstall. MySQL is definitely painless.. just press install and slide asleep FoxServ seems to be interesting, I’ll have to … Continue reading

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Help me please!!!!

I’d prefer to make this site look additional professional, but I don’t know how to start. I am attempting to make a quality banner but We are not sure just the thing I have to do, to pull that off. Anyone on this web site willing to provide me a go through maybe I am hunting for some major help. Please anyone using some time to utilize me let mw learn. Jason email me when you are willing: d0ct0rdethbrethhotmail. com You’re asking quite a vague question: how to do your site appearance more professional. I’d recommend you discover ways to use photoshop genuinely well, and visit other sites you want for inspiration (but to be able to rip them off). A good starting point is www. good-tutorials. com. They have lots more tutorials on how to do effects and layouts using PS. Additionally, search around WDF intended for other tutorials, like tuts written by simply WDF members. searchwdfTutorials/searchwdf If you wish to learn, hit the short training books (if you will have the time).. however if it urgent, seeks a webdesigner. We would also look at CMS plus a weblog.

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How to let users personalize their page

greetings, i don’t know martial arts training of letting the users personalize their unique page, what proper language should i use i wish to accomplish something like the particular " my yahoo" site and also i want to let the particular users create any kind of forms and save the theory so it usually is used by various other users… how must i do this thanks a whole lot… Might need a CMS for that, not sure if you can do it any way, I’m sure the guys about this board will fill me in if i am wrong, but I imagine CMS will be only way you can use this. You might do it together with stylesheet swapping ala CSS Zen Gardening… I believe it is advisable to use some sorts of server language (PHP, ASP etc. ) and cookies to begin. Try looking from http: //www. hotscripts. com for what you might need. Li Brad um, newcomer here… what’s CMS and also swapping CSS Zen garden thanks a great deal of CMS, Articles management system. But by the particular sounds of things do not need it via what these people have said. yeah of the best ways would … Continue reading

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Trying to make a website that I can update on the fly..

I’ve seen plenty of sites like this kind of, they seem to your workplace almost like forums. I’ve even utilised one, but I’d like to know how I could make one enjoy it. A very good example of what I’m referring to is a guild-portal site (like brussels. ) Or internet. ctrlaltdel-online. com At any rate, can someone provide me a palm For this you will need a content administration system (CMS) It might be hard inless there is a lot of experience for making one yourself, however benefits free CMSs available which would enable you to customize design wise and will help you to update and run your website online, quickly and easily. An example of this is something like SmartSite CMS, that was written by Mossoi, who is a member of the forums. Consider http: //smartsitecms. net and take a glance, or just look into a site just like Source forge and also something, there are hundreds around. Certain to be one that will fit your demands. Most are not hard to customize.

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Designing a new site

Hi there, I’ve received a few advice about our site over inside " How’s the site" forum, and I’ve determined that now My goal is to totally start again with my style. As well to be a new design, I’m also intending to change your technical backend associated with my site and write a kind of CMS. In any case, I have created a fresh navbar (see website link in sig) and a new logo (attached). Any comments in these and suggestions on the design would always be welcome. dude oh man. the following we go again! That other thread of yours had been pretty big!: common: Good luck with the rewrite! Ill post the useful comments sooner or later…. hmm this logo is really decent; theres nothing really wrong by using it. As for your nav.. it demands some work. It seems as if you used Xara or another program to make it (no offense). Another thing is the fact that bevels are one of the abbused affects people used in webdesign (along area gradients). Bevels in proportion(sp) seems ok but an excess of can completly ruin an online site design or in this case its navigation. I recomend … Continue reading

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a question about Flash maintenance

I have been previously to at least twelve Flash designers’ website and in addition they all roughly say exactly the same thing.. WHY do Pen designers charge hence for doing Thumb maintenance/updating Is it a result of complexity of this Actionscript and animations For my current client a common thing I’m accomplishing is swapping a photo every month, and he quite simply wants the intro cartoon and actionscript functions to remain seated the same. To my opinion, I think it will be the Actionscript linked to every part on the Flash file, along with the time it would choose to use learn the actionscript enough in making changes to the item (my perspective, since My organization is only a beginner/intermediate Actionscript coder). HTML and CSS is virtually clear-cut. Change the attribute, save the idea, it instantly changes large of a font for example. Display.. lol Does anyone else agree how the foreseen/unforeseen complexity of Flash files bring on a higher charge How usually high That’s a professional web developers salary (assuming they’re freelance) Additionally, if a pen file is coded properly, it can always be managed with XML, thus a CMS and be as quick to update while this forum.

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Free forums?

Curious question here.. I’m interested in some decent, zero cost forum software. Hear me out when you say " GO OBTAIN A LICENSE WITH PROGRAM xxx" A company partner and I are having a large site. You will be using vBulletin for any site itself soon after launch, but for now we are trying to put up user discussion forums where ideas might be swapped and just what not. It isn’t practical to buy a vBulletin license for both the dev forums and site forums, especially since the dev forums really are a short term thing. Can someone advise some freeware forums which may have decent admin tools This will be a generate but anything work. IIRC, vB allows you to set up a main forum and a dev forum considering the same license, given that there are not any external links towards forum, and it truly is for dev purposes merely. InvisionBB includes a free version I’m sure. www. theadminzone. com – Website stuff site – really good! also, have a look at http: //www. opensourcecms. com/ – they’ve got all the zero cost forum boards, sites, CMS, etc. with demo’s to find out them all released! browse… Thanks … Continue reading

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