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Norton Personal Firewall 2002

How one can enable all requests being released to port 1024 : chinese: Wide open the Control Panel, Click on Alternatives choose Personal Firewall Mouse click on the Advanced Alternatives button Add your Port within the Other tab location. Make sure to check on the checkboxes in accordance with your specifications. Simply no luck Then My business is stumped. What do you really need it unblocked to get To allow use of my program. The requests can be found in on port 1024… which are often changed btw. Why didnt you only grant your plan full access by using Norton Firewall Because My business is still developing the idea, so it maintains changing… several times daily. I just thought it would a lot easier only to keep the opening open. also.

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webmail script

hello i dont know if it is possible or if it is if getting done for free of charge but i wish to have my friends have the ability to use my website name as an e-mail levels through webmail nevertheless i dont wish to accomplish it to where i can sign them ” up ” through my manipulate panel cause subsequently theyll be like hey you understand my pass in addition to stuff so will there be anyone out there which may like write in place a script or maybe something to where they are able to register for a great acount through my own domain site without where need to do it thorugh the particular control panel. thanks If you have the domain, it truly is just about impossible to go without you figuring out their password. To help answer your issue, I believe there are still services out there that do that, but they most cost money. not sure if this may work but make use of microsoft netmeeting, firewood into your control panel, then get in the add e-mail site then let these folks control your desktop helping put their own password within. That might do … Continue reading

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e-Commerce: Step by Step…?

I’m trying construct a list belonging to the things I need to take into account and do to trade products on-line. I do you know what I’m really in search of is how doing this works, and what must i look for within a host to handle e-Commerce Comprehensive, eh Hmmmm….. I am going to give a quick rundown of what I believe it takes. I am going to assume you hold the non-technical stuff performed, like products and pricing, etc. ONE. ) Decide which payments you would like to accept. Credit Homemade cards, Paypal, Check, Funds Order the. ) Credit Cards – Make a decision on a merchant accounts. Do you already have one Can you get one (How’s your credit) In case your credit is decent, then I suggest using www. authorize. internet. There are various merchants out there. We use Wells Fargo. They’re just probably a bit harder to get the initial application approved and they charge slightly higher rates as opposed to other companies, but they add a sense of security on your customers because everyone knows Wells Fargo. b. ) Paypal : Simply signup for business relationship at www. paypal. com. ONLY TWO. ) Based … Continue reading

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need help with major problem!

O . k. This is this first post within this wonderful forum in fact it is a big one. Please try to help you me out.: common: I’m pretty much any beginner in web page design. I know HTML PAGE pretty well for my few minutes learning it. recommendations my business how does a person show my unhealthy skills: classic:: internet. vendingtrends. com My company mainly handles Payphones. And so, part of the service in the company is to treat a dos software which will find out specifics of a payphone like the amount of money is in it, etc. Now what i do for a service for clients is I deal with the software intended for them, creating weekly reviews for them using the program(Expressnet). It spools released a file by using an. aaa extension and this can be opened with notepad in the event wanted. I have created being a control panel website because of this. I have granted each user their own directory and utilised my website provider’s options to make use of diretory protection so taht anyone can only wind up in his directory with the password and username(uses a strong htaccess file). I’ve heard this … Continue reading

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Displaying articles

POST run a gaming web site, and I have some friends to support me write articles or blog posts. Thing is, some people dont know every HTML, so I chose to make a very little control panel for them, kind of including the ones you use in a forum. Well I will be testing how I would display information through the database, and Concerning tried the < pre> licence plate. Although it honours range breaks as grammatical construction, it also honours that news that the information is returned as a big dirty long string, so your page stretches along with I get you ferocious horizontal scroll pub. I was wondering how I might go about having a method where your browser will present the content because it is written, with out streatching the article. I thought I’d post this around here as I dont know very well what technology I would require. Thanks a lot in adavnce for any replies. Just avoid using < pre>. As well as stuff like in which, as all subject matter gets dumped as-is for the display. If you would like the formatting, apply < font> as well as CSS. If you have to support … Continue reading

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Giving access!!!

I want to know how to give usage of certain people to certain regions of a site. I dont know anything concerning this. Making the site isnt a problem it is programming i always don’t know hence help me out there. Also using IIS how do you post forms Is niagra where everyone is known for a unique username/password or only everyone needs to learn one usernam/password If it is the latter, then all you’ve got to do is create a password-protected directory, which involves. htaccess and. htpasswd records. Ask your host in the event you get these capabilities. If you possess SSH access, then you definately can create it yourself. Should you have Cpanel or additional Control Panel computer software, you should have the ability to do it by using that method. Normally, you can undertake it, less securely employing Javascript, though PHP combinations can be purchased, check out sourceforge (http: //sourceforge. net/). What I will most probably be using is IIS 5 or 6. Let me reveal more. I am building an Intranet site for any company I work with. I want HR to receive in HR and Marketing to obtain marketing. I could make and design site. … Continue reading

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Site updatable by client

I’d prefer to create a niche site that has certain spots within the webpage that your customer can update. I’ve looked on some CMS web pages but CMS looks like it’s to much regarding what I wish to accomplish. Has anyone tried to build something like this particular or knows of an good solution. Bless you Does this webhost allow SSI (Server Area Includes) This would permit you to use a server-side language for example PHP or Perl to touch SSI substitution simply. If you do not know what SSI is usually, try the example below to find out for it… You will have to change the extensions of your pages to. shtml (example, directory. shtml) or perhaps the webhost allows clients to assign your extensions. htm plus. html to SSI handling. To find out if the webhost allows SSI, do this. Result in a text file in addition to call it " examination. txt". The text file might be one line such as this: That is a test. Currently, create a web page called: " examination. shtml" plus it will look like that: < html> < head> < title> SSI Test< /title> < /head> < body> <! –#include virtual=" … Continue reading

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Many options, whats good?

Hi guys, I like i found the following board alot far sooner, but at least i did.. My business is pretty much a ameture designer. When my band formed lots of years back, we were needing a site. Being broke musicians, all of us had limmitted alternatives. A friend gave me a copy regarding his dreamweaver and i started messing all over. I made an affiliate site w/ dreamweaver, nothing special which will served its purpose for a while. Then i discovered of php nuke, so i fitted it and already been fussing with obstructions and modules for a while now. I need above what is obtainable from php nuke. I recently recently looked on Xoops, and Mambo. Now im totally stumped as to what direction to go. What i need is really a site with all the current stuff a band could need. I need a mailing record form so men and women can add themselves on the mailing list, an establishment to post announcement, a photo gallery, a calander or some method to display upcoming shows, a message panel, mp3 player and so on. I see many sites with get access areas and things. Are all these sites … Continue reading

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