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Preventing access to site directories..

Truly seen this, by testing it myself, on some websites. That is the right way to prevent viewers in addition to guests from about to a directory, like http: //www. yoursite. com/images/, and getting of which basic HTML number page that allows you to browse throught he / she files. I need it it gives a awesome " access denied" site instead I think this is done inside cpanel or anything, just not convinced where… Decide to put an index. html file within the directory. Users are certain to get that page besides seeing the service structure. They will however be capable to directly browse into the images (if many people know the names). Employ. htaccess instead… … provided you’ve got a host that can handle it (i. at the., not a n00b free one). Nicely, n00b hosts might go kiss: banana: ‘s ass. Grr… WHEN I hate n00bs, specially n00b hosts and also n00b scripters… Put this from a. htaccess file throughout whatever directory you’re looking for this to impact: Code: Options -Indexes This spins off auto-indexing, that (apparently) is with by default during your host.. htaccess rules inherit so if you put this with your root HTML directory … Continue reading

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Forum URL ?

MY SPOUSE AND I use invisionboard along with my forum reaches www. 12noon. net/forum We’ve also set up a brand new URL http: //forum. 12noon. net and thought that address would be the better one to work with. Regardless my question is usually: – How to make the innovative URL show from the address bar, but maintain the old URL active in order that my old users can still discover my forum : ichatnervous: Put the forum under the fresh url and have old one just redirect that you the new one particular Best idea that is certainly. The one reliable way to help change the target bar text is always to use a minor frame. But, as we all know, frames are evil and among the list of evil properties of this application are that this address bar wording would then never change if your forum links are generally clicked. Hold on tight… normally if you place up subdomains community. mysite. com is mysite. com/forum So are they not the same directory Or even am I not universally known something Sean Biscuits might work though, but yes, in the matter of CPanel that’s ordinarily true.

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Re-design using templates .. or SSI

I recently inherited a site that is developed using eyeglass frames. I’m going to lose frames.. so by using 400 html records, would it possibly be better to re-design your website using templates.. or server-side includes. I don’t see the templated information being changed too often. Explanations welcome.. I’m not too experienced with SSI’s Gives thanks! Jayell hmm i do not know Jayell, templates and SSI may not be mutually exclusive; typically templates would employ SSI. If you have that lots of pages I would certainly go for any SSI functionality… you’ll probably decide to look into using CSS div layers to position your own various elements for the page, in order to generate the page work from a similar way towards the existing frames features. As for the SSI itself feel free to use various technologies to complete it; php, or shtml or (if you are on Windows servers) asp. Either that or download one of many various template established Content Management solutions… phpnuke, postnuke, Xoops, Mambo and so on… they all enable template based design with user CPanel and so forth… really depends what are the site you are after… if you wish this sort with functionality installing … Continue reading

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Accessing Cpanel behind a firewall

An issue I’ve had for some time, is logging straight into Cpanel from work. Both Cpanel and Webmail are employing port 8081, and that is blocked by this employers firewall. A NEW workaround, is to put together a cpanel proxy. A NEW Danish indivdual (Niels Andersen) provides made a PHP script that sets this way up automatically: http: //cpanelproxy. net/ The script is opensource and can be downloaded and scrutinized. The autoinstaller (link for the page), installs the subdomains automaticaly for yourself. Soon after completion, you can obtain cpanel or webmail within the open port 8080. Normally you’d probably type: domain. com/cpanel which usually would halt while behind firewalls forbidding traffic on ports rather than 8080. It’s simple to type: cpanel. site. com and acquire access through opening 8080. Thanks – invaluable tip as I have exactly the same firewall problem. GIVES THANKS! Could’ve used this 30 days ago when I became able to waves some stuff at the office (locked down atm) although hey, better later than never!

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FTP Help

How to upload my web site using cPanel’s FTP.

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How can a client choose a website design?

Howdy Good People! I truly love this community forum. Please help We have two questions. How do i present three different sites with a client. I am designing an internet site for a clientele. I want for you to upload three various designs for her so she can make the one she likes best. Thing is we reside in different cities. 1)What is the simplest way that I could present the some different designs to help her 2)How can one create and include sub domains How do i create subdomains to ensure that visitors to my website can variety www. subdomain1. nairaman. com or maybe www. subdomain2. nairaman. com and also access the various pages as subdomains. I want to tell my local freinds to log into for instance www. cheese. nairaman. com or maybe www. marmalade. nairaman. com How do you create these diverse websites Set up 3 different directories: world wide web. nairman. com/example1 world wide web. nairman. com/example2 world wide web. nairman. com/example3 Then simply create the particular 3 separate websites within those websites. mlseim Thanks on your post. Let me get this clear. After creating the three directories are you saying that for each directory I … Continue reading

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Using IE8 I get IE6 incompatibility messages

Hello there I’ve upgraded by IE6 to IE8 however I’m still getting Incompatible internet browser alert Sorry but we never support Internet Explorer A FEW. Please download and use a more up-to day browser: World-wide-web Explorer 8 Mozilla Firefox Search engine Chrome Opera. I’m using IE8 Truly checked compatibility mode – thats not the matter. Any ideas Should i reinstall IE8. Thanks David What’s the website you’re obtaining this from. There’re probably decoding the browser headers improperly. Or you’ve got compatibility mode with. Thanks for that reply, I’ve gone over to Firefox as well as don’t remember the sites I got getting the inconpatibility message after that were a handful of, I think the particular problem’s mine. Zymic the free of charge hosting service has become the sites that shows me the message next time i try to log to the cPanel via IE8 I looked at the source and seen this particular doctype data: HTML: <! DOCTYPE WEB CODING PUBLIC " -//W3C//DTD WEB CODING 4. 01//EN" " http: //www. w3. org/TR/html4/strict. dtd" > Maybe it is because they’re not utilizing xHTML…. I imply c’mon, HTML 4 is around since the particular late 90’s…. Ideas on IE8 as well as … Continue reading

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Can i install webmail about my website We’ve it in my own CPanel, but I’m sick of always logging into cpanel after which it logging into webmail, so I wanna create something such as webmail. mydomain. com, and there folks can login making use of their email addresses that we have previosly made in Cpanel… I always thought webhosts previously offer that. Each of the webhosts I’ve used go (webmail). They’ve got web mail throughout cpanel.. but I want to have access to online mail with the website… something such as webmail. domain. com personally with all the mail i perhaps you have can access the idea 2 ways. 1. www. domainname. com/webmail 2. (put these in the mail client): postal mail. domainname. com < –for equally incoming and outgoing, then put the relevant username information and hey presto, position done =) Check out your dns settings, any decent web host provider sets that up for you as a subdomain. The dns records will show you where, if you don’t have MX record tips, or smtp report pointers that resolve to somewhat of a sub-domain, you’ll probably have to get your hosting provider to express to you where for you … Continue reading

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Help with simple contact form for website please

Hi I am busy designing a website in Xara Freelance web designer. I would like to have learned to add a " speak to us" from towards web page which will would then mail the submitted form data to your specified email deal with please I don’t actually know HTML well whatsoever, and I get so confused with the downloadable templates with regard to web forms, as they include things like php folders etc . – and I have no idea what to accomplish with them please can someone no problem me some direction thank you You could be using PHP to process the shape. I just don’t know what Xara is approximately. I personally never work with a WYSIWYG editor general health add such your mess of unwanted code, and is very hard to handle. Who is your webhost . thank you so much to the reply. im tearing my hair available. i made form using this type of thing called simfatic varieties, but now we have re-uploaded my own site, the form no longer works: -( and its your trial program so the bottom of the shape displays a line of text that affirms " get a free … Continue reading

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