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404 errors

where to the system is the page for your ie 404 faults stored they are stored as your resource in shdoclc. dll, along with all the other error pages 404 is stored most way down the particular file; open it in Wordpad and you will see it ahh crap… does that mean id have got to open te dll to get it… stupid pc’s!!! The actual 404 page is actually defined by that server, but IE by simply default tells the actual server to piss away and show its, which I simply disabled. good, the default IE one is the one pissing my family off… some program changed it into a redirector… and the idea pisses me away from…

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Help Me With My List of EVERY File Extension

Quite simply, I’m making a new log analyzer program (that is definitely the first decent one for under $500!!! ). I’m trying build a comprehensive list of every file extension on the net that indicates your page (and possibly not an image/plugin/etc. ). Here’s what I’ve so far: html htm shtml stm php pl cgi asp cfm (no extension) I had been wondering if people guys/girls can think about any I might have missed. (Note: It _will_ be possible for individuals to add extensions in the preferences, but in my own days doing website development I’ve learned to make things as automatic as you possibly can… there’s more Grandpa Bob’s within the ‘Net than you would imagine. So, I’d like to try and get as numerous extensions as I will. ) Oops, did not remember jsp… there’s additional. You’re missing a few hundred, although your search is at vain. If I wanted to I may possibly serve a PHP web page under page. mysuperextension merely wanted to… . aspx . shtm . ascx . php3 . php4 . php5 . jst The examples below formats also assistance ASCII output: . txt . htl . xml . vrml . sgml . … Continue reading

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I will be trying to put an upload that will my site. I want people every single child upload images that will my site. There has to be anyone that will give me a hand with this. I have tested out different things however I still find errors. Please support me. Jason You will need to set up a upload script applying PHP or ASP or other server-side language. I suggest that you discover what languages your node supports and do research online for an upload script for this language (ASP necessitates installation or using a DLL). And then, if you have questions regarding the script, post them for the appropriate forum (ASP or perhaps PHP, etc).

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Dreamweaver problems

Intended for months now, whenever I start off Dreamweaver MX I obtain the error " Xerces Anxiety Error. " Relating to tried the just two suggestions We have found: download stuff out of Windows Update we already do religiously, and download a brand new version of the particular affected DLL. Nothing has worked. Considering I’d die with out Dreamweaver, I’m offering a large reward: 20 turtle bucks. is there i file i could truthfully send you to fix it ah didn’t read the actual thread properly… therefore sending you the actual xerces. dll could not work Not likely. Is your file 1, 597, 440 bytes xerces-c_1_6. dll : 1. 52 MB (1, 597, 440 bytes) another possibility is a xerces. rar inside C: \Program Files\Macromedia\Dreamweaver MX\Configuration\Classes : 1. 72 MB (1, 812, 019 bytes) Have you tried reinstalling dreamweaver Of course. I’m just going to reformat today, it’s been a while. http: //www. alphaworks. ibm. com/aw. nsf/FAQs/xml4c In addition found this: http: //xml. apache. org/xerces-c/faq-build. html#faq-16 For a start, what operating system do you know of Are you hosting an online server on your existing PC, or can it be located somewhere in addition Windows EXPERIENCE although I reformatted this … Continue reading

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URL Masking

I tough to find info elsewhere in the forums on this…. Are usually best way in order to mask a URL so that end users can’t workout the directory structure of your site I realise that if I were to utilize a frame then I could truthfully have the address inside URL box always stating http: //www. kisstroyer. com but there is certainly surely a healthier way to mask URLs than to make use of crappy frames. Best way to help mask urls is usually to use an exe or even dll for your whole page generation. But any url masking can cause you issues with se positioning. On earth do you explain further how you can generate pages along with exe and dll to get url masking Basically you produce a script which returns whatever is requested through the browser using a few (potentially variable) identifier. eg. Let’s say you might have some files you only plan to be accessible once, or only with a certain time for example. Store these records outside your " public" path on line server. Write the script to reply to requests like this particular: http: //www. instance. com/masking-script. cgifileid=007 by first transmitting the … Continue reading

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gVim on Windows

It is disgustingly slow with Windows. It takes quite a long time for it to redraw elements of its window, and also cursor movement can be slow. Can there be a better variant of gVim with regard to Windows that’s more detailed to how gVim is on something similar to Ubuntu, or My business is stuck with the standard one What is considered gVim Vim, but with toolbars and tabs in lieu of just a text-only surroundings: http: //www. vim. org/ Unless you need exactly GNU vim. It can require some extra DLL’s when you have not Cygwin by now installed. you could install VIM with regard to Windows: Take a look at this Url: http: //www. vim. org/download. php.

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