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Where do you learn?

Without doubt guys. Im very different to web designing but have had many people design websites with luck. I’m trying to learn to design websites and programming for just a living. I was wondering where may be the best places to start Where did a number you experts start Attending web design school, etc We were also wondering where on earth do you go to learn the several programming languages. Any info you guys can provide me will enormously help. Thanks. MY SPOUSE AND I learned by doing. I’ve always been considering computers and equipment, and so I managed to move on to web pages next time i was very young (probably in close proximity to 9 years ago) and possess just learned issues as I’ve wanted to experiment more. Read books along with documentation from other web pages. Almost all of the web design/development courses will not be worth the capital. In my experience, the teachers happen to be learning from the students.. If you are interested in becoming a web developer for the living then the good thing to do is actually experiment and evaluate code. Start by trying to see how the signal works. Also, you need … Continue reading

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Insiration, Project Ideas And How You Start Them

Where can you folks get brand new ideas for fresh projects aswell as inspiration Do you look at other sites in case you see a style you want aim towards something such as that How do you start the designing process Do you have a mess around using your graphics editors and also html editor or do you first sit down having a pen and documents and just scetch out a number of ideas I usually start the ideas at my computer yet am beginning to start out designing some off of it aswell. Just thought I would make this to see what some of you guys came up with. Many thanks, Daniel I normally draw on the tables at this school when Im bored, seriously. without doubt DanielOliver, It deppends really because we have a few templates i always made off the top of my head after which you can show my clients whenever they ask to see any plus they may pick one of these. But relating to ideas for designs yes i do look around the internet with regard to new ideas. On my design website the css style on almost all of the links with underline … Continue reading

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What are your favorite e-com sites?

Without doubt eveyone, We are working on a niche site right now with regard to my employer and I always find a way to get stuck around the content portion of the homepage. I could make a relatively good looking site (imo) but what ultimately ends up happening is we have all that design around an important blank white space the place that the content should often be. Should you would be so kind I’d like it if you should list for me your chosen e-commerce sites. I’m trying to find ideas on the way to present the written content. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you, Chelsea. do a search for a number of the major players around like www. staples. com and also www. kmart. com — post wouldnt copy at this time there site but work with it as a manual. You know I hadn’t talked about that, the website of physical suppliers. Good idea.

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Slash AW Winner

We have get start to help my site: http: //www. injury. ro Injury AW Winner Why’ve you created this in both How’s my own Site and starting out stick along with hows my web site plz. b/c post def. know that you might have not just going with the type of flash design that will went into developing your web blog. its nice dont obtain me wrong that its real wonderful, just you haven’t just started out. Sorry We have not understood wath Starting out meens! Just seemed a little like blatant advertising and marketing I’m closing this specific thread since it looks an advertisement. Normally I’d ban because of this, but I’m gonna give masterG the blessing of the doubt and assume that the reason (s)he published the link was to help others (even even though I don’t personally think that to be the truth. ) masterG, in the event you post something like that again, then you will be banned. Consider this kind of your one forewarning.

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Studio websites

Without doubt, I wanted to learn if there have been any websites to choose from that have a listing of design studios where you’ll be able to search by point out. Or anything like that I need if any studios around my state are usually hiring. Also anyone know of great position sites for webdesign Thanks for all you reply’s : KSUMarine internet. webdesign. co. uk lists web-designers across the BRITISH. Don’t know about any with the US or Europe though. internet. wowwebdesigns. com possesses an index through area CHANGE: but not MOST OF studios… only the people they like Cool thanks to the reply’s… keep em’ forthcoming!!

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Tips for my site?

Without doubt, Just started my first site ever for my friend unreal tourneyment mod, and i wanted to know if you guys had virtually any tips towards increasing it http: //chobo. wc3campaigns. com/ I love the design however I’d personally consider aligning this center box with the naviagtion boxes for the left and proper, maybe decrease a bit for the content in this center box aswell, so it goes " on and on in addition to on on plus on and upon on and with and on in and on along with on on plus on and upon on and in and on with and on and on on and also on and upon on and on and on at and on in addition to on" and it helps make the box extended and out associated with place. I such as the design but the item deffiantly needs tidying up a little and maybe introduce a few graphics to the site, for example a banner along at the top. Just little things such as I have already stated, would finish off the site nicely. Excellent work. The basic layout appears to be good, but maybe propose a cleaner banner to … Continue reading

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I need a "unique" database system

So… I am after something pretty specific, so I will do my ideal to explain the idea. I am after a databases system, available to be able to users of my personal website. I have to have a list of places with a page, then and therefore click one these, and for it and therefore bring up some sort of page with much more info about that spot. However, the person who’ll be doing this may not be particularly computer well written. So I’m after software – something kinda like cutenews you might say. I want to own a script where he is able to type in the name from the place, then increase a desription, then this program generate it instantly. Err, think that is certainly it… Any one any ideas Or maybe no-one got the clue what Im on about Many thanks guys: classic: Rob Lewis That was (in my viewpoint anyway) totally ambiguous! Please examplify. sounds like about to catch looking for any database, per se, but a smaller content managemet procedure.. You want somebody and therefore add records right into a database table by having a webpage that will include the name, description and several other … Continue reading

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Background colors & Table "shadows"

Hi there All, I was wondering in the event you could help myself – I’m in the way of designing this portfolio website, and to add some ‘feel’ to your website I want to provide " shadows" to my main table (like one this site has)… and/or a coloring gradient going from a light blue to your dark blue (like, starting light blue at the top of the particular page, then dark the way it nears the bottom) What sucks is I realize this is probibly gonna have a seriously simple answer : but dammit, I can’t do it! The one you have please You have several ways to perform it, but if you are site is fixed width (i. electronic. 700px), then the easiest way is to produce image 1x700px (height back button width), put it seeing that background and align it the same as your main dining room table is. Dont really get that procedure, xarst, but without doubt: You may just make a strong cell each way so itd appear to be: Code: _____________________________ —————————————– (the two within the left being each one shadow) WE don’t really receive what you imply by that first idea – can … Continue reading

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PhpBB forum question

MY PARTNER AND I dont suppose any of you guys have learned to include your sites design about the phpbb forum, as with your sites side margins and banner considering the menus included surrounding the sides of your forum. Relating to seen people repeat this quite often without having to really though about performing it myself untill currently. Many thanks, Daniel I’m less than sure whether I’m sure you right, but this may be something for yourself: http: //www. phpbb. com/kb/article. phparticle_id=18 IIRC, the HTML is recorded in. tpl files from the templates –> subsilver folder. You will need to edit the following two files: < COMMUNITY FORUMS DIR> /templates/subSilver/simple_header. tpl < COMMUNITY FORUMS DIR> /templates/subSilver/simple_footer. tpl Intended for basic envelop kind modification. For further customization, you’ll really need to edit other records. The files it is advisable to edit are: /templates/subSilver/overall_header. tpl as well as /templates/subSilver/overall_footer. tpl Similar to I did just for this forum – world wide web. lobsterweb. com/index. php and for this forum considering the sidebar included internet. lobsterweb. com/forum/ Of the best ways would be that will put the whole site into a table cell within a new table that you will create. Then you … Continue reading

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