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Suggestions Needed – Auto Website Ideas!!!

Fulfilled this guy who seem to owns dealerships for just two big Motorcycle as well as Scooter manufacturers — he wanted me for making a website pertaining to him. Here’s this scene: ONE PARTICULAR. He’s a *local* vendor in two cities A COUPLE OF. Customers are possibly not websavvy – they will see his classified ads in newspapers and also respond – aren’t the sort who would get on to the net, and then look up scooters etc, and then come to her site to purchase etc.. SEVERAL. Doesn’t need any eCom solution – he handles his Manufacturers thro S/W that will they’ve provided – doesn’t require his own bit of Supply Chain e-enabled. Website, I need that you tell me: ONE PARTICULAR. The utility of an site for him – if we all make it A COUPLE OF. If we do ensure it is, what sort of site should the idea be What is definitely the features on this One idea — a portfolio of most models he presents, with on-the-fly generation in the model’s picture along with price details with whatever mix of accessories the customer chooses… Well then , i’ll know…. as soon as possible too… what … Continue reading

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Fly-out Menus – Where to Start, Which Way to Go

Ok, this amatuer web development hack has as a final point been forced by simply necessity to how to do the drop-down food selection, or more specially, because the links are around the left, I speculate you’d call this a fly-out menu. (I don’t learn if that would make a difference. ) I’ve read a bit through searching these and what MY SPOUSE AND I gather is which can be done it via DHTML and you may also do it by way of CSS. (If you will find other ways, for instance JavaScript, I do not know. ) Because I’m beginning scratch here, this question then, is usually, does anyone care to talk about an opinion where way is the best way to go I’d personally guess the main concern would be the number of versions back with IE, Mozilla and Opera the chosen code could well be compatible. Perhaps you will find other considerations too. Almost any thoughts are significantly appreciated. this is still from a weird situation in terms of I am concerned. I don’t think u are able to do a pure css dropdown with out these " enhancement" as well as " mod" data that make … Continue reading

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Help needed on image gallery…

Hi there all, I’ve been asked to make a webpage that will display jpeg images from a certain way. Say some image size, some pics across, five pics down, that method of gallery. Since these images is going to be pulled up from the folder on the webserver that a member of staff takes care of the pics only should be resized for the display on the webpage, not truly resized themselves. Exist any ‘How-to’s’ and also examples, can that be coded throughout HTML, VBScript or Java What about any feeware plug-ins or even applications Any advice greatly appreciated, Mitch… This should involve a server-side language such as PHP or Perl. These programs will reside on the web host’s server and would want to be installed and designed by you. There are plenty of " gallery" type programs scripts on the market… prices vary. The part in relation to re-sizing complicates things a bit. Not all internet hosts allow users to apply the photo resizing modules they will or may not have access to installed on his or her servers. This means, you would need to have the correct measurement images uploaded in the first place. If your company owns … Continue reading

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Trying to make a website that I can update on the fly..

I’ve seen plenty of sites like this kind of, they seem to your workplace almost like forums. I’ve even utilised one, but I’d like to know how I could make one enjoy it. A very good example of what I’m referring to is a guild-portal site (like brussels. ) Or internet. ctrlaltdel-online. com At any rate, can someone provide me a palm For this you will need a content administration system (CMS) It might be hard inless there is a lot of experience for making one yourself, however benefits free CMSs available which would enable you to customize design wise and will help you to update and run your website online, quickly and easily. An example of this is something like SmartSite CMS, that was written by Mossoi, who is a member of the forums. Consider http: //smartsitecms. net and take a glance, or just look into a site just like Source forge and also something, there are hundreds around. Certain to be one that will fit your demands. Most are not hard to customize.

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Want to learn.

I would like to learn how to help to make websites, Design is just not too bad. I know simple concepts (most advisors are common perception anyway). Basically my own problem is together with coding. So just how do i learn My idea so far is to discover HTML more in-depth after which learn CSS. Once I know those two then i can get to know programs like dreamweaver greater. Are they almost every other languages i must know Am i going relating to this the wrong manner No, that is certainly good. I’d declare: First learn HTML DOCUMENT. Then unlearn some by learning XHTML. In that case learn CSS. In that case make your very first homepage. Use the HTML DOCUMENT you’ve learnt and the CSS you’ve learnt. Then learn CSS format. With layout goes graphic editing. Learn photoshop/fireworks or something similar to that. By time I’m quite sure you realize what to discover yourself (I’d point out server-script, and in that case javascript, and then flash after which… ) Make sure you learn HTML and CSS beyond doubt. You’ll then learn that after all of this, your web pages are going to be " static" web sites. In … Continue reading

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mass-producing image galleries with navigation

Hi there! I’ve got a bit problem here and I’m hoping to make use of the computer’s mind to take many of the work out of it to me. I’m building a site that will include things like over 100 image galleries. Each gallery is made up of 10 pictures. Each picture will be same size throughout pixels. I’ve sorted out some software that auto-generates html for an image gallery, but they don’t have any any navigation and appear generic. Is there some way I’ll rapidly churn out and about 100 galleries employing dreamweaver templates Or maybe there exists a better program to generate galleries from images. Almost any advice is liked. Write now I’ve a little above 3000+ images what is going on about 20, I’m sure, galleries. The easiest strategy to do it There’s no doubt that is to store all of it in a database then create the article. Drop me a line by going to some help. For instance lesleint said… start using a database like MySQL. Likewise, find out if your webhost allows ImageMagick. Along with ImageMagick, you just have to have to upload the particular full-size images. I’M then automatically generates " real thumbs" … Continue reading

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Background Image and Screen Resolutions

Hi there guys, Now one I’ve truly talked to until now has been capable of answer this for me but hopefully another person here can. i’m using macromedia dreamworks to produce a new site we plan to always be one picture created in macromedia fireworks. My problem is the fact as a background image it doesn’t resize when your screen resolution modifications, as well while i use it in the same way a picture on the web page even while its large enough to fit the whole page there’s still a white line throughout the image. So I had been wondering if everyone here knows the right way to use a single image as their entire web site Thanks in your help, Stargate005 PS: Do not post to say you discourge me from achieving this unless you recognize it cant often be done… I’ve already created the website which took myself a loooong time lol as well as prospect of redoing it doesn’t make me far too happy lol. This is all I could consider: http: //evoluted. net/archives/2004/05/graphical_image. php Perspective the demonstration link. Rather than resizing using this mouse, you could possibly be able to edit the script to resize … Continue reading

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Post news updates to site on the fly?

I had been wondering if anyone can give me some help with this or point me inside right direction. I wish to have a spot on my main page where We can post news updates and never having to reup the page whenever. Also would like to be able to do this via any pc only am overseas. Any ideas Thank you. Install blog or perhaps CMS software on the web space. Or perhaps, you can create your special little admin place and code them yourself in php or even something. If you’ve under no circumstances done any data source coding then it may be an easy simple solution to start learning it.

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Images are not displaying as sized

I’m totally confused. I’ve setup rollovers to swap image which often works fine. However I have no idea how or things know about set to have images display for the reason that size that I’ve already set. Most images are measured to 280×350 and also 350×280. I have read precisely what I can regarding different browser settings however personally i think that I must have to change the settting with the " mainframe" div. internet. Keiserphotography. com If you look at the site We are aware that there are plenty of links that are certainly not finished yet. Thanks for any incite that you might provide. This took myself a while pinpoint, but I understand what the problem is usually! The following Line: < p align=" center" > < img src=" HomepageIMages/bellyshot. jpg" name=" frame1" width=" 350" height=" 280" align=" absmiddle" id=" frame1" /> < /p> Eliminate the dimensions… such as this: < p align=" center" > < img src=" HomepageIMages/bellyshot. jpg" name=" frame1" align=" absmiddle" id=" frame1" /> < /p> UPDATE: I didn’t watch this with FireFox yet, but I suspect you may have some problems. absmiddle is not necessarily recognized with FireFox Could possibly be other things too. … Continue reading

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Content Management Solutions (CMS)

Can this really work Can there be really a thing that will do everything you desire in one program Would it be worth it All depends. It depends on what you need to do. If all you have to to make is really a stupid blog, then what you need is yes, basically any CMS will conduct that. This one would be way ott for it while. If you wanted more leading-edge features, then who truly knows until they will try it It may work, but search for not. It might help a little customization (which you almost certainly can’t do high of in that one), or you could just have to create your own CMS. Whether it’s worthwhile or not highly depends on the site in question. There’s no absolute end-all, be-all CMS. Many people made a quite convincing video. But I’d personally definitely say in which PHP would create better forums plus blogs and allow for easier customization. It’s actually the best tool I consider, based on the ads… But my business is not really familiar with CMS so never have tried yet. Need to study more on that then attempt soon. It’s that’s doubtful bad by virtually … Continue reading

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