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I need to put a section on my website, that only associates can access. I know a simple method of passwording it, although it’s hopeless, because you will see it in the actual source code, hence that’s pretty pointless. Does anyone know of a better way to do this If your host supports. htaccess information (free hosts may well not), then look at this out: http: //faq. smart. net/htaccess. htm it won’t let me do that, it’s as being a pain in the actual rear Carry out they support PHP, ASP, Perl, and so on. or just bare HTML If it is the latter then you’re basically screwed. Java applets aren’t a solution because they could be decompiled. We are using geocities, angelfire and also bravenet. WE’ve tried liquid 2K, but it is best to down. Vic’s hoping to put together an ftp server i a number of months, but most people need something to be able to tide us more than http: //www. internations. net/ Thanks Arien!!! *hugs* ((Can we’ve found the hug smilies back again please) Do they assist you to cross link That’s our problem, Vic made tons of backgrounds, but imagestation resizes and then, and no … Continue reading

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Need some advice for a new website…

Now i’m 16, love website design, and have thought he would start my own. com just for many experience. I’ve done countless websites before with free hosts like homestead, and angelfire and have lots of experience with HTML DOCUMENT and Java. I’ve never had any good HTML editing or perhaps Image editing software until my primary professional client ordered Frontpage 2002 for me to use. I took a course in web style and design and used Dreamweaver in addition to Fireworks, which WE both really like, but can’t afford to buy. For my new website I think Frontpage will possibly be my primary editor, but as far as graphics move I’m lost. I do work from a restaurant, but it’s smallest wage and Thought about can’t afford in order to splurge on Fireworks or Photoshop. Is there any programs there are various net I can download to work with instead, or any program I will use that’s affordable(under $60) WHEN I paid 39. 95 (don’t understand what US$) for Serfi Photoplus SEVEN from www. serif. com before, check it available – itspretty excellent. (http: //www. serif. com/photoplus/photoplus8/index. asp) I likely will, thanks for the actual suggestion. Do you have your … Continue reading

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Website questions.."-annoying popups by free webspace providers)

hi there, internet marketing not exactly any webdesigner… just needed to get some work done for myt necklaces website. now u view im hosting the website on a totally free webspace providers server. everytime anyone opnes the website they get agitated with many annoying popup windows.. possibly there is any way to figure around the sytem along with eliminate the popups through the service provider. Also another things is that they have a java script from the beginning of every page i always guess initiates this popups. can any person help me released. Also im looking for someone who may help me with the actual webdesigning. Cheers Manuel: common: Get paid for hosting. Paid hosting nowadays is pretty cheap when you look around. Do we agree. What do you consider pays for the actual free hosting your with all the pop-up ads. Free hosts aren’t good for much, and you may get hosting packages inexpensively currently. Try looking for free hosting not any adds, that usually comes up with thousands, you’ll find loads out at this time there, or you could possibly just get all you band users to chip throughout and spend just a little money. There are hosts … Continue reading

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How to start a site

Greetings, i just generate website designs for fun, but i’d like to start a new guitar tab site for australian instrument tabs. I have made the design but thats just about all i really have learned to do. I don’t desire to spend any money buying domain names and web breathing space etc, so how do i get advertising at my site Thanks greatly If you don’t would like to spend money then you have to get yourself a no cost host. A good one (or as good as free hosts get) is usually www. freewebs. com. Really, you won’t be receiving the support or anything which are required. Most free owners don’t support just about any Server Side Languages such as PHP, ASP, MySQL etc. If you are using a program including Photoshop, Fireworks or Fresh paint Shop Pro then all that’s necessary to do should be to use the inbuilt " image slicing" tool to piece the image up if you come to conserve it. Then you need to (some programs immediately create them) result in a. HTML file employing a program such seeing that Dreamweaver, Frontpage, or a text editor such as Notepad or HTML-Kit (Free). Then … Continue reading

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What are many of the advantages upon entering by having the " paid pertaining to server" rather next geocities or one thing Better bandwidth; Better, and also existant support; More site visitors; Professionalism. To name a few. No adverts. Geocities can be unprofessional. 15 year or so olds put his or her clan sites with geocities. Major level domain. Yourname. com or geocites. com/yourname Simply no contest. emailyourname. com. Free email is just not much better as compared with free hosting. PHP or ASP support, databases, you can select your host your features. Geocities could only host tiny static sites. Justlivyalife allows very valid and important reasons very. I employed to have free web host provided by our ISP, but since I turned to paid hosting Concerning never looked back. To put it brutally merely, you will get alot more respect and (if you’re seeking to make money), a profit at all begin using a TLD plus paid hosting. plus you’ll likely get a seriously, really cool new email address.. I always used free hosts in the beginning and saw paid for hosting as a rip off. But then WHEN I actually started paying for it and you will see … Continue reading

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Any free PHP/MySql hosts? (I don’t care if they are crap)

Just about any free PHP/MySql servers I don’t care whenever they are crap, it is for a temporary project. I think Lycos in the uk offered a php support on one occasion. I messed from it. http: //www. lycos. corp. uk I imagine http: //www. 100webspace. com/.

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I need a webhost

about $5 monthly, atleast 500mb, free domain. any suggestions no hidden fees or anything.. something like this is awesome. thanks. err…. I use internet. apt-hosting. net, in case you click " sign up now" you can select a special package thats $10 per year, though you find 1gig of sapce and 25gigs of bandwidth per year with no-setup rate. you don’t get yourself a free domain however you could register from godaddy or something for $8 per annum, so combined it would be around $1. 50 monthly. www. dreahost. com is also really awesome. No worrying about area, subdomains, DB’s or anything else. It starts during about 7. 95 monthly with a free domain. Shop around before you decide on a host. Bear in mind, when something can be too good to get true, it ordinarily is. quick question what type of host a ‘m assumeing you are prepared to pay for the item but wat is the best price range Are you searching for a PHP or even ASP host Will you require a database when you need it such as SQL or perhaps MySQL Can the package assistance multiple domains Do they have a 24/7 phone service They’re … Continue reading

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We’ve never learned the way web masters utilize sub domains. I have always just applied domain masking in order to hide my particular urls. This, then again, leaves me with all the appearance of one url for many my sites’ web pages. Can someone explain slightly about how sandwich domains are applied I haven’t your clue, having arrived on the internet about 98′-99′ I probably missed the explanation. I might not be the best human being to explain here, but I can give it a wack. Sub-domains permit you to create a url (without requiring you to register it) that could point to a directory. An example of its utilize… say you have got forums at your web blog. Wrather that normal http: //www. yoursite. com/forums/, you may set a sub-domain to point for the forums directory as well as change the above to http: //forums. yoursite. com It sometimes causes it to be easier to provide url’s to people if you possibly could simplify them as a result of sub-domains. Did MY PARTNER AND I make any perception Sub domains do not permit you to hide your serves urls. They possess a different purpose. Make use of sub domains, … Continue reading

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