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Login thiny

how one can do a individual verification thiny similar to when u look at the live shoutbox. (u should be able to tell me furby) The particular one is a convoluted selection of PHP, MySQL, and also raw HTTP headers. Do you need to just protect an easy directory If so look into. htaccess files: the search engines. htaccess apache authentication/google If you work with IIS, then you possibly can goto the stability tab and take away anonymous access. In that case, u must develop an NT be the cause of each user who will have access. Additionally , there are some dlls which will do it pertaining to u, but Arien’s way is prob easier(and cheaper) but if your server supports them.

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web addressing question

Please huh if this can be a stupid question or merely came to a different place to understand this question aswered. I’m a self coached computer guy seeking to understand what will be happening here… Once i open a. cmp promt and enter: ping google. com, the item shows an IP adress of 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED. If I enter google. com inside browsser adress bar I get the search engines, but if I enter 216. 239. 51. HUNDRED I get anything else. Why may this happen What the heck is at the device to dirrect me on the main page next time i surf there yet my. cmd promt pings a diffrent page Thanks for taking a look. Ruk Probably try pinging internet. google. com. Used to do that and got a diff. IP then you. I am less than sure what site you want to reach though.. You got it, they’re different IPs. internet. google. com is definitely 216. 239. 53. INFO and google. com is definitely 216. 239. 27. 100. and ofcourse the IP the. cmd promt pings is different page as one you get if you type that similar IP addy the. cmd promt is pinging … Continue reading

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Website promotion

Hi there there guys, Please would someone be able to tell me what the very best method of promoting a web site using those engines like google so that your website gets hits, this is still all kinda new to me. Thanks in advance, Firebrand. http: //www. yahoo and google. com/addurl. html do it every day! Don’t do it too often or Google won’t index your website at all. Firebrand: there’s a simple formula and it consists of three things: 1) Submit to search engines like google once a week until your web blog gets listed on them (can persue to 2-3 months). 2) Get as many other sites which are relevant as possible to link to your site. 3) Be patient. Search engine marketing (the true SEO) is really a time-consuming and occasionally frustrating process, so be ready to devote some time and effort to your cause. Yet another tip: look at pay-per-click engines just as one source of traffic if it’s just a business site after you’ve established the average profit for each visitor (profit through website/number of visitors=average earnings per visitor. ) Welcome to the board, mind you! Some superb advice there males, I really do thankyou. … Continue reading

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Please help me decide…

Can someone please help me I’m enthusiastic about getting the products of 101mediapro… but i rarely know anything about the internet. A friend just simply helped me enter this forum. On earth do you guys tell me what you imagine of the firm thanks. The site address is internet. 101mediapro. com. Is relating to website design or web hosting services Alright nevermind. Checked these people out, they’re web design. Well they resemble a small provider, but their operate is exceptional. Just ensure that you don’t wind up with a cookie-cutter template. You could probably get a really nice style for not too much money (under $1000) from their store I’d accept most of of which assessment. I don’t know if you have access to them to do a website for under $1000 UNITED STATES DOLLAR though (especially if they need to promote it in search engines like google and use some kind of paid inclusion services). They do not look like they need a lot occurring in their portfolio (although they are doing have a several sites that required some heavy time period and effort) so that they may look to compensate to the at the expense of this wallet. … Continue reading

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language translation

anyone have any ideas regarding how to translate content into diff languages http: //world. altavista. com/ Take note: unless this can be uber-casual, never use an internet translation tool mainly because while they’re usually helpful to vocabulary, they suck majorly from grammar. predetermined, depending on what you need i would get a pro translator inside i feel translation. com presents cheap professional translations Actually, I think Google is doing the best within the free translation market. They’re the first people to really put serious manpower and money right service like this. Although it doesn’t compare to somewhat of a human, I discover the translations to become fairly decent. http: //www. the search engines. com/language_tools LOL, didn’t know you could set google for you to hacker, pig latin and also klingon languages Hip stuff.

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google search bar

i had seen a connect to a google search bar to place on ur site totally free… i searched hard but there a literally numerous posts that have the word " google" as well as i cant recall the date.. really does any1 have or even know it just simply found it: dead: sorry to the post.

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Forms, E-Mail and Database question…

A buddy and I usually are doing some web development for a posting company. Both of us have good practical experience with HTML, flash, and web audio tracks and video. But we have no idea jack about significantly else. Affected person our boss inquired us to somehow allow it to become so that when people complete forms on her website, the results usually are both e-mailed to a tally and a file is created with the data in any format that his or her database program incorporate the use of so that he doesn’t should manually add the knowledge to the list program (Dbase) on the e-mails. If someone could possibly please explain in my experience the steps I need to take to complete this, and tell me which kind of files I will need to get or generate, etc. that could well be much appreciated. Thank you. Robert your going to should try to learn a server-side scripting words. degrees of some popular ‘languages’: : ASP (active node pages) : PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) : JSP (Java Node Pages) : CGI with PERL (Common Gateway Interface)(the best. nevertheless the hardest) Sending the contents with the form will be easy to … Continue reading

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Hit Counter

Fine, this is what I’m trying to find: A FREE OF CHARGE hit counter that (1) doesn’t really need script on my server to figure (or does on another person’s server (2) does not put an unsightly graphic or mouse on my internet site. Virtually any help greatly appreciated. Kind regards. Good chance finding that, a free of charge counter that wants nothing in return (ie. no advertising). An excellent free PHP script that we use and love is available at www. ekstreme. com. Seems that his / her site is during a server step though. It uses txt files as an alternative to SQL databases, and it’s actually a VERY easy to run. If you’re involved, let me know. i used to use one which i found on yahoo and google. It was cost-free, invisible and they will wanted nothing in return. but sorry, i’ve forgotten what the positioning was. In addition, post your requirements inside the ‘reqeust a service’ community. Or if you may be bothered, just generate one. Its a straightforward script. It wil only receive a couple days to educate yourself how.. You might easily code the one which included a php file as an image… … Continue reading

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WDF: dynamic to static?

Hello all – I’ve noticed that some WDF threads are arriving in Google with all the following format: online world. webdesignforums. net/threadid4331session. code I would like to ask (if I may) how this has become achieved – ie, may be the actual vB coding modified due to this, or (more likely) are these claims from using mod_rewrite about the actual server to be able to modify the URLs If you do, is there anywhere I can find more details on performing this My forums are instead being well indexed, but dynamic pages as static pages appears to help you more with participating backlinks – which serves as a particular selling point for smaller forums attempting to attract newer customers. Is this something that could be discussed here . htaccess applying mod_rewrite. There are wide ranging hacks I learn for invisionboard, and I’d imagine there is some for vB to be able to. It’s a genuinely simple thing really… Unfortunately, not really for myself… I was simply curious concerning using something related on my vB THREE. Would anyone be considering discussing more about how precisely it was performed for WDF Or can i leave the situation alone – specifically in public … Continue reading

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How can I get my site on search engines?

I’ve truly had my site up for more then a month also it hasn’t appeared on any search engines like yahoo. I also sent in it to yahoo and google under there submit a website section. How can I get it to show up in the major search engines Patience. That’s the name on the game. This tutorial on Search engine marketing will help people out too. Well it can be just a very simple site http: //www. davart. us/ and http: //www. davartny. com/. It only possesses one page no other sites really url to it. I just want it to come up on search engines while someone types around ‘davart’.

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