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how much does this file inform the server still attemting to your workplace on making one, so what should this file perform It defines the way the server works, sorta much like the Windows registry. any and also the a file, or would that be an excess of of a safety risk Transfer it to new PHP section Getting some help within the Apache one at this time… jeez looks elaborate. nah, really not much to can w/ php, just wonderin just what the file should… search online for httpd. conf trial and download the item. that may possibly work… It’s the Apache configuration record l think. A variety of goodies in right now there, of course being freeware nobody has been arsed writting worthwhile tutorials about it…. Apache comes by using an httpd. conf with plenty of documentation in this… Geez jello speak about digging up a well used thread! I thought the fact that. conf extension gave away who’s was a configuration file! But Beaker i am talking Americans these….. hey heya hey… none of this… i knew it was a configuration file, but i needed to know what the idea did…

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News page..

heya, ive posted several times around me.. the present state of my site is because follows: click these i designed that myself.. (well the majority of it) Uhm.. internet marketing wondering if any one has any thoughts of suggestions.. as easy methods to change the array.. and especially layout my " reports page" Thanks plenty in advance Matt.. P. s its not all the links job! pleeeease Give it at the very least 24 hours, all right its also been 48.. Please someone help!!: ) Try this, http: //www. hibyte. corp. uk/software/hbpages/hinews_over. html If you’d like a example Concerning it installed about my website these http: //psoguyver. com/psoguyvercgi/hinews/hinews. pl I’ve loved it until now and I found it easy to customize and also work it directly into my template.

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Newbie help with frames in MX!

Heya Everyone! I’m a bit new to site design but possess taken the tumble and bought Macromedia Facilities MX and Adobe Illustrator CS… To break me on the design works i’ve downloaded an internet template from zymic. com and loaded it in Dreamweaver MX. On the other hand, it has a regular navigational menu for the left and the main content page i always presume is a frame at the heart, and was wondering how you just change the content inside frame when clicking on the nav. buttons without reloading the complete page. To paraphrase i only prefer to treat the middle frame as every single new page. Sorry if this kind of sounds amatuerish but i’m an actual newbie With thanks Guys! I wouldn’t need to be using frames anyway to be honest…. Set this " Window" value to the name on the frame you wish to target the link to: upon (release) getURL (" link. htm", " framename" ); Wish that helps With thanks cladode… Where does someone set the benefit of " window" Learn how to create a brand-new page that just features that one heart " main content" frame Also… Just realised of which Dreamweaver says … Continue reading

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Wouldn’t it be good if there were a website that….

Heya… I was browsing the world wide web, and was interested to discover websites all related to ideas for new website. Need to create a website for University future semester, so many of these ideas have been useful, but I had been wondering what everyone all thought the others of this sentence might be: " Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a website in which… " Ok , i’ll know what your own thoughts are. Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a web internet site that did the analysis of cooperative coevolutionary algorithms But seriously, if you require ideas it’s probably best to perform something your thinking about; a hobby or maybe something. To make a good web site you’ll need to be very familiar using and understand the subject content. I can see tons of tips for new webpages, but that doesn’t mean you are going to like any of these, and it doesn’t imply that they haven’t been done more often than not over already. Wouldn’t it end up being good if there was a website that had a special offer on The apple company Powerbooks. Need one, get 2 free. … … Continue reading

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Login, shopping cart, inventory, custom computer

Heya guys, can you provide me some tutorials on make: as in logging into a website and then you need to use the to show what you’ve bought, and it totalling up and looking at. Also i would like to make a that shows a article with everything and people being able to search for products. And you know on such as the dell site it is possible to customize the laptop like pick out what you want. As in punishing like #1 Noise Card #2 Noise Card #3 Noise Card With thanks alot. I assume there is a very little development experience. The web is full with tutorials on this kind of things. You needs to be wary about the next phase of E-Commerce, you may need to know what you do if you intend to be handling peoples credit card details. Enjoying a to do is to obtain a book on anything language(php/asp etc) you want to use. Most will discuss you through how you wish to achieve what you want to do. Should you not want a guide google it. PHP Log-in, free shopping carts. As i said above there are many scripts floating all around. Ok, … Continue reading

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Novice Question: How to create page with dynamic elements, ie: menu’s & pagelets..

Heya guys, I just now found your forum and I do think it’s great! I’ve learned a whole lot already. I have recently been a webmaster for numerous years, very novice although – and will have been using just HTML plus much more recently CSS. I’ve had some encounter with frames/iframes, tables all that will stuff and am prepared to learn more… I maintain one or two websites currently (all amateurish) and I have been asked to create another one… with this new one I’d like to take an alternative approach. One of the pet peeves with each one of my current websites is when we have a menu change or perhaps something similar (ie: add a different image to the header, new link inside footer, navigation pub, etc… ) I must manually update each and every page… Most websites I see now take over dynamic elements (I think these are similar to pagelets) – (for example, http: //news. bbc. corp. uk/) I’m sure they don’t specify their links in every page and also the little box that says most in-demand stories…, but somehow call up these links on the page.. this is what I would like to learn how … Continue reading

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Common flash gallery

Heya guys was just wondering what the common web flash gallerys tend to be. theres a style we like, when you check out the image it pops up with a pleasant grey border and we have a little black x inside the bottom right side corner i ont really know what its called hence its a little nearly impossible to find anything to do from it. but yeah when you guys could reccomend any flash / java gallerys it would be very helpful this town is also intriguing, when you visit the picture it is going to come up well. http: //confession. bigcartel. com/product/face-tee kind regards Of study course, you have your ever-popular " LightBox", then there’s this 1: http: //www. no-margin-for-errors. com/projects/prettyphoto-jquery-lightbox-clone/ thats one i was seeking kind regards man You may even want to consider The mootools versions of lightbox, you could prefer their your local library over jquery.

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