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Test thread: HelperBot, reply! I need HTML help!

Simply just kidding. Made ya answer back! (testing) I found most of these threads that look for be similar to help yours. Do any analysts help Dr. HTML by zionlocke inside forum HTML along with CSS HTML: Frame Problems by Hobo in your forum Javascript and various Languages Check out this little html. Very cool by Belledandy inside forum Javascript and various Languages Can get my HTML furniture to render proper either. by Martin inside forum HTML plus CSS If they you should not a human will be along soon anyway to be of assistance more. With thanks, bud! It would be cool at this aspect if you might continue talking yet I’m no AI guru… Test I don’t see a bit yellow box. It’s only on making a thread, not replying. Great job there filbert1!

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New to Web Designing, Help would be Appreciated.

We’ve basic knowledge associated with HTML, im attempting to create a Dream Football site to get my League next season. I have regarding 8 months to accomplish it. Don’t know if that is enough time. There is a league I use to become in, I really loved the created and layout, I’d prefer to create something comparable to it. Here’s the link: http: //www. carolinafantasyfootball. com/ What would I should find out to make similar to this I have tons of ideas, just do not know where to begin. Willing to learn what I can. So if ya’ll might say what Language is needed, it’d become great. basically were you i might learn html and css to your layout and font models etc… ermm maybe a tad of javascript for a lot of roleovers but that’s regarding it.. Just draw it on photoshop and minimize it in imagready subsequently hay presto! just gotta optomize this images for speed after which it ur on on your path… I only know html and javascript and well one of them that’s online is the one of my homepage that we am currently remodleing… just check it out maybe that offers you some ideas… … Continue reading

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So much code for so little to show

I’m endeavoring to make a straightforward page (template) with a menu across the top (well, I go made) but there’s basicly no content into the page, and yetthere has expired 600 lines of code simply to make a menus that only includes 4 selections. I am just using Coffeecup HTML CODE editor, which I guess may be a mistake. I was getting some ideas out of pages I’ve observed here (pages Now i’m doing are just for personal ‘training’, and Concerning no intention regarding stealing someones function, I’m just endeavoring to learn) Something such as the menu Below, Tekp’s site will be what I’m endeavoring to do. Why does Coffeecup make such an issue out of this specific My trial of your program is almost up, so I do not think I’ll be buying ours Check out there www. bluerobot. com’s Layout Resoviour, or look at www. neathdesign. com/webstandards for the quick example. I’d reccomend learning HTML/CSS and also coding pages manually. It reduces site code something competitive and doens’t put limits giving you some good places to study: www. w3schools. com online world. webmonkey. com online world. alistapart. com (for more advanced usage of CSS). Generate your navigation quick … Continue reading

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Designing a Jargon Buster

In my new web page im planning a tiny jargon buster having an a-z of terms to support somone who is aware of nothing about the introduction of a web web page, nothing too advanced while in the jargon buster. Just wondering if you ever guys could provide some input in the terms you come across joe public cant comprehension and what i should placed into the buster! Cheers Different different types of images and what there’re used for HTML, CSS, W3C and so forth. There are many, many more, imagine about what you’d to learn when you started. Read a few web page design magazines (beginners ones) and then you should utilize terms they light up as jargon in the a-z (obviously not plagiarising what these people say about these individuals. ) accessiblity really, mention all the particular languages commen or even not, but abandon java, no one particular knows what thats pertaining to anyway. hehe jk The various programming languages would have been a good one. " Flash". " E-Commerce". Anything related to SEO. " Spam/UCE". " IP Address". Anything related to a domain label (TLD/SLD/etc. ) " Geocities". I’ll even provide the meaning for you: " Complete … Continue reading

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Considering Career Change

Greetings, We are a forty-something degree educated professional engineer, who after TWENTY FIVE years in engineering is looking to change direction. Relating to been a end user and customer connected with web solutions, and have been developing my own ring websites for a little bit now. I are comfortable with HTML, CSS, ASP, PHP, SQL Equipment, and MySQL although in no way an expert. We are thinking of switching direction into website design. Although this can be a crowded market, I do believe I have something to consider, and although to begin with my skills require sharpening up, We can bring 15 many years experience of offering and marketing consultancy remedies, managing projects, and managing clients that are transferable skills. Is that this achievable, or am I starting from so far instruction online the field we might as well shelve the thought now I think you do have a good shot at achieving success in this discipline. After all, everyone can learn this technical part, its the real-world experiance this everybody lacks, therefore you have that. Web site design is still in its early levels and who knows what the near future holds for affiliates who invest inside it today. … Continue reading

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What are my options?

Sorry to the extremely vague and noobish post, but where must begin I have a couple of sites i wish to streamline. basically seperate my personal data from the structure, and my personal structure from the design. At first we were certain that the perfect marriage would provide html + css + xml. How wrong we were! Said streamlining could involved using HTML to view a basic xml file for those of my website’s data (news, updates, so forth). Little did i know at that time, mozilla does not really support data islands, and thusly the idea was taken all to heck (as 50% and up of my viewing audience will be mozilla/netscape users). Really the only solutions i have realized have involved javascript hacks and extremely sophisticated XSL processors that appear to nullify the first intention of always keeping my sites straightforward to update. I just want to update a text(or whatever) record, then upload them to my site. This is a tremendously simple sounding trouble, and coming at a programming world, i can’t comprehend why it isnt simpler to accomplish. Therefore, before i draw what little hair relating to left out, i found yourself in you, readers with … Continue reading

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Just why firefox is an indespensible tool

You will want to start a thread about this Most of us using Firefox know it’s inherit strengths. I wanted to prove it to the rest of the crowd. ONE. CSS Advantange (See screenshot) I decided to create a WP structure. I don’t desire to change the HTML, just the CSS. Therefore, I scrapped the CSS while using Edit CSS functionality of the Web Developer proxy. Then to aid the task I’ve shown ID/Class details. Ta-Da the finest CSS editing instrument ever. No looking at source. Instant visual changes. The perfect CSS manager. There is my reason, let us hear yours. ONLY TWO. Tabbed Browsing MY SPOUSE AND I absolutely love this kind of function, allowing me have many tabs open from the one browser the idea looks much purifier, as well because the ability to combination refer pages quickly and never having to look through your grouped icons to the start-bar. While using ‘Tabbrowser’ extension communities from here allows me to counteract more Firefox home windows opening, as well as forcing all external links to open inside a new tab with regard to exmple. There are lots of many different solutions to use it too! Fine-grained handle over functionality. … Continue reading

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Making sites that look like they were made from good templates.

Within my oppinion, only about 10% connected with websites really glimpse and work excellent. Even these 10% really are crappy when comparing them to the websites at places like Template Recreation area (http: //www. templatepark. com/templates. php). What I am really looking for is often a guide to generate websites that appear like the ones from template park. I don’t cherish useability and most that crap, I just want templaty web pages. There all so excellent, like, I don’t know anyone who might even come close… Also, I can signal and markup about 90% of the sites on right now there, so I don’t need anymore coding or html/css knowledge (just a number of 3d design as well as flash effects along with I’ll be all set). Only 10% of websites look good and work great Sorry pal, nonetheless that’s complete b******s! What would you rather have – an effective, yet pretty good site that offers powerful content, rapidly, or a sluggish loading, but pretty impressive site of which delives OK written content Myself, I’d opt for the former. Positive, your site great, but you want anyone to stay around to truly it don’t everyone!!! Usability is essential, you want … Continue reading

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Expert advice on my 1st design project

Hi there, all! Thank you for viewing my own post. I’ve been designing web pages for any little over ONLY TWO years now, mainly developing websites (between 3 to 5 pages) for family/friends and also creating auction templates for eBay powersellers applying HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. I use Illustrator and ImageReady to produce graphics. About monthly ago, I began looking for my web design/development services to small businesses and private agencies, and yesterday, I received a mobile phone call from my first potential client this wants me to create a 15 to SOMETHING LIKE 20 page website for a web based vacation company. The problem is that Truly never developed the 15 to TWENTY page website in my entire life, but I understand that devoting alot with my time as well as work, I is capable of doing it. We (my purchaser and I) have not yet discussed any more knowledge about the upcoming task. This will most of be discussed later this morning. The short-term venture will begin with Monday, 11/15/04. They’re my questions: Does anyone know where I could find a good sample site design contract What should my own client and WHEN I discuss before I begin … Continue reading

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new starter new site

Hi we’ve just joined the particular forum hope to educate yourself a lot via you guys i hope youngster should be make something very much alike this http: //www. eighteenvisions. com/index3. html we’d appreciate if someone could tell me personally what software make use of. Just that there’s so many option to choose from i have zero ideas really thank you The graphics ended up probably created with photoshop plus a vector application.. just like illustrator.. The header and sidebar are created in Macromedia Pen.. I would would suggest starting at fundamental design, and HTML/CSS earliest though.. the guy whom made that site probably has like 2+ numerous years of experience in many web development aspects at least… If you just want the place to rant and rave you could potentially create an accounts at blogger, or purchase a templete.. The programs believe need, as well, would cost virtually $1000 dollars.. If you are not serious about design you’d definitely benefit out of learning HTML/CSS.. You may make beautiful sites similar to this (with just html/css).. test www. csszengarden. com.. All the best . in your knowing I believe Physt, though I’d say he’s finding a really good cost on … Continue reading

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