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Installing Apache on Win2000 Prof

So downloaded the zip, removed it, and published the install doctor, it’s claiming l should download and installation the. msi report. WTF how is the fact that meant to install Hopelessly lost on this sucker Go read the actual this thread during vbf i strolled justin through the idea i’m sure that can be done it! hold out on i’ll uncover it Yep here ya go: http: //www. vbforums. com/showthread. phpthreadid=157785& highlight=apache beacon Read everthing then ask queries! Thanks dude, apparent this can be for PHP and HTML pages… is better than me why most of us need two website server setups Psst…. you obtain the manuals and many cool demos on the PHP sites Am likely to be all over brussels: thumbsup: Nah havent experienced much time in order to resume me php knowing!! Focusing on some asp venture!! First i’ll get noisyplanet up on a server plus the domain name after that i’ll learn php! Php is actually great… and not thay hard to learn. Found some weird quirks around PHP, though… PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()         echo  $something;   //  echos  nothing But PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()       … Continue reading

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Netscape 6.2 problem

Must open doc data in Netscape. Problem is with Netscape HALF A DOZEN. 2 (VP is by using version) Doc file can not be opened with Netscape. I’ve tried adding doc to be a helper Application less than preferences but that does not work either. Can anyone help with this, other than sharing with the boss to work with IE If by doctor file you imply a file which has a. doc extension the boss must get MS Word to examine it. Get MS Word. Doc application won’t open when clicking on link in Netscape to wide open xyz. doc. Almost nothing happens. It should at the least download make confident the file would not magically appear with his desktop whenever he clicks the actual link. Mac browsers normally not give visible feedback when installing a file. Report doesn’t download. Machine is often a pc, not the MAC. Here is some more background info. I am working on the Intranet site. That doc file rests on another equipment. If I squeeze file on the server the place that the Intranet resides, it works fine, but there are others who up-date this file that can’t have the Intranet server, so this … Continue reading

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auto html generator

We’ve a website using a huge collection regarding thumbnails linking to help html pages which has a single image and previous and then links. Each of the pages and photos are sequentially together with. Anyone know of the app where I could generate a order of html webpages incrementing the code inside a couple lines. Instance: Code: < table width=" 100%" border=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" > < tr> < td height=" 20" colspan=" 3" > < div align=" center" > catalog# COLOR=redfig001/COLOR< /div> < /td> < /tr> < tr> < td height=" 320" colspan=" 3" > < div align=" center" > < img src=" COLOR=redfig001/COLOR_ms. jpg" width=" 461" height=" 320" > < /div> < /td> < /tr> < tr> < td width=" 33%" height=" 20" > < div align=" center" > < some sort of href=" COLOR=redfig012/COLOR. html" > previous< /a> < /div> < /td> < td width=" 33%" height=" 20" > < div align=" center" > < some sort of href=" COLOR=redfig002/COLOR. html" > next< /a> < /div> < /td> < td width=" 33%" height=" 20" > < div align=" center" > < some sort of href=".. /fig. html" > return< /a> < /div> < /td> < … Continue reading

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A Frame Alternative?

I am fairly new on making websites, and I have no clue what other options are on the market. I am currently employing a frame as your menu for our website, but I want to change the idea into something several. Are there another alternatives Server Side Contains are special tags which they can display in PHP, ASP, JSP, and SHTML scripts to include the contents involving one text-based (html, for example. ) file into another. Find exactly how to employ them here: http: //www. webdesignforums. net/showthread. phps=& threadid=5519#post68869 I might suggest you this procedure: http: //www. garnetchaney. com/how_to_use_tables_instead_of_frames. shtml You will discover more similar ways of doing it, but that certain is the most simple. I utilize a similar system intended for my web, in addition to It’s great. (Altough about my web WE use ASP, not PHP) if you want the frame glance put a < div style=" flood: auto" >… < /div> As a consequence of everyone for any suggestions. I checked out the websites people all suggested plus they helped me out somewhat. If there are another suggestions please post it. Thanks : You don’t have to know anything about PHP youngster should be use it … Continue reading

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Dreamweaver template problem

For folks who know Dreamweaver MX, I’m creating a problem with an online page template I’m handling. I created the actual template, and then produced new html pages from it. Even so, when I help make add or make changes into the template’s links, for some reason the link changes aren’t arriving in the pages made from the template (as it truly is supposed to). This is certainly even though the software tells me that the files are actually updated. I’m kind of new at working with templates, so even though I thought POST followed the guidelines correctly–perhaps there’s a little something I’m missing, lol. Does anyone know why this is certainly happening Thanks Try building a script asset along with insert that in to your template. This way any changes built to your script will reflect around the pages you’ve made as well as any proceeding versions that use that template. Thank you for responding. Requests, though–what’s a script utility, how is that created, and where will need to it be inserted Anywhere on the page.

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help designing tutorial pages

hi there, I hope that this can be a right forum to be able to post in, and that this is possibly appropriate, but I’m kind of serious here. anyone no one can provide any assistance or volunteering with the following, I’d truly appreciate. I’m writing a programming tutorial education, about C++ lisenced users. Now this is planned in the form of fairly long tutorial. but here is definitely my problem: the tutorial could have entire pages that will itself, its unlike a submitted guide or anything. simply just all html web pages. however, I’m shutter, and so to receive the right colouring, images, fonts, or anything else, is impossible unless I’ve someone else assist me. So, what I might really like is someone who, after I finish a chapter, I can just send in the page as a attachment, and you’ll edit that article, add the necessary circumstances to make it glimpse nice, and just send it to me. I’d have it in a standard html form, but you would must add what people think would be needed to make it appear ok. I would certainly add headings, sentences, linebreaks, etc, but with styles or perhaps css etc, I … Continue reading

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CSS3 Read. pretty funny..

Complete Story http: //www. bbspot. com/News/2004/04/css3. html ————Snippit———— pages available, we figured which CSS has simply been too complicated for the average user. " To unravel this, W3C introduces the latest class: " Web theme. " This class allows web designers to define the whole layout of their site, using just a single line associated with CSS. " We expect templates to turn into a hit, " Darren Stennet exclaimed. " With just a single line associated with code (such because " templateaol; nauseating" ), designers may make the same mind-numbingly ugly sites, which it accustomed to take them hours for making. Heck, they’ll likely get even uglier. " Darren Stennet promised how the dreaded Internet Explorer padding bug have been addressed. " We now have given up ————Snippit———— * shakes his or her head and laughs * It’s not bad. Heh, beneficial.

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css browser compatibility

i’m having difficulty my css web pages…. my html pages show up fine in IE, but hd seem to reference/link towards the stylesheet when opened up in Netscape or even Firefox. any obvious tips i would be missing—-differences involving IE and Netscape and Firefox which i need to signal my css or perhaps html differently to get my pages to use the styles regards! -averan May well help if you can actually provide a reference on the page(s) you’re referring to. i could paste the entire page of code for the css and html code pages, other as compared with that, i are deprived of any site or perhaps pages online…. their all on the computer. Upload the seperate files as a possible attachment on some sort of post here, it is going to be extremely difficult that will help you with your trouble otherwise. ah-ha! ultimately found an " attach" control key! please review this sample html page with our css page. i haven’t written inside the navigation yet, and get been toying with javascript for getting both the text message and images to resize based on browser size…. thanks for ones comments in improve, -averan ps: the stylesheet … Continue reading

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Graphics in Frontpage – Noobie how to question

I want to put quite a few graphics in my frontpage. Do you have to load the graphics for a database which comes with your hosting company or only place a link to the graphics into your HTML Many thanks Surely someone knows the way to add graphics into a webpage…. You must first save the picture for a computer. Then: Place > Picture > From File Then find your report. You really need to upload the graphics for a web space, a similar place where your own html pages usually are stored. You should store graphics/iamges in the seperate sub directories. IN THE HTML < img src=" yourImageFolder/graphic. gif" /> You change the path according to exactly where and what you will have saved it as. As Trico says you’ll want to get your head surrounding the whole way online is structured… your own c: \ drive isn’t gonna be accessible to folks over the internet; even if you’re hosting your site (and as you said " internet hosting company" I assume you’re not) the d: \ syntax will make reference to their drives every time they visit your web-site not yours, so it’s never gonna work! So, yes, … Continue reading

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Are tables obsolete for page design? (Replaced by span and div?) Your opinion please.

Hello there, just call my home Rip Van Winkle. Concerning not paid a lot attention to world wide web coding for over the year, and currently I find assertions in forums that " tables are generally obsolete. " They say it truly is all done these days with " span" along with " div" implementing CSS. This concerns: JUST ONE. I don’t know how " span" along with " div" work. Should I discover this And why TWO. I like the way that I can make tables adjust in order to any size screen along with the user can adapt the font sizes instantly with all the view–> text dimensions in his visitor, the way which i am used that will coding it. I will be leery of " most critical positioning" and " mapping. " I do not really see how this really is sure to adjust to different types and size connected with browser and display screen. And I uncover many websites (including this one) never adjust well to by myself " average size" 15" monitor. 3. Does anybody however prefer " tables" though they know CSS extensively Your opinions, remember to. Thank you. –Krystof. Divs may be … Continue reading

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