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Apache again

goes anyone learn how like make multiple address’s with Apache just like: home. localhost will load from you folder while community forum. localhost will head over to another. any help appreciated. absolutely no… u may should register w/ a DNS before you could do something similar to that… PM beacon, he has the apache expert They’re named subdomains BTW yeh, i understand, sorry i didnt name then that throughout here hmm, i thought i might need a DNS, nevermind then, i’m only a developer from your home, i’m not positioning my page on the web yet. From the apache records it seems that can be done this: Code: NameVirtualHost * < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. website. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/domain < /VirtualHost> < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. otherdomain. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain < /VirtualHost> Go to http: //httpd. apache. org/docs/vhosts/name-based. html for any full info. Yep you can as martin said but on the. conf file: Code: # VirtualHost: Allows the daemon to react to requests for several # server deal with, if your node machine is configured to simply accept IP packets # with regard to multiple addresses. This can be accomplished with the actual ifconfig # alias banner, or through … Continue reading

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Secure Page

Support! My business is new here, and choose to know how people achieve this: http: //www. thebunker. b0x. com/img0. gif Any ideas I know you will get other ‘logging-in’ devices, but this just looks the most effective… Gives thanks, Jon. Sorry, the address is definitely: http: //www. thebunker. b0x. com/ I know the site is definitely rubbish, I just do it to show pics etc. It will never be my finished URL. On WDF’s home-page, right above this " Announcements" community forum, there’s a dropdown of which says " Website design Tools". Click upon. htaccess generator by that dropdown, and undergo the steps. That could create the a couple of text files which are necessary for password preserving directories. Take note: Your server must be running Apache to utilize the. htaccess track. Complete details are available atL http: //httpd. apache. org/docs/howto/auth. html Just purchased " Advanced PHP for Web Professionals" by means of Christopher Cosentino. Great read, some nice code you should look at, Section 7, page 193 I do think. url to the source computer code.

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Apache Version

Somebody of mine inquired me a question that I’d like to know also. Which version of Apache ‘s best to download: Apache 1. 3. 29 or perhaps Apache 2. 0. FORTY NINE Does Apache JUST ONE. 3. 29 have got things that Apache TWO. 0. 49 will not Differences: http: //httpd. apache. org/docs-2. 0/new_features_2_0. html While the Apache collection strongly objects that will allegations of incompatibility between PHP plus the 2. 0 branch belonging to the server, the official PHP internet site is warning people not to use the two together in development environments.

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