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how much does this file inform the server still attemting to your workplace on making one, so what should this file perform It defines the way the server works, sorta much like the Windows registry. any and also the a file, or would that be an excess of of a safety risk Transfer it to new PHP section Getting some help within the Apache one at this time… jeez looks elaborate. nah, really not much to can w/ php, just wonderin just what the file should… search online for httpd. conf trial and download the item. that may possibly work… It’s the Apache configuration record l think. A variety of goodies in right now there, of course being freeware nobody has been arsed writting worthwhile tutorials about it…. Apache comes by using an httpd. conf with plenty of documentation in this… Geez jello speak about digging up a well used thread! I thought the fact that. conf extension gave away who’s was a configuration file! But Beaker i am talking Americans these….. hey heya hey… none of this… i knew it was a configuration file, but i needed to know what the idea did…

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Feedback on some additions to my website’s httpd.conf. HELP!

Hello, I can be making some changes to the httpd. cong file for one of my websites to make it load more rapidly. Right now, I’m working on 1) enabling gzipping regarding text-type files by means of mod_deflate and 2) using browser caching regarding static files (e. f., images, css form sheets) via mod_expires. After doing a fair amount of reading through to the subject, I have develop what I think works code. I also setup a test folder with my website featuring its own. htaccess archive and ran Google’s Web site Speed, Web Internet page Test, and other online testers, and in terms of I can notify, things look okay. At some point, I would want to update my virtual reality httpd. conf file to incorporate the code by my test folder’s. htaccess archive, but before WE do so, I would really like to get an extra opinion to see if it can be improved upon. This code is in the attachment (myhtaccessfilefortesting. txt). In terms of the gzipping part is anxious, a Tech Help person who performs for westhost. com (where the website is hosted) posted a post with their blog along with some suggestions on what to … Continue reading

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