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newb Q: images split up into tables

the key reason why do some pages have images/banners which have been divided up directly into tables what are advantages does the particular page load quciker and just how do i recreate that in dreamweaver im betting that its to do with the split device in photoshop basically i dont understand what they are, what they’re for and how to make ’em thanks in advance phil Several years ago, if you split images along the major lines involving color division, you could reduce file size significantly. Also, by means of splitting the photograph into multiple items, it could end up being assembled one piece at a time so that psychologically, the page doesn’t take so long to load. Those rules don’t apply the maximum amount today, because obtain speeds are considerably faster. If you could do it, though, make sure you specify a for your so that page doesn’t perform the " stretch and squeeze" consequence when loading. While using the slice tool throughout photoshop. Why people love doing this, are mainly the belief that you can create any design possible, this looks great, as opposed to having to pattern in boring platforms. When you slice up the particular image, … Continue reading

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mouse over…

post aint sure what exactly its called but whenever you are over a certian region a box using some text will appear explaining what it really is it is done nicely with this site http: //www. topqualityfreeware. com/jchojnacki/ put your mouse in the info buttons to see why. ok so now for any question (hopefully this other bit made some sense) how is niagra done is the item simple can the item be done utilizing a certian frontpage element 3 questions for just one single question at any rate thanks for anyhelp men and women: classic: To the page in concern, the info boxes are produced with JavaScript. You can rightclick and choose " view source" to check out the JS value that makes this particular happen. Looks much like the guy who made the page copied the script through some tutorial, because the instructions on things to change still lies embedded in the code. Prefer a very simple remedy, there is any HTML tag that alows to create info pop-up glass windows on text. Code: COLOR=red// In order to make a window pop up when you hover in the words " info", utilize the tag < acronym>: /COLOR Here … Continue reading

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Do I have to pay to put (TM)?

We have one nice slogan or maybe word or whatever, and I never want other lazy copykat to make use of it. Can I just put the (TM) symbol near it without paying, registering, for example anything Thnx I believe using TM without the proper licensing is actually illegal AFAIK. Opt for the symbol (alt+0169), thats acceptable! You implement the TM image for anything that’s not previously trademarked and may be legally trademarked. You can’t use the documented trademark symbol, nonetheless. The registered trademark symbol is a (R) symbol, right So I’ll do something such as: ThisIsMyStupid And Boring Slogan So you Can’t CopyIt (TM). Acceptable, sorry, got everthing wrong lol: -P The documented trademark symbol is a (r) symbol, try www. webmonkey. com to learn the html coding for it. Yes, presented nobody has used it. It is legally better to register that, but as by using patents and copyrights, you’ll die connected with natural causes before it takes effect. Or at the least your site can have changed. The context is often a matter of years. As a make any difference of fact you should prove that you might have been using the phrase befor an individual regester … Continue reading

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How to base a presentation round this image

Me along with a friend are make presentation about horror movies being a school project. This really is of course enjoyment and all that, but unfortunately, we don’t know much about style. The current plan could be to have the presentation take advantage of this picture as the background. We’d like to keep a consistent feeling how the presentation is something from your good old times of horror — worn, grainy, yellowish and stuff like that, you know I am aware of that it’s pretty tricky to produce something look professional having a dark background, what I’m wondering are these claims: What colors could well be good for textual content Where should we squeeze nav-bar, and should the idea be a horisontal or maybe a vertical one should we keep it separate through the pages by adding a border to both of them Know make available trick to help make stylish and worn out buttons In general though, I pretty much only want to know what we ought to avoid so the whole thing doesn’t resemble, well, crap. A thousand thanks before hand! I’d make a light background to place dark text about, it just form of helps I believe. … Continue reading

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Question on making left and right borders on a website perfectly to go with the site

Hi, I was just taking a look at a few sites and We were very interested inside knowing what the correct procedure is in creating these eventually left and right watering holes so perfectly and also have the site at the center. I’ve tried it myself but failed to do so…. Here are a few examples http: //www. thewalkingdead. com/ http: //www. homelanxtreme. com/ You’ll see there are some nice borders within the left and right that almost makes the internet site intact and good to consider…. How can MY PARTNER AND I make these One of many easist ways would be to make a horizontal strip with smooth top and bottom edges then repeat it right down the article. The following value shows how… … < head> < type type=" text/css" > html document, body foundation: url(‘images/bg. gif’) repeat-y; < /style> < /head>… The particular image (bg. gif) would simply be a small long rectangle aproximently somewhere between 1024-1600 pixels broad and something tiny like 25 pixels excessive with two lashes running verticaly down the middle representing the perimeter shadows. The stripes could well be spaced roughly 350 pixels outwards with the centre… In the items you’ve listed they … Continue reading

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need help on creating a bar that adjusts to user’s resolution

I am trying to develop a bar across the top of my web page that adjusts for the resolution of that user’s screen so that whatever resolution the customer has the bar spans across the screen. If someone could possibly give me some cheap do this that could be great. Many thanks What would that bar contain Would it you need to be one plain color or would the item have an image in The bar is a shape of a wave which has a red/white diagonal gradient. If the bar repeats itself arfter a period, then you might cut the image to that width and then are repeat as the background to somewhat of a cell or a new div. What regarded as a do If the bar won’t repeat itself. I am very new from this. I want to buy to do a similar thing that ‘microsoft’. com’s top bars do. If you modify the resolution on your screen that adjusts while the rest looks to always be set for 800 x 600 pixels. I am using Dreamweaver and various Macromedia programs that will put the site mutually. Well, if one side in the image is yet colour, … Continue reading

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tiny preview of zion photography

I have loads of work in store to me, but I can at the least share an image if some of you are waiting to determine it. Have a good forth of July day. http: //www. zioncreation. com/images/2d/photo_preview. jpg Great shot. Too awful the weather couldn’t cooperate. This weather ain’t that harmful, I don’t imagine it affects the actual shot really, but I guess it’d look better which has a nice sunny, blue sky. I’ll be sure you brighten the image up a little for the ultimate. These are pics, I don’t manip objects in the image other than maybe some brightness, contrast, skin tone. Many of what shall be on the last site looks very nice and not using a filter. I’m really excited to show them. I’m also in the way of a very few small updates on many of the sites. This requires a gradient colored background to offer a little depth for the simple designs. Weather makes many of the difference in an outdoor shot. The conditions is what depends on the lighting, purity, etc. Not the shot is poor, but I feel clear blue skies would create a huge difference in such a image. The … Continue reading

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Very Small difference when viewed in IE opposed to other browsers

If u have an alternative web browser for instance firefox or netscape check out this layout throughout both http: //www. satelliteonline. pwp. blueyonder. co. uk/ i recognize its only pretty minor, and when i shouldn’t even be troubled, but its pestering me. Look with the div, it seems smaller in internet explorer than it will in the various other browsers. The scroll bar doesn’t increase to the image if u know spinning program so well. is this curable as well as is it a kind of things that u must live with along with would take a little fiddling around to get right As much as I can understand from your message (without checking it in Firefox or maybe Mozilla as I do not have the browsers at my current location), it seems which the problem you include having is something related to the way of which other browsers render borders and extra padding. Not sure if it something that you can fix, though hoepfully someone else are able to throw a little more light on the topic than me as I are deprived of the tools at the moment. Only am wrong, then I apologise! To begin with, I … Continue reading

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Image to the left of The address?

Definitely all, Simple dilemma here. see that W image into the left of this particular site’s address nearby the top of your browser what is that called and so how exactly does one do it : Chris It really is called a ‘favicon’. Do a search around WDF for topics via the Search facility, there are lots of results Excellent, thank you.

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Alt tag vs Title tag

I am aware of that alt tags will not show tooltips taking Mozilla & Firefox. Understanding that the title tag Works with those 2, plus IE. In the event that I’m using subject tags, is them bad design to drop the alt tags.. or does this cause other issues Should i need both Thanks Jayell It is wise to use alt tags pertaining to images. Screen book lovers need them. I use championships for things including background images (css) and also sometimes DIVS. I dont think Concerning usedthem on pictures before. Without a doubt, always specify your alt attribute intended for images. Even when the image does not create the content, nevertheless specify it (alt=" " ). Likewise, do not rely on tooltips for functionalty with regard to both accessibility and also browser compatibility. I did some investigating into this some time back. The planned uses are since follows: alt:: renewable text for an image, should be used for each meaningful image, apply empty (alt=" " ) tags at presentational images. Start using a meaningful description. concept:: should display when tooltip, for example to indicate what goes on if you click on the image. The first problem: IE platforms alt … Continue reading

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