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set up web host

Just what would it take ANY computer or few DSL or maybe cable connection Knowledge of linux and windows Knowledge of apache and iis Networking skills Like establishing dns etc. Wouldnt the easiest be to just build a cheap committed server hosting later b When i was running TT off my own ring machine, I made use of Apache, Tomcat (for JSP), oftentimes the PHP modules or Apache, in addition to my router. There is no such thing as cheap dedicated hosting. TT and a website 10 times their size would be on shared internet site. Dedicated hosting will be bloody expensive. $215 any month Aussie that like $125 to you seppo’s!! Receiving 3gb of distributed space is A$300 +. So dedicated hosting aint less costly!! Filly: We all weill have reviews, articles, forums and media the amount of space will most people need We’ll allow uploads with mp3s, mpegs for example. to a qualification Will it often be used primarily only for storage, or to get actually streaming Tunes and videos If its the latter, you’ll pay a king’s ransom for the additional bandwidth; if its the previous, all you are related is get any custom plan, perhaps even … Continue reading

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Free co-op vB message board for established sites.

I will be a bit confused about the new rules the following. Someone please inform me if here is the right place because of this message When you operate a multi-page web site, I will host it on the vB message board available for you, free. My co-op form forum group is not really cluttered with banners. It truly is funded by 1 advertising email 7 days a week. I will take into consideration compete with your enterprise. All that becomes necessary is so you might place a text link from your home page(or other primary page) for the home page connected with my co-op model forum group: " Totally free Bulletin Boards & Free Glorified forums. " This does not ought to be prominent, and certainly, you also can certainly place any links you would like directly to your own message board. And also being " free" this can be better than operating your individual message board because: No are worried about spam spoiling your site. Members who join other glorified forums will see a person’s message board, and automatically will learn about your website. These kind of surfers already usually are " interacting" so are serious possible clients. … Continue reading

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Content, Content, Content

Hiyaz, I know this is largely a design online community, but, as pattern isn’t everything, I thought I had try posting the following here sorry beforehand to the team if they don’t think the idea fits in! I’m interested in start work on the new website, centered around outdoors activites, like caving, camping, going up the, base jumping, parachuting, and so on. later this month. The ideas with regard to content that I’ve got so far include: — Discussion Forums — Gallery — Reviews — Webmail — Links Directory — Regular Articles — Chat Room — WAP Access Incl User discussion forums Latest Posts, WAPChat, and some more — Logos for Mobiles — Downloads Since you can see, I want it becoming a very ‘interactive’ internet site – mainly simply because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to publish articles. Hence, My questions back are: a) What keeps you re-occurring to a site b) Almost every other suggestions for features c) i want this becoming a free-membership site, but wish to enable them to ‘buy’ extras — eg coloured usernames – what could you ‘pay’ to have, and how much awkward in front of, d) When am I proceeding, … Continue reading

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800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 ?

so well i’ve read somewhere that people use 900 X 600 reselution and well your sites look fine in my take on my 15inch monitor wiv 1024 TIMES 768 When will i set my site to become the rite measurement for every1 800×600 will be minimum every website should support. Just poorly designed web pages don’t work in 1024 X 768. I agree with Filburt, 800×600 will be resolution which all browser support. my partner and i always made website for 800×600. (if as well as is fixed width) or the positioning may be stretched to complete the browser. you possibly can design your internet site with tables utilizing %.. for model: PHP: < table  width=100%> < tr>     < td  width=20> < img  src=left_top_graphic. gif  width=20> < /td>     < td  align=center>     This  table  will  stretch  across  the  entire  screen.     The  left_top_graphic  will  be  to  the  far  left.     The  right_top_graphic  will  be  to  the  far  right.     Regardless  of  the  web  clients  screen  resolution.     < /td>     < td  width=20> < img  src=right_top_graphic. gif  width=20> < /td> < /tr> < /table> Hope this kind of helps. If … Continue reading

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all right.. well.. i use a question its a bit stupid tho. All right, very stupid. but what will a sponsor online do… what will it be. every site i go to says something for instance " visit each of our sponsor" or something. Im venturing out on a arm or leg here but i believe they help pay for them In case you click on which link, the site internet hosting the link is recieving some kind of compensation, usually. Generally by way of a link exchange or like that. A sponsor is actually someone who gives an agency or place money to hold them afloat generally. They get free advertising at the same time. Usually, a sponsor to get a tech site will probably donate or provide out HW to be reviewed and/or given away. When you see a link regarding " Visit each of our sponsor", the site hosting that ad will more than likely get a tiny payment to the click, or a higher payment if someone purchased something by means of clicking the listing. More than very likely, the rates you get will suck. It’s a fantasy that running ads over a site will make … Continue reading

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Hit Counter

Fine, this is what I’m trying to find: A FREE OF CHARGE hit counter that (1) doesn’t really need script on my server to figure (or does on another person’s server (2) does not put an unsightly graphic or mouse on my internet site. Virtually any help greatly appreciated. Kind regards. Good chance finding that, a free of charge counter that wants nothing in return (ie. no advertising). An excellent free PHP script that we use and love is available at www. ekstreme. com. Seems that his / her site is during a server step though. It uses txt files as an alternative to SQL databases, and it’s actually a VERY easy to run. If you’re involved, let me know. i used to use one which i found on yahoo and google. It was cost-free, invisible and they will wanted nothing in return. but sorry, i’ve forgotten what the positioning was. In addition, post your requirements inside the ‘reqeust a service’ community. Or if you may be bothered, just generate one. Its a straightforward script. It wil only receive a couple days to educate yourself how.. You might easily code the one which included a php file as an image… … Continue reading

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Resolution Ajustments

alright guys we would like a little prefer. can anybody tell me are usually best way i always can get this webpage to automatically adjust into the user resolution. You should read the rules: There IS however, a tutorial for this in the lessons forum titled " structure baiscs" sorry i relized this after used to do it but we were unable to rub out the thread. what can i do. Nothing at all, a moderator will either move it the perfect place or delete it acceptable thanx NP. Moved on the Other Web Style and design Questions section, because answer to your question can involve different aspects of web design. Do not have the answer by myself. If you’re utilizing an image that includes a repeating background, you possibly can make your table span 100% wide. See www. turtletips. com for among this. Resize a person’s browser window, and you will probably notice that the full page resizes the idea self. Another path to take is to make your internet site a fixed thickness. If you help it become 780 pixels, when you find yourself guaranteed that every person on 800×600 as well as above sees (almost) similar thing.

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Ok need a little help…

Aight, as you realize I’ve been implementing, www. woodrrows. com, havnt made excessive progress lately but put a form script in I associated with another forum the following. I need (want) a forum that i can integrate into my page.. I dont want one that’s a totally different design and style, etc.. Or should i not have a new forum on my personal site Thanks Woody I do not think you need some sort of forum.. no real fact that it. since there are literally an incredible number of forums on line, there is no point for you to make one.. Why would ppl subscribe to your forum together with 5 members when they can join an additional with 10, 000 member And if you want forum, what are you interested us to do Allow you to with the reference Give u your source Tell you the thing you need to learn Umm, no I wasnt getting the source, or the right way to install it, or anything like that, I can do that myself, I was requesting peoples opinion, and if they knew of make available forums which can be integrated into a page a lot better than others.. … Continue reading

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new web design graduate: tips?

My business is a recent graduate on the International Academy regarding Design and Technology in Orlando, FL. My business is looking for work in web design or development. I have just started shopping, but it is just the pickings are generally pretty slim these. Any tips for your job seeker inside web design field my own portfolio url: http: //mikefunk. vze. com Only tip I will offer you is usually to get your own domain name. They’re cheap, and you’ll find a small, inexpensive hosting package to set it up with. Having your individual domain looks greater than a sub-domain, IMO. Enjoy w/ the work search. get a real domain brand. You just used up $20k on classes but can’t find the money for $8. 99 for your domain Identical thing everyone else does after they need a career… send out resume’s along with cover letters, follow up upon them and try to obtain a position. To be frank, you should learn that the portfolio is only proof that you know your way close to computers – you need to present companies that your’e an experienced businessman. Also your internet site is blurry… Thanks for the effective and candid reply. … Continue reading

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Public Policy or TOS or both?

Which will be appropriate for a company website THE, (Terms of Service), and also And which do you know of on YOUR internet site I think this will depend on the nature of the business, and what you’re looking to say with this document. However, the TOS sounds extra professional than " Arrest Policy". What information thinking of delivering that you want to describe Terms of Service applies to services that readers use (such since forums or alternative tools). Privacy Policy applies to information that visitors submit for your requirements (such as speak to info or such). Copyright Notice is usually an explanation of which elements in the site are copyrighted by your business. Public Policy just isn’t really a common legal term.

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