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How would I have a picture on my site, with a random link each time you open the page

Greetings, I’ve made fundamental webpages before, and am wondering how We’d have a photo on my site that would have a random link all the time you open the actual page. the graphic wouldn’t change, just simply the link. Precisely how would i perhaps do this MANY THANKS VERY MUCH! We are not sure myself but My business is guess you would desire php for this. You may should make four copies in the same image or something like that to carry out it. I am not sure if it is realistic just to change the link, but I know it certainly is with different photos. I guess you may just may a few copies and implement a random image on the webpage with the different link per one Make feeling Maybe having Javascripting, but lots of people are now converting off their particular Javascripting, which would cause it to not work. The amount of links are you discussing, and would this be actual haphazard, or simply cycle through a listing… would you work with cookies to determine if someone has already had the website displayed on their own browser Learn if your hosting company offers SSI (Server Side Includes). … Continue reading

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hi there im new to the forum and additionally new to web design. I’ve spent a final 6 months mastering from tuts as well as making forum sigs personally and my good friends, and i love sitting down at the pc with my personal photoshop and strategies for new sigs. Any way a few friends of excavation have said that we should start to use flash, which tbh i havent a clue how to use lol, but i have signed up taking part of a few part time training on photoshop, dreamweaver, and also flash, cos im hoping to begin web design for just a living, or even go into little business of my own , personal. But the thing is that i dont know anyone who’s a web designer and i used to be wondering what quantity of money can a wordpress website designer make gives thanks akuji Many people feel, there are a pair of aspects to site creation… 1) Page Designer… This person provides the graphics/Flash experience to generate the layout and look of the site, colors, font, CSS type sheets, etc. The experience and talent associated with artistic design will be the basis for how an … Continue reading

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Layout issue

Manged to get the result i needed untill i downloaded it to the host. once i tested out to veiw this there i found that this result was completly differnet i uploaded the exact result that i needed (works on my comp) and the file that contains the end result. The original page is here: http: //pyrodesign. byethost11. com/index2. html code wow… that is sort of nasty. I do believe you should begin by eliminating this ads, banner advertisings, and all Javascripting until it is possible to solve the CSS format problems. Whenever you get the layout stable in all browsers, you may then start putting the Javascripting the government financial aid. I actually wouldn’t make use of the Javascripting at many, especially if it’s necessary to navigate or operate your web blog. I don’t have Javascripting deterred, but lots of people do. I identify that Javascripting is your thing, so possibly a separate page where you can use all of the javascripting demos. Should you be going to sell web page design, you better come up with a " killer look" as well as check the spelling (see below). In addition… look at this specific line: Pyro Style Corp. … Continue reading

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Dashboard Design

Without doubt All! We are wondering if any person has any perception into successful dashboard design. I am planning to be starting the project fairly soon that should require one. I searched for a little bit on google and missed many things. I also don’t desire to buy a publication on it, because I am going to most certainly in no way read it. Forums/blogs to do! I would reckon that AJAX will be the preferred method nowadays. A variety of Javascripting and PHP/MySQL repository. Easily were getting right project, I could possibly start here: http: //www. search engine. com/searchq=AJAX dashboard& btnG=Search& hl=en& safe=off Designing a dashboard interface is dependant on ‘virtual ergonomics. ‘ In a car, you design the dash to who is going to be in the automobile. In a Honda S2000, its concerning the driver. In some sort of Toyota Camry, its about all the passengers. Figure out who is going to be viewing the dashboard. Map out all the possible information you may display. Prioritize that data into tiers for each user role and also category and go following that. The most successful design can come from you considering form the perspective of this users and … Continue reading

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Getting a grip on the idea…

Hi, Ok therefore the idea im having originated an old apple program that handled files and ringbinders bu i cant discover the documentation on them. Basically theres a new structure of files gain access to (all pdf’s) which might be in a style in this way… HOME ________________ Folder Folder Folder _____ ____ _____ Track File File Track File File Ok so it’s just like a tree structure then again its not displayed like this. Picture a floating bubble in teh centre within your screen, the you mouse click on it and much more bubbles appear about it, then once an individual clikc on some of those bubbles it pans over to that section even more bubbles appear around it etc . until you’re with the final directory degree. I’ve probably simply confused everyone over it, i know truly confuse dmyself and i just need some help getting a handle on how i get rolling. Thanks beforehand! This seems like a good Flash application to my opinion. Get a good Flash community forum and re-ask your question. Another option can be AJAX, with a real mix of PHP as well as Javascripting. And also… I’m also uncertain if you’re preaching … Continue reading

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I am new to Web Designing.. Help!!!

Hi I am new to Web designing and We need to clarify a few things…. I did a site using Yahoo Sitebuilder… Is that the proper way to go bcos when i realise i dont have many flexibility… I want to know wat are the actual sw i need to find out and wat is the goal of each of these people… eg will figuring out only Dreamweaver help Thanks Simy Many of us use Notepad or Dreamweaver from the text edit mode, not WYSIWYG function. Coding by fretting hand is really the simplest way to go, easiest to troubleshoot, and also the cleanest value. You can code everything using Notepad (for free) and use Filezilla (for free) to have that will FTP connection for uploading/downloading all of your website files. In order to code any website for free (except for that webhosting subscription). There are even a lot of free CSS templates you will discover using Google, along with a large number of PHP CSS XHTML lessons. Thanx for any quick reply. Now I appeared to be reading some previously posts and WHEN I see how nearly all of you think mastering HTML and CSS is the simplest way … Continue reading

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Question on Image Scroll

Hi, I keep asking which is best way to go abt creating any image scroll in a very website… I realise generally there r these undoubtedly created ones just like the one shown down below. Is it much better to just opt for these already produced ones or could it be better to generate ur own.. if you are wat s/w shud we all use…. http: //www. benjaminkeen. com/software/image_scroller/ Cheers! I actually just like the flash scrollers me personally. If you are like me and also don’t do Flash, use ones previously created. I suppose there could be some javascripting people too. Although with Javascripting, I’m keen to use LightBox as opposed to a scrolling idea. http: //www. lokeshdhakar. com/projects/lightbox2/.

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corporate design

Hi. I’m pretty innovative at web designing and I’ve been assigned to style the UI with regard to our intranet. In a way, I don’t realize how to go about this. The page is probably full of sorts, that’s basically it. Anybody have any strategies on how i should design it Here’s a sample associated with what I created. (I know it sucks, that’s why I’m trying for help) Target what the page can do… It looks for instance you have some kind of entry system When you find yourself using PHP and a database for holding and processing the info from your forms I might look at implementing AJAX (PHP and Javascripting) to create the type experience smooth and effortless. Even even though you’re simply just doing the UI aspect, you’ll need to your workplace directly with the actual person(s) which are doing the scripting (the back again end part). It’s the " intranet", internal for your business, so the structure needs to be uncomplicated to read, easy to operate, but the actual operation in the forms is what is important for you. hey! Thanks for your reply. Well, yeah such as that. We’re employing ASP. I’m actually coordinating … Continue reading

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Help with webdesigning basics and previewing

I’m new to this and just identified this forum. I’ve read many great posts and recommendations until now and can’t wait to learn more, however, I need to to get some assistance to get me started. With any luck , tonight. I’m seeking to build a webpage, obviously, but wanted to know when there is a low-cost means (i. e lacking to purchase Dreamweaver etc) or rather the way to create and check out before publishing. And so, I’d like to learn around with signal in notepad or what maybe you have, and then have the ability to preview my article on my pc without suffering any outside web host servers. Does that make sense So I guess the very first thing would be, is it possible 2nd what does someone need and what will i need to download to complete this. With thanks again! Create a folder on your hard disk just for using around, like any kid’s " sandbox". Put your complete web site data in there. . html files graphics, etc. You’ll be able to download free CSS web themes and put these folks into that folder to evaluate them offline on your browser. You are capable … Continue reading

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Hey guys!

Hi there everyone, I’ve just joined, was referred with a mate of mine due to me needing some website development info and him like a coder greater than a designer. So here i will discuss my questions lol… Everyone puting up using me I want to get started in web style.. I have zero previous experiance or maybe education in every of it and would want to know where to begin with. I would love to hopefully make website design a career (I’m presently 20 so require the ball rolling). I dont think i’d enjoy the codeing facet of it as much as the design. What order associated with teaching my self could be best With just what tools At this point, I’m self teaching myself Dreamweaver because i got told its one of the best of both worlds and can make the other indepth tools seem more closely familiar rather than just jumping towards them. And so, what do i do Merely a basic summary involving options and ideas of my next actions to adopt over how ever long it requires to become a basic web designer…. Tough question i realize, but good fortune hehe Thanks in your time. … Continue reading

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