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Test thread: HelperBot, reply! I need HTML help!

Simply just kidding. Made ya answer back! (testing) I found most of these threads that look for be similar to help yours. Do any analysts help Dr. HTML by zionlocke inside forum HTML along with CSS HTML: Frame Problems by Hobo in your forum Javascript and various Languages Check out this little html. Very cool by Belledandy inside forum Javascript and various Languages Can get my HTML furniture to render proper either. by Martin inside forum HTML plus CSS If they you should not a human will be along soon anyway to be of assistance more. With thanks, bud! It would be cool at this aspect if you might continue talking yet I’m no AI guru… Test I don’t see a bit yellow box. It’s only on making a thread, not replying. Great job there filbert1!

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Netscape 6.2 problem

Must open doc data in Netscape. Problem is with Netscape HALF A DOZEN. 2 (VP is by using version) Doc file can not be opened with Netscape. I’ve tried adding doc to be a helper Application less than preferences but that does not work either. Can anyone help with this, other than sharing with the boss to work with IE If by doctor file you imply a file which has a. doc extension the boss must get MS Word to examine it. Get MS Word. Doc application won’t open when clicking on link in Netscape to wide open xyz. doc. Almost nothing happens. It should at the least download make confident the file would not magically appear with his desktop whenever he clicks the actual link. Mac browsers normally not give visible feedback when installing a file. Report doesn’t download. Machine is often a pc, not the MAC. Here is some more background info. I am working on the Intranet site. That doc file rests on another equipment. If I squeeze file on the server the place that the Intranet resides, it works fine, but there are others who up-date this file that can’t have the Intranet server, so this … Continue reading

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template sales

provides anyone created & sold PSD templates in that case, what industry and, if you dont imagination, list an average price. i have already been considering creating a number of templates but do not wish to accomplish it if it will likely be a waste of their time. kthx. WE haven’t, but many I realize have for vBulletin. It’s usually many hundreds dollars (around $400 USD). It can be very profitable but more on the hobby; I don’t imagine you could make a living on it. yea, i had figured may well not be a way to earn a living but one other way to bring in some extra money. WE don’t do themes. But the webhost I be employed by has recently pruchased two or three templates for their particular new sites. One was about $250 which will included main page, one interior internet page, and vB pores and skin. As a webdesigner, I have got sold numorous styles. Workout: 1) You should always watermark your do the job! Withought that folks are more liable to ‘rip’ your operate. 2) Always have a preivew of your design 3) Have a good discription. Simply just saying " I’ve a design. … Continue reading

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webmail script

hello i dont know if it is possible or if it is if getting done for free of charge but i wish to have my friends have the ability to use my website name as an e-mail levels through webmail nevertheless i dont wish to accomplish it to where i can sign them ” up ” through my manipulate panel cause subsequently theyll be like hey you understand my pass in addition to stuff so will there be anyone out there which may like write in place a script or maybe something to where they are able to register for a great acount through my own domain site without where need to do it thorugh the particular control panel. thanks If you have the domain, it truly is just about impossible to go without you figuring out their password. To help answer your issue, I believe there are still services out there that do that, but they most cost money. not sure if this may work but make use of microsoft netmeeting, firewood into your control panel, then get in the add e-mail site then let these folks control your desktop helping put their own password within. That might do … Continue reading

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Prices you charge?

I’ve been looking around web development sites, and I see some which are really expensive, and many that are genuinely cheap. A couple associates of mine have approached me to develop a site for them, and I care what a fair price could well be. I would be creating every one of the graphics, layout, and database programming with regard to them (its your clan site). So what would be a reasonable price to charge them I don’t want to go too low cost, but I also don’t prefer to rip them off. Giving a quote on the website job is actually tough, and anyone approaches it in another way. One factor to take into account is how bad you choose the job, relative to just how much they can fork out. If you want the job and in addition they can’t afford a large amount, taking the job on in the discount can always be worth while as time goes on as you can certainly add this job for a portfolio. Honestly my answer in your case is to aim to estimate how much you consider they can have the funds for, and charge these individuals that amount, if … Continue reading

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hey guys, i have ignored the mathematical equation so you can get the percentage on the particular integer. claim: a=60 b=40 someone tell me how to get percentage(out of 100) to get b. i’m sure its something like (b * a / 100).. thanks. umm… out of 100 it becomes the value associated with b… 40% Proportion of total variables: (a/(a+b)(*100 didnt work dont it’s important to divide it by the quantity of vars that you’ll find. for instance so: ((a/(a+b) * 100) /2) lol, that’s so wrong. didn’t work I’m not coding around any language, (althoug I did put a ( where I requires put a )). Very little /2, exactly just what exactly I told an individual. Percentage is aspect per total. might u please reword which. i am mixed up.. Okay, here’s an idea: You will find 5 red marbles, 4 green marbles in addition to 2 blue marbles inside a jar. What percentage red marbles will be jar 5/(5 + 5 + 2) =. FORTY FIVE. . 45*100% = 45% The actual jar is 45% reddish colored marbles 40 devided by 60 = what ever (this number will probably be a decimal). convert the decimal proper … Continue reading

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Frontpage + DHTML Menus?

Hey many! I’m new towards the forum and awaiting becoming just as addicted it as my other online community, which is totally unrelated because it really is about hamsters… however anyhow, moving about the the REAL point of the post. I am becoming forced(not to my particular liking at all) make use of Microsoft Frontpage when my editing program for a particular job I’m taking care of, and I’m having a lot of difficulties working any DHTML menu in to it. I have a lot of experience with coding, so actually format the script in addition to incorportating into my personal page isn’t the situation, but uploading the. js file necessary with most DHTML menus into the folder with my index page is usually what’s causing me a serious headache. There’s no option in any selection on Frontpage to start this, and I’ve tried almost everything in the ebook. I know there is some unfortunate soul available who has make use of Frontpage as well(Yes, I’m an important Dreamweaver fan), and maybe you understand how to get this damn menu working. Thanks for just about any advice you can offer. You could start to just FTP this file up True… … Continue reading

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corporate website design

Got any favorite, substantial scale (high written content, traffic) corporate websites Seeking cutting-edge design style sites with excessive functionality. I’m doing research for the next job and want any suggestions you could have. Thanks. cnn. com bigpond. com cabelas. com online world. amazon. co. uk online world. dell. co. uk online world. bbc. co. great britain www. dell. com is usually good, and I’m an every day reader of www. boston. com, who just did a ready-made redesign/reorganization of the site this week. I like it so far.

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Where do you learn?

Without doubt guys. Im very different to web designing but have had many people design websites with luck. I’m trying to learn to design websites and programming for just a living. I was wondering where may be the best places to start Where did a number you experts start Attending web design school, etc We were also wondering where on earth do you go to learn the several programming languages. Any info you guys can provide me will enormously help. Thanks. MY SPOUSE AND I learned by doing. I’ve always been considering computers and equipment, and so I managed to move on to web pages next time i was very young (probably in close proximity to 9 years ago) and possess just learned issues as I’ve wanted to experiment more. Read books along with documentation from other web pages. Almost all of the web design/development courses will not be worth the capital. In my experience, the teachers happen to be learning from the students.. If you are interested in becoming a web developer for the living then the good thing to do is actually experiment and evaluate code. Start by trying to see how the signal works. Also, you need … Continue reading

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Image Co-ordinates

Alright, I am attempting to add some ‘spot-the-ball’ competitive events to my web page (not online yet) along with need some aid (please). I need kid upload any image right into a ‘co-ordinate grid’ (of variable size dependant upon image). Users can then click on the uploaded image and perhaps they are given a 6-figure grid research (using the pixels on the image) of wherever they think the ball is, they then utilize these co-ordinates to enter other sellers. Does anyone know of any simple way to accomplish this We’ve seen similar programs on other websites which use a good ASP script connected with some description but We’ve been unable to discover anything suitable to the job! Your current help is a lot appreciated, thank you RocketMan.

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