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Biggest Free Webmaster Tools Directory

Now i’m constantly making cost-free webmaster tools (see my sig for one), and I ordinarily submit them to a lot of the free article marketer tools directories available (for example, www. webmasteredge. com. However, now that kresch. com can be gone, I really aren’t able to think of lots of big ones. Hence, what’s the most important free webmaster tools directory you already know of Gives thanks! I have no idea of how major he is, but I just did some generate this guy who have 1, 000 web sites: http: //www. stickysauce. com I would be interested to learn if you find this becoming a good directory or perhaps not.

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Even worth making a portfolio?

I guess this can be sort of related to somebody that has actually gotten business of these portfolio sites… The following is my situation… I’ve always been interested in the web/computers. I started building my first webpages after i was… oh, declare probably 10-12 (’91-93: dismayed. In any instance I never took it seriously, although as time elevated I learned brand-new things here as well as there, eventually getting to the stage of writing my own html code, then I attempted ASP and today I’m pretty sufficient in PHP and also knowing some quite basic perl. This past year I got a career in an skill gallery taking photos with a digital camera and cleaning them up to send to this webmaster of internet. sdgallery. com. Hence.. I learned lots of Photoshop real quick after which it played with them on my own to the point where I can design my own , personal stuff now half way decent. I’ve also gamed around with flash somewhat (only know how to do movies right now) Today.. as far as getting covered webdesign, it’s all just sort of fallen into my own lap. People here as well as there have inquired me … Continue reading

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P3P Policy for vB forums.

Does anyone have got a template of the P3P policy for just a vb forum And also a resource site where I will generate one for free I’m behind the times: P3P The privacy policy It is the new policy procedure recommended by w3c and utilized by IE. P3P stands for Platform for Solitude Preferences. http: //www. w3. org/P3P/ Would not that be P4P May be just " 4P" p = platform 3p = Solitude Preferences Project Those strange individuals at w3c just love the amount 3 lol P4PP = Platform 4 Privacy Inclinations: -P Many people probably just did not wanna have P4PP seeing that their acronym.; -) ROFLMAO http: //www. alphaworks. ibm. com/tech/p3peditor That improve ya y not i believe that it is agood acroynm. better than p3p, that is stupid. and it’s like php very. maybe the PHP ppl ought to SUE THEM: lifeless: p3p looks a lot of like p2p, and that’s what these forums usually are not about! Imagine, people talking p2p to each other on a critical forum!: eeks:

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Logs and Stats

Hello Just looking at my webstats as well as noticed that I’ve been getting hits from countries I had not been expecting. How accurate is that this information i. electronic. is that hit really from Finland. We’d be more self-assured if there wasn’t a big percentage of unresolved/unknown nations. Im using Webalizer that will analyse the firelogs. We’d really appreciate any advice you’ll be able to give as it will impress my boss while i tell him were prohibited getting hits via. For you information the site is for my church this is why hits from Finland are slightly unusual. id say they’re just pretty accurate.. i do believe they get the data from the regional settings on the users PC yet im not several. It depends for the ISP mostly. They’re usually very accurate, but ISPs like AOL usually throw them down. According to a lot of stats packages, almost all AOL users will be from West Va. If it affirms your user is admittedly from Finland (or a country outside the US), that’d become pretty accurate, since most countries without using the US have their own TLDs and they usually get reflected for their ISPs.

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Ok need a little help…

Aight, as you realize I’ve been implementing, www. woodrrows. com, havnt made excessive progress lately but put a form script in I associated with another forum the following. I need (want) a forum that i can integrate into my page.. I dont want one that’s a totally different design and style, etc.. Or should i not have a new forum on my personal site Thanks Woody I do not think you need some sort of forum.. no real fact that it. since there are literally an incredible number of forums on line, there is no point for you to make one.. Why would ppl subscribe to your forum together with 5 members when they can join an additional with 10, 000 member And if you want forum, what are you interested us to do Allow you to with the reference Give u your source Tell you the thing you need to learn Umm, no I wasnt getting the source, or the right way to install it, or anything like that, I can do that myself, I was requesting peoples opinion, and if they knew of make available forums which can be integrated into a page a lot better than others.. … Continue reading

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How to create user sign in

I want to have a user sign in form upon my website to ensure that when a customer revisits my website the guy can just sign in his user title and password. Eventually I need to hook way up a shopping cart to all this but can easily anyone give myself the code because of this Thanks. Server can be IIS on Windows 2000 SP3 It is not as simple as it sounds. You’ll need to create a database with the user name and password feature, and the shopping cart can be an even larger activity. Do you know PHP or ASP No I convinced dont but if there is a tutorial on the internet or in a book i always can read for getting an idea with what all is entailed which will be nice. I just need basic guidance into the resources I can use to make this happen. I am not concerned with shopping carts at the moment though. That is later on in life. Pick a new language and start learning it. I’d personally recommend PHP, because that is definitely easier to find out. Get a reserve or start doing lessons on the internet. Creating a … Continue reading

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Average Price for a Custom Webpage and Maintanence

We have made a made an internet site . for a buddy of mine and from now on he wants to pay more for the layout/template and monthly maintenance (sp) Just how much does this usually select I see many sites that charge $100-$200 for the actual finished web site depending on the volume of pages. I don’t notice many prices looking at maintenance though. I became just curious concerning how much anyone guys would obtain something like the following. I don’t wish to overcharge either, so thats why My business is asking expert guidance! Here is a chek out the finished website for a temporary server (geocities) I can move it to be able to his server once We have totally finished the item with spelling in addition to html check, and so on. Silkys Photographer. Let me know how much you think I should fee him. Price in Canadian Funds can be preferred. Thanks a number of! I hope offer the link just isn’t against the protocols. Depending what you are having to alter, depends on what you charge… Produce an hourly rate and follow it… Search WDF by using the Search link with the top of each … Continue reading

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which layout to use?

well i worked on another layout that i like alot hence tell me what you imagine of it. http: //calibur. 150m. com/layout5. htm also the reason which the links before didnt do the job is becuase my partner and i took them down since i truly didnt like them that much so i have worked why have show something if im not pleased with it. sorry for almost any problems. #2 will be best by a long way, although perhaps attempt experimenting with various positioning of aspects as well They all are very similar. yea im definitely not sure but i do think im gonna aim to do a few more which are completely different than the others in terms of color and design. everything is way too giant.. especially the top while using logo I agree with Brak. Trying a little something new, possibly introducing some photography, is a good idea. here is yet another layout i made but i do believe the top banner ad is too huge. also im specialist changing the colour layout too. http: //calibur. 150m. com/html/layout6. htm None with the links work… I receive the same problem seeing that newfiewebguru. ok i worked on … Continue reading

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Got a logo but lost with design…

well I’ve a logo… internet. seraphservices. com but I are not aware of where to go from there… A 3d model flat color A combination of both is what exactly I most like. The logo will be nice, try a number of silver and green gradients here and there, and the 1px green border. Some dotted separator for your navbar and the chief area, and, -if you might be like me-, you get the inspiration when you experience Photoshop in prominent of you good plan but sorry WHEN I don’t get inspiriation a lot.

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Setting up a small web design biz – any guides?

… would be very handy! Thank you all. http: //www. sitepoint. com/books/freelance1/ As well as yes, it functions You could possibly try http: //www. brainstormsandraves. com/archives/2001/11/21/setting_up_a_web_design_business for virtually every information… The web design business equipment is fairly expensive. I have searched into it a variety of times, but wasn’t sure if really it is worth the money Will it be Or isn’t it Oh yea and on subject matter, try not for taking on anything for you to big to rapidly. Work your way up. Don’t just advertise on the net as well. Online wont do it for you. I suggest you give attention to local companies regularly. There is a lot of potential for many hundreds local firms unaware on the internet and the way much on an effect it could include on their promoting income. I found Web site design Business Kit to get pretty usefull. They have helped me purchase a few jobs.

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