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webcam portal

Howdy all, would anyone know how to start up any webcam portal i have two on excavation at themoment, but i’dlike to know how to make it hence people can put their cams with no emailing me, as well as how they can easily interact via votes and chat thanks beforehand, Ainslee Ainslee, Do you have a link in your site Many thanks www. ainsleehooper. com.

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web design proposals and contracts

We have been looking for templates for site design proposals in addition to contracts. Does anyone know of an website or book which could have that method of information Many thanks! Man, i totally forgot coursesmart i found these individuals on, but we have a bunch my spouse and i downloaded, that are Really great. My screenname upon AIM is gtmcknight internet marketing me and sick send em to you You can find a " freelancer kit" from SitePoint. com for nothing. It contains web themes for various files you’d need along with several samples. i’m having trouble locating the freelancer kit. The author is " Brendon Sinclair", and also the title of the particular kit is " Freelance Starter Kit. " It looks like they are still not finished with restructuring on the site, so the link doesn’t work as broken. You can download the file I downloaded at www. nyt-design. com/misc/FreelancersKit. zip yes the link had been broken. good web-site there. thanks for any link. I’ll take a look Try online world. web-proposal. com thats just what i was looking for, thanks.

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Contracts and Rates

Currently I am a college university student majoring in Web page design. I have started carrying out a couple freelance projects to the side. I am running in to the problem where I do the work and my clientele are dragging out doing this. Either its i always get the layout setup also it takes them forever to receive me the images or content. Or maybe, that I obtain their site executed, Im just waiting on them to buy a computer (because they demand to update it themselves) and obtain hosting and your domain. I used to be thinking that an agreement would help stay clear of these problems. Does anyone get any examples or know very well what I should include in one Also what would be reasonable pricing regulations to follow in Nebraska I understand some places fee $30 per an hour. I told affiliates that I carrying out a page for right this moment (Spirit Enterprise) i always would charge all of them $20, because right this moment Im just really wanting to create clientele and a portfolio. If you want to see my portfolio and to give me suggestions on what I should impose for rates: … Continue reading

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Stupid question

Within e-mail, when somebody is provided with a message that was BCC’ed to these people, does that imply that the From will be hidden Not a chance, it looks including they recieved a persons email actually… the To handle will say who seem to the message was actually sent to. Example The header from a email I routed: Directed from: sconnorhartford. edu Sent to: splufdaddyyahoo. com BCC: scottscottconnor. com The header that the actual scottconnor. com e mail had: So far as the outlook GUI moves, outlook displayed the item as From hartford, to yahoo. Acceptable, I get that. ($5 available for you ) Many thanks.

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url redirection

can anyone know of an free url redirection without having pop-ups I realize its unlikely, nonetheless I remember listening to something about a single before… A rapid search turned way up www. shorturl. com, haven’t used them though. searchwebFree WEBSITE redirection/searchweb many thanks alot. this is merely for a personalized site of mine, so i don’t believe like paying for any domain name, whether or not they are actions dollars.

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for the pros: what’s a fair price?

Truly done some web sites for myself and friends only fun, but tomorrow I have a meeting with some people that own an skill gallery and it could be my first opportunity to GET PAID, but I really have no clue what would become a fair price to supply on the deal: Here’s an example they set it up of a site along the same lines because what they want: http: //www. wentworthgallery. com Quite simple, although I’ll probably be haunting this place to learn how the bejesus you add the actual shopping cart in addition to tie it within a db, nonetheless first things primary, I need to recognise what’s fair market value to get a site like in which. Many thanks. Charge just what you think they will pay. The price isn’t the amount of you want : but rather just how much they’re willing to fund the services rendered. It totally depends upon your experience and other work. For those off-the-wall refrence: I work from an art gallery in addition to grown up throughout the art scene this whole life. The guy this does one gallery i always work in (it’s actually sort of two in one) … Continue reading

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free map (static, not searches) ???

Will there be a resource where I will get a free map to a single location regarding my site Head over to MapQuest, type within the address of the location you want, and then bookmark the url of the map returned. Viola, cost-free map. Be sure to at least supply credit to MapQuest. You should truly ask them whenever you can use the map, too, for your website (they’d probably declare yes since I’m guessing that is the personal site). That was the worry, POST shouldn’t assume, but I thought undoubtably a place like MapQuest wasn’t gonna give it away totally free, so to talk. It really is actually for directions to an art gallery, so I should have specified that within the post, it’s absolutely no multinational corporation, nonetheless it is nonetheless a business. Might as well head to the source, many thanks guys. You can always provide a chek out MapQuest with a person’s address encoded inside URL. Then people could manipulate the map themselves also Cool, people adore to play with things, thanks Turtle.

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Dial Up Program

Anybody know of an program that can mimic a dial upward connection for testing downloading webpages on my computer many thanks NetMechanic is a great tool for obtaining page and track sizes. It wouldn’t mimic the download, it basically breaks down the files the particular page requires and present you with a report at it. A hip tool, nonetheless. Rephrased: a plan that caps your computer’s bandwidth (temporarily, obviously) Do not forget that most WYSIGWYG editors include slightly estimated load time in the status bar. Also you can download the site using IE’s Conserve As, get the properties of the. htm and folder this creates, and then divide that size (in KB) by means of 6 (about the transfer speed with 56k). so thanks Would that add size of any images utilized in it’s file sizing though I generally thought it only exercised the size regarding just the html page itself. certainly, images too. grooovy.

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Different processing speeds

definitely, I’m making a new flash site (well, hoping to). However, it runs slow and also the animations are choppy once i view the swf report on my computer, a 450mhz (cringe). nonetheless on my brother’s laptop or computer, a 1. 8ghz, all runs smoothly. my question is: will there be any way to try the design for different processing speeds perhaps there is any special applications or sites many thanks You can always use something similar to VMware which can emulate a complete computer (naturally with a much slower speed than your special system). You should think about 3 factors throughout designing flash internet sites: : Higher frame fees will bog lower older computers which can’t process these folks well… Default rate is set to 12 FPS… I never go over TWENTY FOUR if I aren’t required to. : Essentially, how many pixels have you been changing in just about any given frame inside your animation If every pixel for the screen has for you to change, the processor needs to account for that will… if only 10% of the screen is adjusting in any granted frame, that’s 1/10th in the required processing. Also, if your web-site scales, it … Continue reading

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HELP!!!! Cant see site on one pc but can on another !!!!

Good day, The issue i am experiencing may be the following…… Relating to a website http: //www. epsilonpsl. com this also loads my index. htm file which then redirects to http: //www. epsilonpsl. com/About_Epsilon. htm however in my pc it doesn’t work, all i get is a blank screen if it redirects, yet on another personal computer, the redirection performs fine. Why is that this Am i likely mad I need help and advice on what is causing the issue and how to correct it. Many thanks in advance. believe be amazed at what amount different browsers, browser versions, and THE GW990 effect your web-sites performance and overall look. I do believe and anyone belonging to the above things might be causing your page not to load correctly. The most likely reason is browser compatibility. Just about every browser handles javaScript in another way to. Make sure the PC’s have today’s feeting version of their particular selcted browser fitted. One method of attack could be to use a bit of browser detection first after which you can execute the suitable peice of signal for whichever browser an individual is viewing your blog with. We are using IE6 in both PC’s, … Continue reading

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