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Suggestions Needed – Auto Website Ideas!!!

Fulfilled this guy who seem to owns dealerships for just two big Motorcycle as well as Scooter manufacturers — he wanted me for making a website pertaining to him. Here’s this scene: ONE PARTICULAR. He’s a *local* vendor in two cities A COUPLE OF. Customers are possibly not websavvy – they will see his classified ads in newspapers and also respond – aren’t the sort who would get on to the net, and then look up scooters etc, and then come to her site to purchase etc.. SEVERAL. Doesn’t need any eCom solution – he handles his Manufacturers thro S/W that will they’ve provided – doesn’t require his own bit of Supply Chain e-enabled. Website, I need that you tell me: ONE PARTICULAR. The utility of an site for him – if we all make it A COUPLE OF. If we do ensure it is, what sort of site should the idea be What is definitely the features on this One idea — a portfolio of most models he presents, with on-the-fly generation in the model’s picture along with price details with whatever mix of accessories the customer chooses… Well then , i’ll know…. as soon as possible too… what … Continue reading

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what is with 2advanced?

look into its new layout. did 2advanced studios basically splatter trademarks all around you on its design possibly there is actually a compact " TM" at the top right of " MAINFRAME" what the bejesus does that imply no one is allowed to work with " MAINFRAME" in his designs could be the people of 2advanced studios consequently arrogant and greedy they believe they may unfairly slap some sort of trademark on anything they really want even creations just like " AUXILIARY PANEL"; these silly titles can potentially be self-devised by anyone. regardless, something like " MAINFRAME, " " SUB-CONTRACT SYSTEM, " " FEATURE SYSTEM, " and " PRESS REVISIONS, " in my opinion, should absolutely be free to anybody and, by no means by any means, be restricted by way of a greedy group like 2advanced studios. i realize 2advanced. com have been " ripped" many times, but that may be no excuse provide to own every little thing. i don’t realize why 2advanced studios’ models appeal to a lot more people. perhaps, it’s this faccade of a thing " hi-tech" or perhaps special. i discover nothing impressive throughout 2advanced studios. we see conformity and commercialization, nothing specific, interesting, … Continue reading

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New to Web Designing, Help would be Appreciated.

We’ve basic knowledge associated with HTML, im attempting to create a Dream Football site to get my League next season. I have regarding 8 months to accomplish it. Don’t know if that is enough time. There is a league I use to become in, I really loved the created and layout, I’d prefer to create something comparable to it. Here’s the link: http: //www. carolinafantasyfootball. com/ What would I should find out to make similar to this I have tons of ideas, just do not know where to begin. Willing to learn what I can. So if ya’ll might say what Language is needed, it’d become great. basically were you i might learn html and css to your layout and font models etc… ermm maybe a tad of javascript for a lot of roleovers but that’s regarding it.. Just draw it on photoshop and minimize it in imagready subsequently hay presto! just gotta optomize this images for speed after which it ur on on your path… I only know html and javascript and well one of them that’s online is the one of my homepage that we am currently remodleing… just check it out maybe that offers you some ideas… … Continue reading

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Cool Websites

I think this topic has become done 1, 001 occasions, but the seek didn’t turn considerably up. If you’ll be able to please provide a connection to an old thread, I would regards. Is it possible to list links with a websites which possess good layouts, effective coding, and shade schemes Formerly suffering with tinnitus hired to produce a website for a significant convention in 2004 and I’d like it to be nice. Get real I do web design, but I are interested to be fine. To ensure that means, CSS instead with tables – how it’s said to be done; no full Flash unless I will do something like 2advanced, which WE can’t; and useful PHP scripting. Any others guidelines or links to nice websites can be appreciated. Thanks beforehand. I’ll get started with with some obligatory Flash sites– http: //www. typorganism. com/ http: //www. trendax. com/ http: //www. 2advanced. com/ I don’t learn how to do anything of that ranking though. So unless you know someone who does do it for approximately $50, let’s be able to the real sites. Some tools I’ve used before: Coloring scheme creators http: //www. colormatch. dk/ http: //www. colorschemer. com/online. html document … Continue reading

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how to remove left cellspace

Can you really just remove the cellspace about the left of td but keep space on the right top in addition to bottom fundamental example < dining room table width=" 100%" height=" 351" border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 2" > < tr> < td> < dining room table width=" 100%" height=" 237" border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 2" > < tr> < td bgcolor=" #FF0000" > & nbsp; < /td> < td bgcolor=" #FFFF00" > & nbsp; < /td> < td bgcolor=" #0000FF" > & nbsp; < /td> < /tr> < /table> < /td> < /tr> < /table> Gives thanks Since you are not using a line, padding will do fine for you. Use CSS that will specify your extra padding as < major, right, botton, left> models. < dining room table cellspacing=" 0" cellpadding=" 2" border=" 0" style=" cushioning: 2px 2px 2px 0px; border-collapse: collapse" > or, as a less confusing approach to do it: ….. style=" padding-left: 2px padding-right: 0px; padding-top: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; "…… or just ….. style=" padding-left: 2px; "….. actually your order is actually wrong. TRouBLed ….. style=" padding-top: 0px; padding-right: 0px; padding-bottom: 0px; padding-left: 2px; "…… http: //www. mezzoblue. com/css/cribsheet/ also…. sorry, i didn’t … Continue reading

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Think I found a effective method of bringing me clients

What on earth do you think of my idea I am a web designer and I had been researching some websites to search for the best way I’ll promote my small business. What I come to realize was the corporation called MostPopularBrands i think may be owned by Sophea is absolutely promoting a web designing review data saying they are the most famous web designing firm on this planet Check out this site WHEN I found: http: //www. killersites. com C Top 10 Web design firms on the particular left. Major keyword that it is under is actually websites, website design and a pile of other popular models. What I appeared to be thinking is imagin if I make a guide chart with my web page design firm as number one and promote this on these very little name top list websites under these google. Wouldnt that carry me sales at the best cost I listened to Google is expensive and There’s no doubt that buying ads on major search engines for major keywords may be something worth considering. So, you’re planning to lie to your own customers and express you’re the most popular wordpress website designer in the world … Continue reading

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Letter Template

Does anyone employ a letter template to request a company’s permission to utilize their pictures Relating to a gentleman that I’m doing a web site for that sells floor cleaning products and models. He wants to place pictures floor cleaning machines originating from a web site in his. I see the web site is copyrighted. I want to be sure I get its complete permission to work with the photos prior to I get them away from there site. Thank you! A mail template for requesting their permission Absolutely no such thing. Just give them an email that’s specific as that will which images you want to use. Clearly express the purpose, and tell them what site you may use them about. That’s all there’s to it. Tell them you will credit them for that images, and then you’ll want to do it if or when they give their authorization.

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placing an image in center of window

howdy everyone listed here is a very simple question… how do i place an image in the biggest market of a browser window wich doesn’t contain anything altogether different, here is my concrete case in point: http: //www. ama-models. be/contact. php by clicking on on the list of maps a fresh window opens, and i really want the image in the biggest market of the window for the remaining site i start using a javascript process to stay the content inside the center by resizing. but i used to be hoping there was an simple way if it’s singular image… will there be one joz http: //www. wpdfd. com/editorial/wpd0103. htm Scroll towards bottom of the actual page, see ‘Vertical Centring by using CSS’. thank you that’s nice and easy.

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Need help with layout

This forum is becoming a godsend along with learned alot with the designers on the following. I have for no reason asked this problem but i’m stressing out using a layout for this client. She has requested something similar in order to http: //www. naturesresortfla. com/ The site the girl likes is not worth keeping at today’s models and I don’t would like to give her something similar to that. I would choose to blow her away but it is a second site we have done for this kind of lady and she’s VERY VERY picky. she creates your girlfriend examples in powerpoint plus wants it to check. The first site i did was www. integritybiofuels. com we had help originating from a friend. Can anyone support me out for a basic layout Allow me to run with. Current site is http: //www. tampasouthrvresort. com Thank you in adavance. Relating to an idea of what it could potentially look including. Well actually POST dont but I am aware this much: use a great deal of tropical sort involving colours ie basically blues, greens, reds, oranges, yellows.. more or less the rainbow lol. Which ever you do just make sure to … Continue reading

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How much should I charge ???

Hi there I’m designing and doing website for a new limosine company. I landed the deal a short time ago. They told me that they would like the website up with the end of your month. This could be the second website that we have gotten paid to generate. I am unclear how much to help charge or the right way to go about obtaining or discussing what amount I will impose with my customer. Any advice is greatly appreciated. Well normally your advice given could be to give them any ficed figure on the outset, do definitely not charge by an hour, for several reasons. If you take into account their requirements, the price need to match ehat they want, but if you might be by the an hour, they may demand you need to do extra work, and you may have other clients to think of. That which is involved in your build Images, CSS, XHTML and a few server side execution Any SEO This will depend what the purchaser wants. There are numerous models to follow with regards to billing a clientele for webdesign. Billing per hour makes your client feel alittle ripped off concerning, they might … Continue reading

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