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Suggestions Needed – Auto Website Ideas!!!

Fulfilled this guy who seem to owns dealerships for just two big Motorcycle as well as Scooter manufacturers — he wanted me for making a website pertaining to him. Here’s this scene: ONE PARTICULAR. He’s a *local* vendor in two cities A COUPLE OF. Customers are possibly not websavvy – they will see his classified ads in newspapers and also respond – aren’t the sort who would get on to the net, and then look up scooters etc, and then come to her site to purchase etc.. SEVERAL. Doesn’t need any eCom solution – he handles his Manufacturers thro S/W that will they’ve provided – doesn’t require his own bit of Supply Chain e-enabled. Website, I need that you tell me: ONE PARTICULAR. The utility of an site for him – if we all make it A COUPLE OF. If we do ensure it is, what sort of site should the idea be What is definitely the features on this One idea — a portfolio of most models he presents, with on-the-fly generation in the model’s picture along with price details with whatever mix of accessories the customer chooses… Well then , i’ll know…. as soon as possible too… what … Continue reading

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Order Form Page?

Effectively, I have a teacher which i made a internet site for, and he or she sells Han’s Products for motorcycle cyclists. What I would really prefer to know is definitely how would WHEN I make an buy form or somthing prefer that to where those fills out information including: First Name, Last Name Product x Qty Posting Address Etc. How would I go about doing this I have learned to make the packing containers and radio’s plus everything, I must know how in making the actual mode to where that submits to a strong email address or somthing that adheres to that. Lightsource… Easiest way would be to use PHP. Your webhost must support PHP and also PHP Sendmail. Develop a webpage with the form like this: < sort action=" sendform. php" action=" post" > . . blah blah . the form here . . < /form> Give us a connection to the form, and we’ll offer you a PHP script to upload to the same directory as your web site. You can even just go for you to any website and copy their HTML form. We can work with that and teach you what to adjust. FYI, a … Continue reading

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