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To Build or Buy

I’m wanting a different proffesional website and am undecided to construct them myself. I am so good with computers but I don’t know much webdesign and I’d really like to avoid the way sites made in Frontpage ofen look bad. How long does one think it will take me in order to construct a fundamental webpage Would MY PARTNER AND I do better to engage somone I’m unclear how much they would charge. Also, I’m using the webmonkey tutorails (www. webmonkey. com) Is anyone experienced with them I’d like to know whether they are any good, as I just stumbled apon all of them. With thanks you – Sarah In my knowledge Webmonkeys tutorials became good if a little example specific. w3schools has tutorials that give an excellent grounding for most aspect of webdesign. As for whether to cover someone or young people there are many of considerations such as time to make and function that you must consider. You’ll be capable to build a respectable HTML site in a few days (maybe a bit more should you choose it properly making use of CSS etc). If you want a database driven site you could have to learn several scripting … Continue reading

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is there a webdesign help site about website layouts?

for a website with 100 of the most standard/popular/typical web site design layouts ive tried considering template sites for getting some ideas, and possess gotten some, but we need like the principles in layout. virtually any ideas Searching for the principals of coding layouts Here’s a niche site that discusses layout techniques using CSS, including degrees of six common along with popular layouts. http: //www. glish. com/css/ thx to the replies, but we were thinking along the lines on the site with images/thumbnails of the most common/populae format types. The whole basis of website design is that anyone design. That link that is posted is great since it discusses the pros and cons of various format… but *never* design a niche site based on images/thumbs by another… if an individual asks for a site " like xxxx. com" then you can observe how that web site works and replicate the basic operation, but *not* copy it… do not do that, because if you are doing the original site may visit and haunt you if they discover they’ve already been plaguerised. Go on it from me… customising somebody else’s design is definitely far, far harder than starting from scratch… I have … Continue reading

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Web design books and magazines?

Hi everyone! I was asking yourself if any regarding you all own some recommendations for top web design publications or magazines around Preferrably both. I am a experineced print designer thinking of getting into 3D along with web work and choose to know how for making effective/creative websites. I have all the main design tools like Photoshop 7, InDesign, Dreamweaver MX, Fireworks MX, Thumb MX, Cinema 4D, Soon after Effects, etc. My business is currently working on a book that is actually teaching me coding ‘languages’, but it is often a bit dry. A more interesting book which may teach me this coding side of things can be useful. But mostly My business is looking for great books on how to make a creative along with enticing website that communicates my information clearly w/o too many great features. I want to generate a cool internet site, but not the one that is more seems to be than content. Any recommendations can be most helpful! Gives thanks, Bonnie Allowed Attractive people around right here like books simply by Sams Publishing: www. sams. com I have not read a single so I cannot investigate them. I possess however read any ‘for dummies’ … Continue reading

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What are your favorite e-com sites?

Without doubt eveyone, We are working on a niche site right now with regard to my employer and I always find a way to get stuck around the content portion of the homepage. I could make a relatively good looking site (imo) but what ultimately ends up happening is we have all that design around an important blank white space the place that the content should often be. Should you would be so kind I’d like it if you should list for me your chosen e-commerce sites. I’m trying to find ideas on the way to present the written content. Suggestions are welcome. Thank you, Chelsea. do a search for a number of the major players around like www. staples. com and also www. kmart. com — post wouldnt copy at this time there site but work with it as a manual. You know I hadn’t talked about that, the website of physical suppliers. Good idea.

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ideas for a subject

Hey there, I’m likely to make a new website as well as a friend with my. But the situation is, we do not have a good subject for it.. So I had been wondering whether any of you will have any tips for any nice subject pertaining to our new webpage. We want a heavy one and that’s usefull if anyone else is. In case you have any ideas, you should tell me. Any kind of comments are welcome. Thanks in advance. I guess to make an details site, you need to get something you know more than an average joe and use which. I’m not positive how popular your page might be, because you can Google almost everything these days. But if you really want to make a niche site, good luck for your requirements! Li Brad well it might help if most people knew about what are the things you are into for any start It would be pointless someone pouncing in saying something like web design if you do not know anything concerning this, or if another person said do one of garden bowls, if would often be stupid you doing it in case you have no … Continue reading

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Site ideas

Relating to huge ambition for your website, i absolutely sex them. But relating to become stuck regarding ideas. I am only 14 and so have no business or everything to make a site for but thought about want something i’ll get stuck in (i get diverted easily). Virtually any ideas The 1st website I made, about three issue, when I had been just 12 appeared to be a fan-site regarding my favourite COMPUTER game, Transport Tycoon. Do you know of a favourite Game, or perhaps people adore a Tv show Just something that could enable yu for you to hone your knowledge. What you need to try and do is to seek out a niche on the web (though they are very nearly impossible to find. Good luck. Thank you, ill keep that in mind That’s okay. I always needed a few ideas from others in the first place. You can a website on something which you find very interesting. I’m into anime, therefore I made an anime website. Try selecting something you would enjoy working away at. I don’t exactly determine what types of elements you’re into, so Make can’t make almost any suggestions. I are aware that you’re … Continue reading

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Print a Page From a Website

I’m building a niche site that collects lots of information that people invest, and i want some tool for taking some with it, and printer it on one page, and taking extra and printing this on another internet page. I need to guarantee that the first bit doesn’t summarize onto a next page, by making the text smaller if it will eventually. Can you really build rich text message format files about the server Or can there be another way to begin this Code: < h1 style=" page-break-before: always" > Title< /h1> < p> Paragraph< /p> < h1 style=" page-break-before: always" > Title< /h1> < p> Paragraph< /p> .

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Need some inspiration…

WHEN I looked around for those sites, like with www. guistuff. com which set it up some good tips… but I still think I want more. I’ve gotten well in to the graphics side of the design of the site, but after searching, I’m thinking maybe I want something different. Will there be a webpage this basically has back links to very well-designed web sites, that can be used as inspiration I understand of the " how’s my site" forum below, but not each of them is the greatest websites. Many thanks I have obtained some links to sites that are fitted with a collection of sites based on categories. If going tohttp: //www. johnnunemaker. com/links/ I possess design resources at the bottom. I don’t find out if they will let you but I just like them. also you can check www. cssvault. com i’m a little in the same boat because you as well… i’m designing a niche site for a multisport center within the region. post started it… produced a design… appreciated it then, detest it now: cross-eyed: ever since they gave us content, it doesn’t apparently fit the authentic design Ahhhh trying to design the twinkie befor … Continue reading

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Where do you see the Internet in 10 years?

Having on from one more thread regarding Search engines I thought I’d post this question to receive people to step back and look at the Internet in general rather than that nuts and bolts of producing web pages. What do you imagine the Internet might be like in 10 years How will we all access it How could it be regulated Will the idea become monopolised by a handful of ‘channels’ Say what you believe however ludicrous, will probably be interesting to see how a number of us share common strategies. Personally I think will probably be more like TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER. Split into stations or networks exactly who control the content that is certainly available. Obviously it will have space too to get personal sites, a lot like public access TELEVISION FOR COMPUTER, but the big boys will probably be where most folks go. We won’t a lot Google for a niche site as visit a channel to discover what’s on. Some sort of cross between magazines, magazines and television set. Yes, I also think that it will have couple of ‘big boys’ covering many information. You have too see exactly how frequently different organizations merge, but you almost … Continue reading

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Designing For A Living

I thought We would start this thread because I had been wondering who exactly about this forum does web designing for any living. I am only 15 years of age and am looking towards webdesign for the possible carrear, and Im continually being told in which there is a handsome profit involved with webdesign. Then again, this forum in this article and other on the internet has thousands and a large number of webdesigners on these people, and it cause you to be think by the time I am definitely old enough to try and do it as a full time income, (after college and university) if you experience still going in the form of big demmand with regard to websites. It appears pretty much every one of the companies are jumping to the band wagon now, and Im worried by the time I’m doing what I adore to do for any living, there will probably be no work What do most of you guys think about this Am MY PARTNER AND I right in thinking that it will have a small demmand to get sites in some three years time becuse everyone has one Or even will it get … Continue reading

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