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I need to put a section on my website, that only associates can access. I know a simple method of passwording it, although it’s hopeless, because you will see it in the actual source code, hence that’s pretty pointless. Does anyone know of a better way to do this If your host supports. htaccess information (free hosts may well not), then look at this out: http: //faq. smart. net/htaccess. htm it won’t let me do that, it’s as being a pain in the actual rear Carry out they support PHP, ASP, Perl, and so on. or just bare HTML If it is the latter then you’re basically screwed. Java applets aren’t a solution because they could be decompiled. We are using geocities, angelfire and also bravenet. WE’ve tried liquid 2K, but it is best to down. Vic’s hoping to put together an ftp server i a number of months, but most people need something to be able to tide us more than http: //www. internations. net/ Thanks Arien!!! *hugs* ((Can we’ve found the hug smilies back again please) Do they assist you to cross link That’s our problem, Vic made tons of backgrounds, but imagestation resizes and then, and no … Continue reading

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questions about billing people

Hello everyone, I am soon to become making a web page for a company. It will be to promote their services, give information and price lists etc. Might be about 14+ pages and We’ve pretty much settled on the price of 300 to the design of the positioning, this being this first site and therefore a little bit of a guinea pig!! What I don’t know what to do about is the extras. The website name registration, site hosting charges and entires operational directories. This is each of the " buisinessy" stuff that I don’t possess the first clue what to do about. Seeing as there are monthly charges on these false claims, should I discuss my client through tips on how to register all this and find the passwords away her so I can entry the web site host : cross-eyed: Or even: do I perform the lot on my plastic card and bill her That’s not really what I want to do being a bit broke at the moment but, well, if I can… What exactly do you just about all do Cheers, lonepine Privately, I do this for the client, and bill them for this. This way … Continue reading

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Cannot Connect to FTP

Hello, 2 , 3 weeks ago I got no problems registering to two servers through ftp. Now they do not work. My organization is trying through SmartFTP, Dreamweaver, plus IE. None may accept my usernames or perhaps passwords, which I am aware are correct. I also tried to have help from my hosting service. They were able to connect using the username and password, but for whatever reason I cannot via my computer. I get " a great ftp error features ocurred" or " would not connect because this target machine definitely refused it. " There has to be anything on my machine that will prevent ftp accesss by all programs this way I have allowed full entry to all of my own ftp programs throughout my firewall. Thanks for the help! Did you attempt simply disabling your firewall While FTP programs happen to be granted full entry, it may are enabled incorrectly, or there will probably be something else there preventing an association. Try turning the firewall off, after which it connecting. I tried this to help no avail. I’m not sure what would have happened to my machine in a little while that would block access out of … Continue reading

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3 Questions

Hey guys I’ve a few questions that we need answering quickly as im carrying out a job that internet marketing in over my head with. If anyone may help me with this I would appreciate it so much. I’m a designer along with animator and would gladly help some people out with any problems when they use maya or perhaps photoshop. YOU. How do I add a super easy email form to help my site. I know there was already a post to help explain this however it went way above my head. Can anyone provide a from step just one tutorial on the right way to add the simplest of forms inside Dreamweaver. COUPLE OF. I have a layer that we have text inside on among my sites, this layer is placed to (scroll) so any text in which overflows adds a new scroll bard for the layer so that you can view it almost all. But I do not require the horizontal scroll standard. Does any just one know how to reduce it THREE OR MORE. I need for you to password protect one of the pages and the host has explained that I are unable to do … Continue reading

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Frontpage Hassles

Simply no use really giving you all the details, but in short Need to use front page for your site I’m today the webmaster of. Previously it was hanled by someone else I have certainly not talked to nor should i think I is able to talk to. I figured out learn to get the site downloadable… but now this freakin thing wont let me upload anything. I’m almost specific it has related to frontpage, it gives us 550 Access Denied once i try it along with FTP. When WHEN I try uploading that via the " Submit Web" it wont sign me in when using the same username/password I use to buy the ftp (that functions fine) Does frontpage exclusively use one username/password with regard to it’s own extensions useage What does someone need to notify the server admin to help you me fix this Also anyone that knows plenty about frontpage generally Iw ould gladly appreciate it if you would give me a person’s AIM (or goal me at BraksAIM) mainly because I have a few other questions that I may or will not be able to learn… grr I dislike video games something fierce I’m working hard … Continue reading

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newbie: need website help

Pricey Members: I’m relatively new to website page designing. I know html but almost nothing else. Below I will enter the details of type of web page i want to make. Are you able to please help me personally out. I care what i will surely have to learn to put into practice my website in addition to html; plus any softwares that i should use. " What I wish to accomplish is build an online site from where people today can download physical activities clips. The whole site should about 4 websites. With three different types of sports clips. There will be two types connected with users. One who will pay for coursesmart and hence can have unlimited access. Whilst would be cost-free users and shall be allowed to download 3 video clips per day. Now how we will do is this kind of, I don’t have any idea in any way and that’s why I am contacting you. Just how do we limit any user to 3 downloads each day. In addition, I don’t want people to be able to post download url’s of movies on different discussion forums. Everybody does anyone want to download a video clip … Continue reading

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kill fee for large website?

I’ve designed and maintained a website for a very popular good ole’ n’ roll wrist band for about 6TH years. They became successful and weren’t when I going the designing. (they were inside top 10 for many months in 2000-2001). Now they want to gain me to surrender the passwords and such for your site for another person to work on it and take it all away by me. (They have already the passwords for your domain name, but is not the hosting along with such). I think I deserve some kind of kill fee… probably $10, 000 (remember, they’re millionaires). I have never had any sort of contract with these, but I are actually paid regularly without any problems as any conditional employee and also have paid taxes on my earnings. Exactly what does everyone think What can i do Any help could be appreciated. Thanks. It can be terribly unethical. It’s ideas that adheres to that that give webmasters careless name. Quite simply, you want for you to extort them books have information that is definitely legally theirs, but you’d like to claim it is yours. I don’t even think so – I had a similiar scenario that … Continue reading

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.htaccess redirect?

i’m having to redirect users considering their. htaccess authentication. ex girlfriend or boyfriend: user craig will be redirected to internet site. com/private/craig any non-complicated way to accomplish this with. htaccess, or any alternatives that will be just when secure everyone You can use PHP to cooperate with. htaccess authentication, therefore you can easily accomplish forwards with that. The best tutorial i always settle for is at http: //www. zend. com/zend/tut/authentication. php such as code. Anticipation this helps. Thank you, I’m still a little bit too newb for your though.: / Newb and also not, you need to learn these points! . htaccess was never designed to individually screen people. To do of which, you need a basic database, plus a script that determines user inputs next to privileges stored from the database. (This is simple enough. ) The validation part plus redirection, is pure code (we’ll enable you to with that part). What you’re homework ought to be, is how believe organize such some sort of database. What sort of information don’t you think is needed in that user database, and what criteria can you think would confirm a screened login What combination of criteria should redirect a clear user … Continue reading

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.htaccess password protected directories

Relating to the following composition in my website /main < — root directory /main/templates < — THE directory in main. My personal. htaccess file was in the root directory My personal. htpasswd is while in the template directory Protected password box springs up it won’t accept my password. . htaccess Code: AuthName " Admin Panel" AuthType Simple AuthUserFile /templates/. htpasswd require valid-user . htpasswd Code: user: password What feel i doing erroneous Just your word of notice; its not safe to put htpasswd files within web accessible files, even if there’re protected. If you could place them inside a directory outside of the main site folder (if your hosting company lets you do this) it will be more secure. At this point, onto the difficulty. Is your password encoded Theres a strong explaination here on how you can do it. This may solve your problems, but I cant basically see whats possibly not working here. MY SPOUSE AND I always find htaccess valuable, but configured in another way to on every device! : play: You ought to encrypt the passwords.

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please answer my questions

i am trying to create a my first web site and have got the basics down from reading about html off of certain sites but need ease some of my ideas that we want to applied my page.. the website i want to create will probably be like this… first page i want an image focused and underneath this i want a login box with user label drop down box and password field and submit press button.. how do you create the passwords how do you make the put in button recognise that passwords are appropriate then launch another page of my personal site how do you get my picture in the center miccled with the page then sign in info underneath that here is the code we have so far… HTML: < body bgcolor=" black" > < img src=" \C: \homepage\pics\image1. jpg" width=" 300" height=" 300" > < /a> < fieldset> < legend> < font color=" white" < big> < b> Login< /b> < /big> < variety action=" " > < choose name=" user" > < choice value=" name1" > name1< /option> < choice value=" name2" > name2< /option> < /select> < font color=" white" > < b> Password: … Continue reading

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