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Question for EVERYONE

This question may be for all webmasters who own their domain name. Dilemma, If you could buy any (super professional) php script and that is a web dependent email system, super professional with all the current bells and wistles intended for under $70 PEOPLE which would assist you to offer web based email world wide web membersand visitors without the require root access on the server, would you acquire it Possibly but I for around don’t want a real script from the start. SquirrelMail ( http: //www. squirrelmail. org/ ) works fine to me. So I guess what you need is no.

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Bandwidth Leeches

What may i suggest to a friend who writes my family: The host provides a strong IIS/Windows 2000 server. They also give CGI, in the examples below languages: PHP4, PERL, SSI, ASP. Regrettably, I know next to nothing about any analysts. The only language I’m pretty good together with is HTML, which usually up until a short while ago, was all WE ever needed. The primary issue is leeches remotely relating to my visuals or sounds once i am the one investing in the bandwidth. Whether the people really visit my site isn’t important, especially since I provide all this for free. The website is averaging EIGHT – 10, 000 visitors via 45 – 50+ countries per month, so I am OK using the head count. I get specific site stats on a regular basis, and this is actually how I get the remote links. There are various different types connected with remote linking, they’re: YOU. They design his or her site, but rather than downloading my files then uploading them recommended to their own server, that they link remotely. Whenever someone visits the site and individuals pages are viewed within a browser, I finance the bandwidth. I get rid … Continue reading

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New board new ideas?

I am aware in this competive industry, starting a aboard is hard in order to get it to help survive is trickier, so i came up with theme that assaults peoples attantion all of which make them appear and maybe join world wide web. f***yourhost. com " interesting name but significant board " Now i am aware it will offend lots of people but its meant to harm no one just stick out and get focus, were giving at a distance t-shirts and cash if anyone is to get these people interested, any ideas or imput will be greatly accepted.

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Cant see ftp changes

Often after i upload new webpages, it takes hours to check out the change. Ive tried using refreshing page/deleting technical staffing , internet files. What else will i do to increase the changes. (Other people could see the changes long before I’ll, so I know they are there! ) Just about any help please. Paul Unless you have some bizarre host, it must happen immediately. Usually there are some possibilties: A SINGLE. The temp documents aren’t really being deleted 3. Your browser is messed up (try Mozilla and also another browser temporarily) 3 OR MORE. Your ISP makes use of a proxy for you to cache pages (to save bandwidth) whereby there isn’t much that can be done. Thanks with the quick answer! If others can see my own changes before us, would this imply it cant be problems of my ISP utilizing a proxy. Thanks Paul Tgat can be your IE is caching the files… your host may be caching files also… Yes. A thing you can search to find out if it’s a proxy issue or problems with your browser: go to a new friend’s/coworker’s/classmate’s computer in their house (if they create a savings fund same ISP! ) … Continue reading

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for the pros: what’s a fair price?

Truly done some web sites for myself and friends only fun, but tomorrow I have a meeting with some people that own an skill gallery and it could be my first opportunity to GET PAID, but I really have no clue what would become a fair price to supply on the deal: Here’s an example they set it up of a site along the same lines because what they want: http: //www. wentworthgallery. com Quite simple, although I’ll probably be haunting this place to learn how the bejesus you add the actual shopping cart in addition to tie it within a db, nonetheless first things primary, I need to recognise what’s fair market value to get a site like in which. Many thanks. Charge just what you think they will pay. The price isn’t the amount of you want : but rather just how much they’re willing to fund the services rendered. It totally depends upon your experience and other work. For those off-the-wall refrence: I work from an art gallery in addition to grown up throughout the art scene this whole life. The guy this does one gallery i always work in (it’s actually sort of two in one) … Continue reading

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800 X 600 or 1024 X 768 ?

so well i’ve read somewhere that people use 900 X 600 reselution and well your sites look fine in my take on my 15inch monitor wiv 1024 TIMES 768 When will i set my site to become the rite measurement for every1 800×600 will be minimum every website should support. Just poorly designed web pages don’t work in 1024 X 768. I agree with Filburt, 800×600 will be resolution which all browser support. my partner and i always made website for 800×600. (if as well as is fixed width) or the positioning may be stretched to complete the browser. you possibly can design your internet site with tables utilizing %.. for model: PHP: < table  width=100%> < tr>     < td  width=20> < img  src=left_top_graphic. gif  width=20> < /td>     < td  align=center>     This  table  will  stretch  across  the  entire  screen.     The  left_top_graphic  will  be  to  the  far  left.     The  right_top_graphic  will  be  to  the  far  right.     Regardless  of  the  web  clients  screen  resolution.     < /td>     < td  width=20> < img  src=right_top_graphic. gif  width=20> < /td> < /tr> < /table> Hope this kind of helps. If … Continue reading

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Forms, E-Mail and Database question…

A buddy and I usually are doing some web development for a posting company. Both of us have good practical experience with HTML, flash, and web audio tracks and video. But we have no idea jack about significantly else. Affected person our boss inquired us to somehow allow it to become so that when people complete forms on her website, the results usually are both e-mailed to a tally and a file is created with the data in any format that his or her database program incorporate the use of so that he doesn’t should manually add the knowledge to the list program (Dbase) on the e-mails. If someone could possibly please explain in my experience the steps I need to take to complete this, and tell me which kind of files I will need to get or generate, etc. that could well be much appreciated. Thank you. Robert your going to should try to learn a server-side scripting words. degrees of some popular ‘languages’: : ASP (active node pages) : PHP (Hypertext Preprocessor) : JSP (Java Node Pages) : CGI with PERL (Common Gateway Interface)(the best. nevertheless the hardest) Sending the contents with the form will be easy to … Continue reading

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An Idea For Securing your code

Hello everyone, I’m the latest guy here. Merely joined up this evening. I see that most of you are obtaining some real challenges keeping your internet sites secure. Just wished to make a idea. There is a script available identified as Code-Warden. It uses php along with your. htaccess file in your server to limit your code from being viewed simply by pesky thieves. http: //www. codewarden. com Transio, My organization is truly sorry to hear that you have been tricked. I checked out your website when I had been still lurking inside the forums, and I thought ?t had been FANTASTIC! There are ways to guard yourself, and make them at least slightly harder for those people *(& %# that think they’re so slick to grab you off. Granted nothing today is 100% risk-free. But trust me, I sent the code due to this to a good friend of mine, and he said for the effort that it took to hack the actual code, it might have been just as simple to design out of Scratch, lol! Unfortunately I have not yet found a totally free way to develop the identical effect that this kind of script has… but … Continue reading

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I feel retarded

I cant figure out how to work tables. I mean I know how to make a primary table and almost everything its just seperating these people. I want the tables to appear somewhat like this but I dont know how to do it!!! Grrrr…. POST hate feeling weak! Can certainly anyone help us out to do this you’ll need to use nested dining tables.. All that implies is – Conference tables inside Tables. Code: < kitchen table border=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" width=" 780px" summary=" master table" > < tr> < td width=" 200px" valign=" top" align=" center" > < kitchen table border=" 0" cellpadding=" 2" cellspacing=" 0" width=" 196px" summary=" slave table one" > < tr> < td width=" 196px" valign=" top" align=" center" > several content…. < /td> < /tr> < /table> < /td> < td width=" 380px" valign=" top" align=" center" > < kitchen table border=" 0" cellpadding=" 2" cellspacing=" 0" width=" 376px" summary=" slave table two" > < tr> < td width=" 376px" valign=" top" align=" center" > several content…. < /td> < /tr> < /table> < /td> < td width=" 200px" valign=" top" align=" center" > < kitchen table border=" 0" cellpadding=" 2" cellspacing=" … Continue reading

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