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Getting a copy from a website?

Does anyone be informed on a good bit of software, which lets me completely (including photos, js files, type files.. etc) repository (copy) a website Some websites MY PARTNER AND I see are valued at keeping a duplicate off, as Im afraid they’ll choose offline. As well, if possible, this system lets me set an individual agent (if necessary). Gives thanks! Use IE’s Preserve As, it can archive a full page and (not positive about IE for PC) approximately n link quantities deep. Beware though that will archiving levels connected with links uses an obscene amount of bandwidth for the webmaster plus some even block IE’s not online browsing feature as a result. OR! goto www. archive. org! they need over 100 TERRAbytes of info… they have archived sites by 1996! even my personal first website about homepage. com! Did a fast search on Search engines for site downloaders as well as first tool I came across was www. httrack. com Expectation this helps.

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After a cuple of graphics……….

………… and havent had any joy finding these individuals. OK this town will be difficult as We have an image in my head so here goes………. First I have a very website but I’d like to see to add the graphic of some film, like that negative, I want it type of fold at the center so it appears wavey, I expect that makes sence. I want it during the page so must be quite great. (watermark) My second image is I’d like a silouette of an skyline, NYC rather. Can someone point me inside right direction for either or equally as Ive put in hours looking and also just cant locate anything. I’m new to web page design and dont know the most beneficial places to look, tried clipart nonetheless no joy. Cheers in advance Here is some sort of thread that lists several great stock digital photography training sites, some which are free regarding commercial use. They’re two of my favorites in the list: http: //www. morguefile. com http: //www. sxc. hu internet. freefoto. com is surely an excellent site to get photos, but there’s a charge pertaining to commercial use. thx spluf… I had been just going … Continue reading

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How do you charge

Pondered a client who in the beginning wanted requested that i charge them through the hour and then in turn ask for a flat rate hahah — it turned out that charging through the hour was better to do for which i had to scan photos for them. however the cost was going higher then now there budget.. Do any of you find it better with the client to charge from the hour or washboard rate Also how must the person authenticate your hours worked if you are in a numerous state.. " rely on factor " post guess I would also prefer to ask secure set your prices Does one charge what you believe the client pays or do anyone charge everone a similar price for a similar product Li Brad I would base it on simply how much time i think it might take to obtain the whole job accomplished, and if im going to sub some of the work out that will another designer to help you out. which improves the overhead for the project. Also what your customer is asking intended for, some people request crazy things as well as there pockets are generally leaking ( … Continue reading

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auto html generator

We’ve a website using a huge collection regarding thumbnails linking to help html pages which has a single image and previous and then links. Each of the pages and photos are sequentially together with. Anyone know of the app where I could generate a order of html webpages incrementing the code inside a couple lines. Instance: Code: < table width=" 100%" border=" 0" cellspacing=" 0" cellpadding=" 0" > < tr> < td height=" 20" colspan=" 3" > < div align=" center" > catalog# COLOR=redfig001/COLOR< /div> < /td> < /tr> < tr> < td height=" 320" colspan=" 3" > < div align=" center" > < img src=" COLOR=redfig001/COLOR_ms. jpg" width=" 461" height=" 320" > < /div> < /td> < /tr> < tr> < td width=" 33%" height=" 20" > < div align=" center" > < some sort of href=" COLOR=redfig012/COLOR. html" > previous< /a> < /div> < /td> < td width=" 33%" height=" 20" > < div align=" center" > < some sort of href=" COLOR=redfig002/COLOR. html" > next< /a> < /div> < /td> < td width=" 33%" height=" 20" > < div align=" center" > < some sort of href=".. /fig. html" > return< /a> < /div> < /td> < … Continue reading

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Getting pictures for designing

Hello there everybody, Concerning always wondered where do each of the designers get the pictures they use for their own sites. The pictures need to be high quality in addition to off course shouldnt do any difficulties with copyrights. With google shots its pretty nearly impossible to find a high top quality picture and it isn’t safe because the pictures you will find mostly copyrighted. Thus, where do an individual designers get ones pictures Information thread that lists many great stock pictures sites, some that are free intended for commercial use. Many are two of my favorites through the list: http: //www. morguefile. com http: //www. sxc. hu online world. freefoto. com is an excellent site to get photos, but there exists a charge with regard to commercial use. This favourite is internet. sxc. hu, it’s just a great site. Inactive link matey All you were required to do was consider the comma out of your URL, it’s set now. whoops.

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I’m trying to add a gallery to help www. SpeedysWorld. net I got a site working and am looking to get a photo gallery. I’d like it to be in the box with test, so the gallery would need to be edtiable to include it in generally there or something. I do not have any money thanks to spending money to the vB, someday I’d like to get a better Gallery for instance PhotoPost or no matter what it’s called, but does anyone know worthwhile gallerys they might recomend Please answer asap, cuz the photos are the most imporent thing with luck on my site. I also need a location for short movie clips, but I realize there’s no such thing to be a Movie Gallery. — SpeedysWorld Try this, you might choose a free one… http: //www. hotscripts. com/CGI_and_Perl/Scripts_and_Programs/Image_Galleries/index. html.

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Need Help With Table Problem

Hi Im endeavoring to create a desk for my new site that could stretch 100% Vertically although im having great problems to start with all my photos were distorted when the table was expanded. What concerning tried to do is defined all of my cells to somewhat of a certain height after which it have one cell that could expand with your repeating image. Problem is i manage to have some Cells left at the end i cant apparently get rid away from dreamweaver wont okay delete them and when i delete them within the HTML Code when i get more issues with the entire site moving down and also creating blank room above my header and sometimes most of my last wide range of images distorting where they’re repeating. Ive spend hours looking to solve this but to no take advantage can anyone assist me. Ive placed the page about my web space you’ll be able to view it in: http: //www. razmataz-designs. company. uk/leads/leads. htm I highly recommend you Help me i am offering 10 turtle pounds to whoever facilitates me solves my personal problem. We are not quite sure what you are meaning. Is the problem that … Continue reading

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Alternative to Frames?

Hello! I’m new for this place, I anticipation my question is just not a dumb just one Regardless, I’m designing an affiliate site for this brand new project I’m working on. On the left side from the page, I want to have a series involving photos moving decrease. The only way We can think to start this is to possess the photos be a frame, and then please take them stationary. Then again, I would enjoy it best if many people did scroll with all the page. The challenge with that: I don’t need the photos to own out (though they will repeat), and I don’t want them add to the scrolling that is usually, I want these to scroll while using page, not the web site to scroll using them. Basically, I want the length of the photo strip to change with along the page. It’s okay in the event that it gets stop mid-photo, too. Is there how to do this I think I remember reading somewhere that you’ll be able to repeat an impression vertically would that work so (assuming I built the strip regarding photos into a single big image) Thanks a ton SO MUCH for … Continue reading

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Starting a villa site

Good, here’s what We have for now. What do you think Splash Key Not quite sure what it’s. Splash page is quite nice, the principal… eh, could do better. It’s a little bit washed out and plain at this time. Yep, which is my problem. The splash page is quite good, but the key looks out of color and as you said washed out. Can you males give me ideas steps to make it more coluorful Site down at this time It can’t be down, maybe there isn’t access to the idea. I guess I am going to attach them here. No concerns, it is being employed again now. I’ll post an overview in 30 moments or so. Pretty good, but you may possibly do with some increased colour within the splash. Using some pleasant quality JPEGs in the surrounding area would clean up the site, and introducing some blues and green vegitables would allow for an assortment of shades and suggestions also. The splash page is pretty nice because you have a nice variety of colours included in the photos and the map and the like, however the main site is very plain, lacks colour and lacks variety. It’s … Continue reading

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Help slicing a site!

Can anyone suggest ideas on howto piece up this site Every single circled components, I plan to be clickable links. Under them, where this says " text message here, " I want that area for being expandable based on the quality of text located generally there, i. e. more text forces the clickable navigation link below it further on the next paragraphs. On the suitable side I’m likely to have a news blog to ensure entire area is required to be in one table cell, right Any ideas on how you can slice out that navigation links, plus maintain the backdrop (i. e. a 1 pixel horizontal selection to tile being a background image into the bottom of the particular page) Very well for slicing this images up, there a lots of free programs that permit you to do so. In addition to being for the something sliding down when you add more text, you simply would certainly make each category from a table. Basically you’ll have to nest a good volume of tables in your website when you signal it. Hope that helps I use Photoshop in order to slice up the images. It useful, but I’m not sure … Continue reading

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