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do you know the best books to order or websites to be to learn javascript, php, mysql etc thanks. http: //www. sams. com/, the actual gods of encoding books concerning been on right now there but i dont own an american credit-based card lol also i want as little jargon as you can, a tutorial for the complete begginer. online world. spoono. com.

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Suggestions for Free Web-Based Fourms (non PHP)

I’ve come to an awareness that yahoo does not suppourt php, and I are not aware of much about php also, I just want a superb solid web-based fourm, any kind of suggestions With thanks, Chad I’m fairly sure that Geocities won’t support anything yet HTML, so you’re effectively completely beyond luck. Your two alternatives are either (1) purchase a host that can handle PHP/MySQL/another server-side vocabulary, or (2) work with a remotely-hosted forum. If you know ASP, you can use Brinkster to setup a " forum" of sorts in that you may set up form-to-MS-Access database by it. However, they do not necessarily allow any form-to-email so you’ll must pay pretty close attention towards forum if that grows. Hi there… the website is http: //ktmonks. port5. com, and I’d like to create a strong " links of interest" page, which would include at the top of the page, a tiny form with name, url, and story feilds.. so that will when someone visits " post", their posted website and description would appear within a table below the form. does that help to make sense basically Im seeking to reproduce http: //endless. ws/lotm. WE run a site using greymatter, but … Continue reading

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Another forum besides PHP?

Any kind of of you guys know of a different forum type I’ll use besides PHP I discovered my server doesnt service PHP. Thanks for any help! if the host supports ASP, then it comes with an open source community forum created by microsoft http: //www. asp. net/forums certainly if your site doesn’t support asp, then i believe www. ezboard. com hosts forums on their server, unprofessional even though IMO Definitely thanks guys, I think my spouse and i found one I want to try out called yabb. I’ll run it at either. cgi or maybe. pl which is definitely great JR, the ASP. NET forums require a. NET server, not just ASP. Act like, Perl and CGI will be the same thing. Perl is often a language supported by the CGI architecture. Kind of like VBScript is a new language supported by ASP architecture. So well maybe MY PARTNER AND I worded that wrong sorry. Practically host nowadays facilitates PHP anyway… It is advisable to find a new one but if your current one does not support it because you will likely need PHP and MySQL in the future.

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Forum software

To start I just planned to let mods know I kept this kind of thread in below because I failed to really consider it a matter of web page design, but rather just straight up view. What’s your guys’ impression on software I have been doing a small amount of research and these and noticed basically each competitors in this particular market are (this site) as well as. phBB seems horridly created for templating, slow (I’ve heard) but not surprisingly is free. Invisionboard I’ve been very impressed by using. It packs just about all the capabilities vBulletin (2) offers, but of training is free. I’ve been looking through your coding lately, plus the templating system feels very intuitive and easy to run. Installtion is food, runs great and includes a half-decent skin. Furthermore the community with regard to iboard is rising exponetially (see world wide web. ibplanet. com) vBulletin seems to be the standard currently, but I can’t quite discover why. Not only are you experiencing to pay for the PHP/MySQL program, however , you must renew your liscence annually, abide by its policies and keep their copyright regardless of the. I had been just wondering your current guys’ opinion … Continue reading

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installing apache, php, and mysql

I’ve sucessfully installed Apache. Once i type in localhost, I have the Apache page. WE tried installing PHP 5 VARIOUS times (rebooting concerning installations and deletions)…. inside line LoadModule php4_module n: /programs/php/sapi/php4apache. dll WE changed mine for you to c: /php/sapi/php4apache. dll. Once i install PHP, there isn’t any folder sapi and also a file php4apache. dll anywhere on my computer. What gives This is very frustrating as well as almost enough to travel with the circulation and use Ms products. Uninstall anything and go get a hold of FoxServ it creates all that easy. The challenge is you’re installing PHP, download the zip document and unzip them. furthermore, no need that will reboot your equipment, just apache each and every time it starts. Always remember that pages CACHE. Meaning that if you unsuccesfully installed php, made an experiment. php and the idea tried to get a hold of, even if PHP is currently working – it’s going to still try that will download it mainly because browsers aren’t of which smart – complete a new test page each attempt at reinstall. MySQL is definitely painless.. just press install and slide asleep FoxServ seems to be interesting, I’ll have to … Continue reading

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Automated picture thumbnails and posting.

Simply just got started on a personal web site and My business is looking for some solution to automate picture uploads in addition to display them on my internet site. Something like Tumblr but for pictures form my camera. IE: code this page, make the templates and also have some service that will either runs on the internet server or by myself machine that takes a group of pictures in addition to dumps them (formatted) at my website. I will be traveling Europe just the summer weeks and want to create something for my people back home. Thanks beforehand for any facts. NP Factors link to a pretty neat gallery arrangement that my roommate utilized to display some pics he took. This creates thumbnails, contains comments, makes go shows, and more I think. It took a dash of setting up, although from what he or she said, after it turned out set up it turned out pretty easy to incorporate images to it. Check out her gallery here. http: //coppermine. sourceforge. net/ I’ve come across this one just before and often concept it quite an appealing package, it functions PHP and MySQL nevertheless, I think. WHEN I second that coppemine … Continue reading

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Apache Session Problems

What do I must edit in php. ini and also httpd. conf for sessions to be effective on my Apache assessment server (Windows XP) Not answered to your dilemma, but a side comment that will help: I use XP to try my website, and Manged to get Foxserv to install with luck Apache, PHP, MySQL as well as the rest. I didn’t must edit anything, as well as everything works (including sessions). HTH Relating to this sorted these days, I had in order to turn output_buffering on with PHP. ini. Thank you anyway.

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How would this be done?

MY PARTNER AND I wasn’t sure exactly where to post this particular, but here will go: I will be wondering, how does one get the on the net quote thing for instance seen on world wide web. x2hosting. co. great britain and www. driliquid. com I think this would be a good accessory, but how is he or she made Is this with PHP/MySQL It’s simple PHP with the looks of them, just comparing your budget for the preset prices into their database. There are many scripts pre made that are capable of do things like that. Check out these kind of directorys… http: //www. fatscripts. com/ http: //hotscripts. com/ It becomes best for you to learn php. You’ll have an easier time buying a technical job for those who have it on a person’s resume. As an example: I know php along with mysql. I identified them up right after learning java and c. I sent applications for a job that uses asp and oracle. I got the position because I simply had previous expertise with other languages which have been powerful. This is the reason learning php in making a quote generator like this is a good idea. … Continue reading

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Any free PHP/MySql hosts? (I don’t care if they are crap)

Just about any free PHP/MySql servers I don’t care whenever they are crap, it is for a temporary project. I think Lycos in the uk offered a php support on one occasion. I messed from it. http: //www. lycos. corp. uk I imagine http: //www. 100webspace. com/.

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