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Developing Websites with XHTML and CSS

http: //home. comcast. net/fredv4/xhtml/ Was mandated to link to them to retain this formatting. This should be only version 1. 0, model 1. 1 using more in-depth explanations of PHP plus CSS to explain certain issues. This and your osCommerce topic were said to be tutorials, but oh yea well.. If you need to submit them while tutorials, you have to attach them or even post their full text here. Goodness me, I didn’t find out. Should I re-post these individuals Yes, you possibly can, if you attach or post fully text Whoa, now THAT’s formatting!

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Can I hide a URL (for a particular page)?

We’ve created a dog training site so that the user to help ask aour coach a question by completing an application. Just recently this trainer wanted any fee added for every question submitted. I added a PayPal subscription button to start the submission method. When the PayPal purchase is complete, the form page is viewable. Naturally, the URL for the form page is likewise displayed and any one can navigate immediately to it bypassing this PayPal button. Perhaps there is anyway of covering the URL or limiting admission to the page without dealing with the PayPal purchase The simplest way to start this is to cover the page by way of including it in a very frameset. Have the top frame just 1px higher, and this will likely then mask the URL belonging to the form page you are loading into the bottom frame. EDIT: Example coding. Code: < html> < head> < title> Frameset Page< /title> < /head> < frameset rows=" 1, *" border=" 0" frameborder=" 0" > < mode name=" header" scrolling=" no" noresize target=" main" marginwidth=" 0" marginheight=" 0" > < mode name=" main" marginwidth=" 0" marginheight=" 0" scrolling=" auto" > < /frameset> < /html> You would … Continue reading

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PHP Thieves

My pal pionted this out in my experience and i figured id share. Some guys cut the fusionphp site completly in conjunction with there scripts using a few alterations. I recently wanted to point out how uncool it can be that they managed this. I are ripped for material b4 too plus its not extremely cool. Transio includes told us regarding his color schemer matter also, which only adds to the list of lame ppl who’re making other people look bad. Examine the huge difference there is certainly between the first site and scripts if you need to check those too all this new site. http: //www. fusionphp. net sale – Original http: //www. xtremescripts. com — Thieves If you go to xtremexcripts it is best to think twice when they are only stealing from fusionphp as well as naming it theres. Moved into the " I seemed to be ripped" forum. Result in your friend has been ripped! Has he or she contacted the intruders Im uncertain if he features yet or certainly not, I think your dog plans on waging warfare though lol. Well now as a minimum some more consumers are bound to find it, rather than … Continue reading

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form, cant find it………………..

howdy, my mums boss in the local pub wants me to design a new webpage, i know the way to do it basically except the form. if you have a look at the contact web site, world wide web. royalfourtowns. co. uk (this is a old web site) i dont know really the way to do these but will there be anyway i could possibly just copy as well as paste it directly into my new web page. i cant find it in the html tho. in case you save that page then modify in dreamweaver my partner and i still cant come across it, any ideas Coursesmart uses a really commonn CGI script, the start of the form HTML is usually here: < variety action=" http: //www. royalfourtowns. company. uk/formmail/formmail. cgi" method=" POST" > If the script I think it is then it is rather unsecure and is usually used by spammers. I would check this in addition to change it regarding another script. You can do it along with PHP. I made an enormous thread on this – find it in this ‘PHP and MySQL’ forum.

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Mark-up or Design, which comes first?

MY PARTNER AND I thought think this is certainly quite an exciting question to ask web developers. Which of most of these two comes first in the design process Some individuals may start about the composition and turn out by working on the code, other may take one other route. Start about the code, creating a bone like structure for the webpage and then consume by adding graphics Which can you use and why On earth do you feel there tend to be any benefits through doing either For a straight HTML web site, I start with all the graphics in Photoshop. I find that it is hard to start coding a web site when I dont know what it’s going to look like. If I’m coding in PHP however, MY SPOUSE AND I usually develop the actual PHP first, and build the design around the elements I want (text boxes, control keys, etc). I voted pertaining to design but again We’ve tried my hand in a bit of both. Sometimes I am going to just play all-around with CSS and try and make it while visually pleasing that they can with no shots, then add a couple of. But … Continue reading

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Which should I use, setup a blog or manually?

Hi there. My business is re-working my webpage, and im looking for a little advice. My site are going to be more regularly up-to-date etc, and on the frontpage it will be literally filled with some news, similar to a blog. Today, on the right hand side, I’d personally also like it to talk about " Top YOUR FIVE News" or something equivalent (the exact wording doesnt matter with the moment), so im guessing that I will have to create some type of blog or one thing right How could we start off therefore etc.. It is sort of what My organization is after. But on the suitable hand side it has the latest updates and what definitely not… Thanks for virtually any help Amnesia make use of a blogging system. Incredibly easier and faster. www. wordpress. org it is a great one, it’s free and easy to install. Thanks a whole lot! Blogger is decent and easy to put together plus it can be free: http: //www. doodlekit. com/start This has lots of options, they have both a no cost and pay-for variation: https: //secure. pmachine. com/download. php But Blogger is a superb one to start with… Enjoy! MovableType’s … Continue reading

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How would I have a picture on my site, with a random link each time you open the page

Greetings, I’ve made fundamental webpages before, and am wondering how We’d have a photo on my site that would have a random link all the time you open the actual page. the graphic wouldn’t change, just simply the link. Precisely how would i perhaps do this MANY THANKS VERY MUCH! We are not sure myself but My business is guess you would desire php for this. You may should make four copies in the same image or something like that to carry out it. I am not sure if it is realistic just to change the link, but I know it certainly is with different photos. I guess you may just may a few copies and implement a random image on the webpage with the different link per one Make feeling Maybe having Javascripting, but lots of people are now converting off their particular Javascripting, which would cause it to not work. The amount of links are you discussing, and would this be actual haphazard, or simply cycle through a listing… would you work with cookies to determine if someone has already had the website displayed on their own browser Learn if your hosting company offers SSI (Server Side Includes). … Continue reading

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Newbie having a mare with forms

I have been building a site for my spouse, and on an entire have figured stuff out as I’ve gon along, as yet that is. She wants a questionnaire. As I realize it I want to do two things: A SINGLE. Build the variety as normal (I was using Dreamweaver) puting in certain code that when the button is clicked the item sends the for on the ISP. 3. Upload some extra code towards the CGI-Bin at the particular ISP that shows the server what direction to go with the kind data and in which to send the idea. Are I right and so far The form I have created requires the usual material, Name email address etc. However I have got two drop affordable menus asking the consumer to select a precise option. Is the addition belonging to the drop down selections complicating matters if so just how do i deal with them. Sorry if this appears slightly vague but I will be not sure where I’m suppose to be going with this. Just about any thoughts greatfully been given. Nagger When you say a form on earth do you mean a contact sort of some sort Where by … Continue reading

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