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Apache again

goes anyone learn how like make multiple address’s with Apache just like: home. localhost will load from you folder while community forum. localhost will head over to another. any help appreciated. absolutely no… u may should register w/ a DNS before you could do something similar to that… PM beacon, he has the apache expert They’re named subdomains BTW yeh, i understand, sorry i didnt name then that throughout here hmm, i thought i might need a DNS, nevermind then, i’m only a developer from your home, i’m not positioning my page on the web yet. From the apache records it seems that can be done this: Code: NameVirtualHost * < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. website. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/domain < /VirtualHost> < VirtualHost *> ServerName urlwww. otherdomain. tld/url DocumentRoot /www/otherdomain < /VirtualHost> Go to http: //httpd. apache. org/docs/vhosts/name-based. html for any full info. Yep you can as martin said but on the. conf file: Code: # VirtualHost: Allows the daemon to react to requests for several # server deal with, if your node machine is configured to simply accept IP packets # with regard to multiple addresses. This can be accomplished with the actual ifconfig # alias banner, or through … Continue reading

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set up web host

Just what would it take ANY computer or few DSL or maybe cable connection Knowledge of linux and windows Knowledge of apache and iis Networking skills Like establishing dns etc. Wouldnt the easiest be to just build a cheap committed server hosting later b When i was running TT off my own ring machine, I made use of Apache, Tomcat (for JSP), oftentimes the PHP modules or Apache, in addition to my router. There is no such thing as cheap dedicated hosting. TT and a website 10 times their size would be on shared internet site. Dedicated hosting will be bloody expensive. $215 any month Aussie that like $125 to you seppo’s!! Receiving 3gb of distributed space is A$300 +. So dedicated hosting aint less costly!! Filly: We all weill have reviews, articles, forums and media the amount of space will most people need We’ll allow uploads with mp3s, mpegs for example. to a qualification Will it often be used primarily only for storage, or to get actually streaming Tunes and videos If its the latter, you’ll pay a king’s ransom for the additional bandwidth; if its the previous, all you are related is get any custom plan, perhaps even … Continue reading

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P3P Policy for vB forums.

Does anyone have got a template of the P3P policy for just a vb forum And also a resource site where I will generate one for free I’m behind the times: P3P The privacy policy It is the new policy procedure recommended by w3c and utilized by IE. P3P stands for Platform for Solitude Preferences. http: //www. w3. org/P3P/ Would not that be P4P May be just " 4P" p = platform 3p = Solitude Preferences Project Those strange individuals at w3c just love the amount 3 lol P4PP = Platform 4 Privacy Inclinations: -P Many people probably just did not wanna have P4PP seeing that their acronym.; -) ROFLMAO http: //www. alphaworks. ibm. com/tech/p3peditor That improve ya y not i believe that it is agood acroynm. better than p3p, that is stupid. and it’s like php very. maybe the PHP ppl ought to SUE THEM: lifeless: p3p looks a lot of like p2p, and that’s what these forums usually are not about! Imagine, people talking p2p to each other on a critical forum!: eeks:

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Good-Tutorials Advertsing idea

I do believe you guys need to concider goiong to be able to good tutorials plus getting som advert space there. There gettin seriously popular and we can always use much more members here while i was lookin from there ad area it seemed very cheap. Check it out so we’ve got more ppl to consult plz Should you be referring to managing ads on WDF, that will never happen, at least not from now on that I forsee. I do believe he meant promoting WDF on internet. goodtutorials. com, to raise our member trust. WDF doesn’t exactly generate income, let alone enough to cover ads. Maybe you can receive some ppl to donate for your cuase maybe being a diff color donate icon for donating for advertisment perpuses LOL…. I’ve got a good idea… Why don’t an individual guys buy promoting services from http: //www. transio. com. I hear they’re fantastic! And it isn’t going to matter that you do not have any money… just ask your members to cover it! The REALLY funny part using this thread is this http: //www. goodtutorials. com seriously isn’t even a in force site. Its an empty site without any content…. obviously … Continue reading

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R rated stuff

Manged to get alot of neat work thats not really exactly pg-13 in addition to im sure numerous other ppl perform to but we all cant show them off Is there any way close to this like posting a connect to a site containing the pictures somewhere on it or possibly a Rated R Section This is not Rated R… its artwork: PM a mod or even myself a link and he’ll tell you if it’s satisfactory.

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Ok need a little help…

Aight, as you realize I’ve been implementing, www. woodrrows. com, havnt made excessive progress lately but put a form script in I associated with another forum the following. I need (want) a forum that i can integrate into my page.. I dont want one that’s a totally different design and style, etc.. Or should i not have a new forum on my personal site Thanks Woody I do not think you need some sort of forum.. no real fact that it. since there are literally an incredible number of forums on line, there is no point for you to make one.. Why would ppl subscribe to your forum together with 5 members when they can join an additional with 10, 000 member And if you want forum, what are you interested us to do Allow you to with the reference Give u your source Tell you the thing you need to learn Umm, no I wasnt getting the source, or the right way to install it, or anything like that, I can do that myself, I was requesting peoples opinion, and if they knew of make available forums which can be integrated into a page a lot better than others.. … Continue reading

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My business is a new world wide web architect and was wondering what skilled designers have find to lure the surfer to your site. My business is curious to find out what recommendations, suggestions and comments web builders have received involved in their site out of web surfers in making the web experience easier to utilize and more compelling. For instance: -Make the navigation easy to discover and understand -Make sure your current contrast of background and font color allow it to be easy to read -Don’t have got a tremendous amount involving pop-ups that commute them crazy and can make it hard for them to see the page What is it possible to recommend: classic: A SINGLE. smooth/slick design! – dont make an effort to stuff your whole web site onto the homepage. 3. Dont overuse javaScript within the wrong way (eg. Disable Appropriate click) 3 OR MORE. dont have ‘under construction’ websites. If its not really finished, dont include it. smaller images, impressive layout… obvious easy to read text.. text styles and effects makes your internet site catchy and ppl will remember your web blog from it’s fashion and design use images which have been different but represent … Continue reading

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Web Page Design Careers and pointers

Hi. I am 18 about to start college for the Art institute as Site design as mmy important. I was hoping plainly can get several advise and getting grants what i ought of do throughout school and my career. As well, is there some kind of independent work with the skills I wouldn’t know much heading towards do while in college. Just listen up, if you know the basic principles, the first semister will you have to be mostly a air flow. It’s a good major to do, right now web-multimedia is booming in the marketplace. All the edge stuff like computer repair and network are low, due to that you could find these informations easily online. Including I sayed prior to, I wouldn’t understand what to expect throughout college because Now i’m only 15 =P. Actually, they’re in low demand because market is over saturated with it geeks. This is usually a 23-year high in unemployment inside tech industry. Partially due to the dot-com bubble break open, partially economy, partially because of the entire IT geeks graduating. If you are good, you can definitely get work. Uniqueness and creativity would be the key. Never let someone explain that sometihng … Continue reading

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are left navs no longer popular?

Ive been seeing a lot of sites without still left side navs nowadays, has the general trend moved from navs on this left side solely have top based navs as well as what When transio has reported before, left navs tend to be good for web pages that have a lot of links. Many PHP sites get left nav. Navs about the left or top rated are still famous. You can use each one, or if you’re really good, you can look at to build a good site w/ the nav to the right. left continues to the best, because that’s what ppl utilized to. top is definitely good too. can’t remember a site with a correct nav.. *shrug Seriously, Right Nav, haven’t debated with that one in sometime… lol I could truthfully really not imagine a good reason to perform right nav, except your target market was Left-Handed Rodents Users… LOL… perfect for just a lefty’s only website… May be people in favour of top nav do so to receive more content to the main page…. thats a good 200 pixels gone if you do right nav, according to how descriptive your own menu buttons tend to be…. Your … Continue reading

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Do you know any…?

ppl pls place any free picture stocks sites you already know! With thanks: classic: This thread is stickied inside Graphics and Expensive forum. If everyone has any innovative ones, please increase them there.

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