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Installing Apache on Win2000 Prof

So downloaded the zip, removed it, and published the install doctor, it’s claiming l should download and installation the. msi report. WTF how is the fact that meant to install Hopelessly lost on this sucker Go read the actual this thread during vbf i strolled justin through the idea i’m sure that can be done it! hold out on i’ll uncover it Yep here ya go: http: //www. vbforums. com/showthread. phpthreadid=157785& highlight=apache beacon Read everthing then ask queries! Thanks dude, apparent this can be for PHP and HTML pages… is better than me why most of us need two website server setups Psst…. you obtain the manuals and many cool demos on the PHP sites Am likely to be all over brussels: thumbsup: Nah havent experienced much time in order to resume me php knowing!! Focusing on some asp venture!! First i’ll get noisyplanet up on a server plus the domain name after that i’ll learn php! Php is actually great… and not thay hard to learn. Found some weird quirks around PHP, though… PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()         echo  $something;   //  echos  nothing But PHP: $something  =  ‘stuff’; function  poo()       … Continue reading

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cookies or sessions, that is the question.

Only testing the robot. I found these types of threads that look to be similar for you to yours. Do any of these help another question by Eric in the forum PHP question by 410 in the forum HTML as well as CSS Question for everyone by phpLords. Com in the forum Other Queries and Forums Question by snakebite in the forum Other Requests and Forums If they do not a human will probably be along soon anyway to assist you more. it needs some refinement in respect of what keywords it picks from the subject to trust the search upon, but it guaranteed was quick hehehe It’s only competitive with the subject a person give it that was perfectly reasonable theme ummmmm….. is there much question.

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Making a Site Popular

I’d like to make a site with computer tutorials including a big Bulletin Snowboard for computer help, but because you can find so many sites similar to this I want something that is going to draw out my site over other site that are similar. Would anyone prefer to give there suggestions: classic: Pay me $5/day to go to your site. That’d be a pleasant insentive. It could be nice if someone would give myself something useful! : Ogre:: Ogre: Legitimately, unless your’e providing something away, no absolutely nothing is that will make your web blog special. no cost hosting.. If you get have nothing to give away then you should be a top class designer because the gonna be damn hard to obtain members.. Ditto. Zero offense, but you needs probably taken much more consideration to that there are literally thousands of sites like you. It was very hard getting WDF all set, but it got patience, patience, a number of lovin’, and persistence. Well, not likely. If someone has a perception for a NEW site such as the one you’re preaching about, they’ll probably begin it up by themselves. To make your webblog successful, you’d need to have … Continue reading

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Embedded Fonts

My organization is talking about embedded fonts implementing that MS Weft matter. Somebody My organization is working with has requested that we use an unorthadox font for any site content. We’ve a few queries: Will it be reliable (cross-browser compatible) Precisely what your opinions Could you do it Thanks for just about any input. From what I recognize, not all fonts is usually embeded, so you first have to be sure that the font he wants can be converted. Also, there are acctually two solutions to embed fonts, 1 for IE, 1 for Netscape. Because of, what is imo, quite a poor implimentation on the very simple idea (a monkey perhaps have done it superior! font-family: url(‘*. ttf’); thats them! really hard… ) We would not do that. However, I believe if you aim to embed the font, plus it fails, it continue to degrades nicley. Consequently, if your client really wants it, explain that it doesn’t work in all browsers, but practice it, and design the website knowing that it might always be viewed in the actual ‘second-choice’ font. My organization is guessing that your dog wants this for a body font Or even, you might be able to … Continue reading

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starting out and need some help…

Hi All it is my first publish here and With regards to you all might help me. I am looking for ways to my own server adjusted right now thus this will take some time. On this server I begin having a website site/ forum with regard to European cars and my very own personal site intended for my auto designs. First on the particular euro car site I will be putting information regarding all euro cars similar to how yahoo is focused up. And subsequently a forum for instance vdubaddiction. com separated by make/ product. In terms of my other site I begin running Ive already been having problems finding good layouts in addition to coloring. Any help are going to be killer. Thanks many The easiest way to get tips on these forums is always to ask specific queries. This is a huge task to take on, especially if you are not very web adept. Read some host reviews inside our Hosting Reviews segment. After you obtain some hosting, you will have to design your website. Hopefully you are aware of photoshop, or one more graphics application. If you would like make this web page large and energetic, … Continue reading

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Frames Navigation Dilemma

I am aware frames are essentially outdated and loathed, yet our site at present contains frames. We use it to keep a navigation bar to the screen at all times, so that users can mouse click on the links in the navigation bar to get away from whatever it is usually they’re viewing. Unfortuately, because of the fact the site is within frames, the main web site administrator has the idea set such that each clicked link has a base target associated with " _parent" and clicking for a link takes one to another framed page which contains the same navigation bar and the new page. (Say, the link was a connection to a comics part. Clicking on that link, loads a brand new frames page that contains the navigation bar available as one frame and the actual comics page in the other). The reason for this, or thus he says, is in order that people who enter your website from links they find over a search engine similar to Google, when clicking using a link will always regain the use of the navigation pub. I think, this defeats the reason for frames, which I see as a tool to … Continue reading

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flash/database comments feature

Definitely, a client regarding mine has asked if its possible for him to include reviews into the database, which is usually then uploaded and also presented using pen. heres a good example, bottom left. i believe this is achievable using ms access/asp as well as php/MYsql. can anyone point me in the right direction to a few tutorials in achieving this or something equivalent Which part do you want help on Is it the inserting connected with new rows (in your case, these rows tend to be reviews) Or is it getting flash to read in the database BTW you may want create a comparable effect with quite a few JS and divs, depending if the client is variable. genrally the entire thing, i’m newish to help flash and never a database master. n really just have a tutorial that covers the basics of this my client might be flexible with just how its done nevertheless would rather steer clear of the JS intended for accessibility reason. still having difficulties understanding how in achieving this. anyone tried this kind of before Adobe flash, eh Firstly I’m not adept at that either, but can we really do a URL request from … Continue reading

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How to avoid getting your database hacked

I familiar with run a basic premade php-nuke internet site, but someone hacked the idea. Now, I am tough one and have learned how to code some php. On the other hand, I am sure easily tried to complete a database and run an internet site off of that, it would absolutely get hacked. Can anyone tell my family first how a person hacks websites, and easy methods to protect your own traditional hunting had. Sorry there are a great number of loaded questions, but help is prized. Ok, let me do some a lecture. People plan to hack databases by its queries. For many SQL-based languages, that they make special inquiries. Like in a new login username area, they do a Code: A OR 1=1; DECLINE TABEL users; This is really a common method that will blow away the security measures. Whenever it goes straight into your common issue, it becomes Code: PICK OUT * FROM customers WHERE username = ” OR EVEN 1=1; DROP TABEL customers; ‘ As you can see, it bypasses the initial query (by including an OR driver that clearly validates to true) and does the second query, a desk drop. So that can do … Continue reading

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New web designer database help!!

My organization is a print graphic designer and have just started dabbling into web site design. I have successfully taught myself basic html not to mention designing the program. These are two sites i have done to date www. parplussupplies. com plus my personal internet site www. oliverdesigns. com just to offer an idea from the level I am at at the tables. We’ve a personal project that i am working on and need quite a few advice/help. This site require a search function where visitors can search a database and then narrow down their particular search from YOU to 4 parameters. Example: search by way of state or alphabetical get or size, or two or three variable etc, and so forth. Is this doable by way of novice and if you have can anyone provide me a basic outline of the way this works concerning how and where must put the records and possible a connection to a code that will access this records. I did a pinch of research on mysql plus php but still hasnt grasp the idea fully yet. Sorry guys my site is certainly www. olivergraphicdesigns. com To write a reliable search function you’re looking … Continue reading

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Help with webdesigning basics and previewing

I’m new to this and just identified this forum. I’ve read many great posts and recommendations until now and can’t wait to learn more, however, I need to to get some assistance to get me started. With any luck , tonight. I’m seeking to build a webpage, obviously, but wanted to know when there is a low-cost means (i. e lacking to purchase Dreamweaver etc) or rather the way to create and check out before publishing. And so, I’d like to learn around with signal in notepad or what maybe you have, and then have the ability to preview my article on my pc without suffering any outside web host servers. Does that make sense So I guess the very first thing would be, is it possible 2nd what does someone need and what will i need to download to complete this. With thanks again! Create a folder on your hard disk just for using around, like any kid’s " sandbox". Put your complete web site data in there. . html files graphics, etc. You’ll be able to download free CSS web themes and put these folks into that folder to evaluate them offline on your browser. You are capable … Continue reading

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