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Domain email

I got looking for a way to allow my visitors ahead to my domain and be able to sign up with regard to an email correct at my site. I get emails continuously for it but Need to get a password through that person they usually can’t change this. Some people don’t seem to like this, not to mention I at ease with making all the accounts. Does anyone realize how to do this, definitely not an email forwarder possibly, I want an actual address. No some other forum could respond to this, maybe a person here can… Welcome to the board, Daniel! http: //www. everyone. net might work for you. They used to supply free (your domain). com web based emails in exchange for your right to sell on it. Not sure if they still do that though. Yea I tried this kind of and BigMailbox. com, both cause you to be pay now. I wish I possibly could do it from my server, also well then, I guess people don’t have the address. Thanks for your reply thouogh. Look into http: //www. hivemail. com/. It’s not free to you personally but you possibly can make accounts free that … Continue reading

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Content, Content, Content

Hiyaz, I know this is largely a design online community, but, as pattern isn’t everything, I thought I had try posting the following here sorry beforehand to the team if they don’t think the idea fits in! I’m interested in start work on the new website, centered around outdoors activites, like caving, camping, going up the, base jumping, parachuting, and so on. later this month. The ideas with regard to content that I’ve got so far include: — Discussion Forums — Gallery — Reviews — Webmail — Links Directory — Regular Articles — Chat Room — WAP Access Incl User discussion forums Latest Posts, WAPChat, and some more — Logos for Mobiles — Downloads Since you can see, I want it becoming a very ‘interactive’ internet site – mainly simply because I’m lazy and don’t want to have to publish articles. Hence, My questions back are: a) What keeps you re-occurring to a site b) Almost every other suggestions for features c) i want this becoming a free-membership site, but wish to enable them to ‘buy’ extras — eg coloured usernames – what could you ‘pay’ to have, and how much awkward in front of, d) When am I proceeding, … Continue reading

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Even worth making a portfolio?

I guess this can be sort of related to somebody that has actually gotten business of these portfolio sites… The following is my situation… I’ve always been interested in the web/computers. I started building my first webpages after i was… oh, declare probably 10-12 (’91-93: dismayed. In any instance I never took it seriously, although as time elevated I learned brand-new things here as well as there, eventually getting to the stage of writing my own html code, then I attempted ASP and today I’m pretty sufficient in PHP and also knowing some quite basic perl. This past year I got a career in an skill gallery taking photos with a digital camera and cleaning them up to send to this webmaster of internet. sdgallery. com. Hence.. I learned lots of Photoshop real quick after which it played with them on my own to the point where I can design my own , personal stuff now half way decent. I’ve also gamed around with flash somewhat (only know how to do movies right now) Today.. as far as getting covered webdesign, it’s all just sort of fallen into my own lap. People here as well as there have inquired me … Continue reading

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FAVICONs help…!

FAVICONs… argh Can a student conquered this issue please help my family I cannot figure out how to get a Favicon to operate. POST created a 16×16 pic.. made it an icon. It shows up as an tattoo, I placed it under my public_html folder about my host. But no favicon shows up! I cant find any real good help via the internet searches on where to place it… sorry to bother my local freinds here about this, but if you understand can you simply just help me available ALSO I read more favicon. com you’ll want to make TWO files 16×16 and a 32×32 BUT HOW ON EARTH CAN I GENERATE TWO ICONS AS WELL AS NAME THEM EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS Wouldn’t which just overwrite one another Aid!!! Straight by MSDN: http: //msdn. microsoft. com/library/default. aspurl=/workshop/author/dhtml/howto/shortcuticon. asp used to do make a tip in the day on that will.. but that website got removed i believe it should go ahead your httpdocs folder. Despite having the link: < WEBSITE REL=" SHORTCUT ICON" HREF=" http: //www. mydomain. com/myicon. ico" > you should still name this " favicon. ico" with regard to compatibility with various other browsers. The forum is … Continue reading

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Prices you charge?

I’ve been looking around web development sites, and I see some which are really expensive, and many that are genuinely cheap. A couple associates of mine have approached me to develop a site for them, and I care what a fair price could well be. I would be creating every one of the graphics, layout, and database programming with regard to them (its your clan site). So what would be a reasonable price to charge them I don’t want to go too low cost, but I also don’t prefer to rip them off. Giving a quote on the website job is actually tough, and anyone approaches it in another way. One factor to take into account is how bad you choose the job, relative to just how much they can fork out. If you want the job and in addition they can’t afford a large amount, taking the job on in the discount can always be worth while as time goes on as you can certainly add this job for a portfolio. Honestly my answer in your case is to aim to estimate how much you consider they can have the funds for, and charge these individuals that amount, if … Continue reading

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Forum software

To start I just planned to let mods know I kept this kind of thread in below because I failed to really consider it a matter of web page design, but rather just straight up view. What’s your guys’ impression on software I have been doing a small amount of research and these and noticed basically each competitors in this particular market are (this site) as well as. phBB seems horridly created for templating, slow (I’ve heard) but not surprisingly is free. Invisionboard I’ve been very impressed by using. It packs just about all the capabilities vBulletin (2) offers, but of training is free. I’ve been looking through your coding lately, plus the templating system feels very intuitive and easy to run. Installtion is food, runs great and includes a half-decent skin. Furthermore the community with regard to iboard is rising exponetially (see world wide web. ibplanet. com) vBulletin seems to be the standard currently, but I can’t quite discover why. Not only are you experiencing to pay for the PHP/MySQL program, however , you must renew your liscence annually, abide by its policies and keep their copyright regardless of the. I had been just wondering your current guys’ opinion … Continue reading

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How to create discussion board?

Now i am newbie here, on earth do you advice me easy methods to create my personal forum in the website, I by no means did it before, what should POST do and what does someone need to produce it Thanks a ton Please don’t post questions inside tutorials forum. (Moved that will " Other Doubts and Forums" forum) You will have two choices: 1) Get one –I reccomend Invisionboard(www. invisionboard. com) it’s cost-free and IMO the very best software that you can buy ATM. Or you may buy one such as VBullitin. 2) Rule one — This just takes a little bit of work and a little knowledge of php/mysql. I coded mine with regard to www. rfsmusic. com in some hours. I didn’t want all that further stuff that comes with a lot of these boards, so Needed a small simple messageboard. If you require any help, just do it– post any questions thanx i’m going to try it, in case i’ll have questions i’ll ask them iT SAYS, THAT HE ARE NOT ABLE TO COPY THE FILES TO FTP, OBTAIN DENIED BY DEVICE AND SOMETHING WITH REGARDS TO FILENAME. what ought to be a do, my issuer … Continue reading

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What to do ?

What direction to go Here is the situation, can anyone supply their advice based on their experience on this subject one…… I recently completed a considerable database driven web application for your local company below. We sat down and budjeted and i acquired a contract with regard to them to warning, outlining exactly exactly what was too possibly be done. We decided on a price, might have been about 250$USD (Ruffly, im in NZ) as i presented this too them they decided that it wasnt what these people wanted.! bloody terrible i though! Hence i said well, that is gonna have to change, basically the alterations meant i’d to rework an intire section in addition to complicate 10 flip! I have later completed it today, even when we took it very them they resolved again that changes where necessary to be made while using alignment of issues, even tho that they had previously decided on what it was trend like. Sure you say, alignment can be a simple thing, nah, this became hard coded vbscipting things. I couldnt be bothered working, So i said that would be more. I basically have a selling price set now, when i aint told … Continue reading

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Which Server-Side language ?

I’m trying to decide which language is best for server-side digesting. My prefernce is actually toward PHP, although in fairness, I have not used a large number of. Listed below are the contenders: PHP CGI — C / C++ CGI — Perl CGI — Other JSP ASP — Visual Basic ASP — Perl Script ASP — Other Langauge Cool Fusion Sorry If i have left away any, there very hard maintain with. Feel free that include any write throughout votes. This will depend on the application. Every language has its ups and downs. My favorites are PHP and JSP. WHEN I haven’t tried ASP as well as ColdFusion yet. ASP with luck. I can’t get enough of that VB! My business is trying to study JSP now. It looks very difficult but I believe that it is worth learning because I do believe all Java based languages need to be rougly the similar, and anymore you will get away from finding out Java. Plus I listened to JSP kills the others where speed goes (except with regard to ColdFuson, which uses identical concept as JSP) Under no circumstances been a supporter of VB. Seemed like what you’d probably get if … Continue reading

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I thought i was getting away from M$

We have seen teh set up notes thread with regard to installing apache, php, mysql with regard to windows. Anyone got almost any idea how to begin this for linux We have just got an old box celeron 366 and possess loaded the host edition of redhat linux NINE onto it. We have been told in which apache is about it. If therefore, what do i do to acquire it going. i am lost here. lol Any ideas. I think i posted inside the wrong forum. meh To receive the actual software: For MySQL let us discuss the downloads. For PHP here is the latest good release. For Apache let us discuss the available frees. Any problems you might have or extra instruction for the right way to install ask here or you may find the answers at LinuxQuestions. org Learn some documentation regarding redhat.. it’s not that hard. the reason that there’s countless tutorials for iwndows is because it’s so hard to acquire it working. About linux, it’s commonly a quickie. I believe you type with the command line to obtain it started, and then open a cell phone, and go to http: //localhost/ or http: //127. 0. 0. … Continue reading

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