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Stretching a page ??….

Hy, We are very new to this forum, and I am hoping to get a few help here (-: I was wondering how I can make an integral part of a page " stretch" in order that the whole height of that page is loaded. Therefore, I have a layout of hospitality attire table, 600 pix wider and 550 pix heigh; I now want we have an integral part of my page below that table is actually " stretched" in order that the whole levels is filled. The next table below should fill up the page making sure that the exact height to the page is reached. (that should work in a number of resolution, 1024, 1152, 1260,…. ) May this be done Thank’s Renzo Im not exactly sure what you indicate, whether you would like the table in order to stretch, or whatever was in the table in order to stretch. If it’s the table you need, you simply have to change the height/width parameters to 100% rather then an absolute value. I feel he means making use of percentages too however yeah im quite lost if you’d like percentages then the particular code should appear like this < … Continue reading

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After a cuple of graphics……….

………… and havent had any joy finding these individuals. OK this town will be difficult as We have an image in my head so here goes………. First I have a very website but I’d like to see to add the graphic of some film, like that negative, I want it type of fold at the center so it appears wavey, I expect that makes sence. I want it during the page so must be quite great. (watermark) My second image is I’d like a silouette of an skyline, NYC rather. Can someone point me inside right direction for either or equally as Ive put in hours looking and also just cant locate anything. I’m new to web page design and dont know the most beneficial places to look, tried clipart nonetheless no joy. Cheers in advance Here is some sort of thread that lists several great stock digital photography training sites, some which are free regarding commercial use. They’re two of my favorites in the list: http: //www. morguefile. com http: //www. sxc. hu internet. freefoto. com is surely an excellent site to get photos, but there’s a charge pertaining to commercial use. thx spluf… I had been just going … Continue reading

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Creating A Searchable User Submitted Database. Newb.

Hello Everybody! (Hi Medical professional. Nick!! ) Well since you can tell by our post count We are a newb. Our Question (My Goal) I would really like to build a website for a small business I am starting up. I would like my a way to have a database that is certainly built by consumer submitions and searchable influenced by particular pieces with the database. I am undecided where to concentration my learning about what database fashion, or how to even start. This is certainly one of what I am endeavoring to do. (Excuse me basically am really harmful at explaining this) Instance: Human being A: Selling an auto. Car is SEVERAL Door, RED, Automatic Human being B: Selling an auto. Car is SEVERAL Door, RED, Manual Human being C: Looking to get a car. Interested in 4 Door, Not any Color Pref, Manual Human being C (Buyer) will get results of Human being B (Seller) I guess in ways its kind of like eBay. The content is actually created and utilized by the users (Sellers and Buyers) We are unsure where do you start looking for my personal answers. While some of you my point out " go … Continue reading

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Clean Site

Is often a clean site for instance http: //www. aol. com/ for example will it be code or artwork Can anyone point me inside right direction just for this. I personally believe yahoo is cluttered with a lot of links making the idea not clean, but because you ask I’m guessing you mean colors/graphics. Within yahoo’s case, they want a lack regarding graphics. Really the only graphics are for the top of as well as, and the sleep is ‘coded’ glowing blue text on ‘coded’ light background. So i guess a better solution to your dilemma is code I believe you just wanna keep to basic text with white background using a nice header graphic. oh really, you probably need to use a font including Arial at measurement 10 or TWELVE MONTH PERIOD. Times New Roman simply just aint clean.

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Public email addrsses

Hello there, I would like to stop people who have public email addresses(hotmail so on) joining my own web site/forum. Mainly to avoid idiots from placing on it, now I discover how to block them, but what I am after is a directory of these companys, cos I’m sure theres loads post dont know and haven’t heard of, can anyone point me inside the right direction or perhaps draw me way up a list THANKS Free e-mail domain names: http: //i4net. tv/marticle/get. phpaction=getarticle& articleid=30 regards You’re not likely going to cease idiots from posting because they don’t have a free email consideration. Someone like my family, for example, might get on to your own board with at the least 30 different. com/. ca electronic mail addresses, all of which would be genuine, and you’d ought to block each of people as well. Look at to look with reporting idiots into the abuse departments at the domain name/hosting server also. Just a thought. That list doesn’t have AOL, along with in my practical knowledge, AOL is pretty big idiot-provider for the internet community. MY PARTNER AND I don’t mean to offend anyone through above statement. Not all AOL users are generally … Continue reading

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Seeing that I was’nt happy with the download startup on my site I wanted something different. So I would like to go by using autoresponders. Ive got a stand alone program that we want to used conjuntion with possibly Clickbank or Pay out Pal. But when will i set it about respond to either in the merchants when the purchaser purchases the item. I read Tom Hua’s tutoral about planning with clickbank although there was’nt whatever about using autoresponders, if there seems to be can some you point me from the right direction. Has anyone here took this particular road to saving there products. If you have can you let me know how it works. Thanks. Not sure what an autoresponder is definitely. Can youexplain the idea further Sure If your customer goes to clickbank to buy the product, clickbank will then send him/her any thankyou page which experts claim gives the consumer the download connection and he/she gets your jewelry. By making use of an autoresponder, hopefully I get an email from clickbank nevertheless a customer has bought your jewelry. That email is intercepted with the autoresponder program which ive already set up a response with the product attatched. … Continue reading

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Online Application

My organization is creating a webpage for any private company, and so they requested that I put a web based application form, that once submitted, would display in an e-mail. I was wondering what the most effective way of going about this is. I know the basic principles of cgi-bin, and how you can create forms. Also it should be secure, due towards nature of the information. I read somewhere that to secure a secure form you recently put a normal form over a secure server. Regardless, if I ‘m misinformed, or knowing the best way to apply, your help is appreciated. That is my first post on here, and I honestly don’t know what the turtle dollar value could be on a question like this. If I grossly more than or under-offered, feel free to inform me. Thank you. Yes, Some server possess shared security certificates but that gives you a little security warning if the internet explorer controls are set with their default levels which over a whole the the vast majority are.. You would like an SSL instrument. SSL (Secured Socket Layer), is employed for sending as well as receiving sensitive information for instance Credit Card data. … Continue reading

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Need help in the right direction

So, heres my circumstance: Think about I have SQL repository with schedules and stuff inside it. And let’s say a schedule is delinquent, but instead with logging onto my how do people find this available, I’d rather recieve an e mail about it. Will there be a program I’ll create on that server side that will allow the server to evaluate my schedules automatically and pinpoint which schedule is overdue and electronic mail me about the infromation I was told that Java Trade will please let me place a program onto the server that may automatically do this with luck, but I’m undecided…. Please respond soon. Thanks -Anthony.

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developer contracts

we need a developer/client contract i can esaily modify to suit my own functions. can anyone point me while in the right direction where i can download this type of thing. ive been trying to find them for weeks but a long way been unsuccesful. thank you. Please you should not double post.

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User analysis

can a single point me while in the right direction about how to can user analysis. To place 16-60 would look a tad lame!!! SO ? That’s quite just what exactly I thought after i read the place. LeeMo, explain us what on earth do you mean with " User Analysis" and " 16-60" so we will help uou. What your…

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