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Creating a forum

Hiya, I wasn’t guaranteed about which forum get started on this thread in… hopefully this the first is ok: classic: I’m pondering creating a online community for our intranet, mainly only for communication between staff members, such as logging computer glitches, leaving memos in order to other staff associates, etc. Can anyone recommend fine (cheap, if definitely not free) forum computer software, to save me the need to code something by myself Kind regards!: laugh: Assuming you can run PHP-based forums you’ll find lots of scripts you need to use. The most favorite free ones are generally http: //www. phpbb. com/ and http: //www. invisionboard. com/. To get paid boards you will find http: //www. vbulletin. com/ to get either $85/year, or $160 the initial year and then $30 for your other years. With thanks fil! I am going to give phpbb a go… I’ve a similar issue after having researched lots of forum software (though MY SPOUSE AND I missed phpBB). What I’m looking for is much simpler, more like your BLOG setup. Is there any simple way to setting up something similar to a BLOG yet with net access by only several people To paraphrase I post an … Continue reading

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Request for PHP and ASP Info

I see that the majority of employers ask to get PHP experience. My colloege teaches ASP however is not PHP. I are aware that these two coding ‘languages’ are server area. Can anyone i highly recommend you give me information about the differences of these kind of two scripts I dont know a great deal about PHP but I realize its said to be fairly easy to use and learn. http: //php. web is great to get learning That is a touchy subject although I" ll ensure that you get my opinion (in the finale that’s all which is left – opinion) ASP and PHP could essentially do the same things. The difference between the 2… well, ASP is microsoft – (basically) calls for IIS as a person’s server and (usually) purposes VB style coding. PHP is amenable source – contributed through the entire community of web-developers and composed of a bunch involving little functions in reality. I’ts more " standard" style coding – c/c++/javascript/etc. Arguing performance is silly because the limited differences are overwhelmed by constant updates to the languages and computer hardware that it’s currently being served off. I chose PHP (I know a great deal of ASP … Continue reading

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installing apache, php, and mysql

I’ve sucessfully installed Apache. Once i type in localhost, I have the Apache page. WE tried installing PHP 5 VARIOUS times (rebooting concerning installations and deletions)…. inside line LoadModule php4_module n: /programs/php/sapi/php4apache. dll WE changed mine for you to c: /php/sapi/php4apache. dll. Once i install PHP, there isn’t any folder sapi and also a file php4apache. dll anywhere on my computer. What gives This is very frustrating as well as almost enough to travel with the circulation and use Ms products. Uninstall anything and go get a hold of FoxServ it creates all that easy. The challenge is you’re installing PHP, download the zip document and unzip them. furthermore, no need that will reboot your equipment, just apache each and every time it starts. Always remember that pages CACHE. Meaning that if you unsuccesfully installed php, made an experiment. php and the idea tried to get a hold of, even if PHP is currently working – it’s going to still try that will download it mainly because browsers aren’t of which smart – complete a new test page each attempt at reinstall. MySQL is definitely painless.. just press install and slide asleep FoxServ seems to be interesting, I’ll have to … Continue reading

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Content Management System

Besides Postnuke and PHP nuke CMS, exactly what others are available there Something that is has most of the features and key. Preferred free screenplays. I believe that there is a single named " xoops" (sth like this) but I do not know, I hate site scripts tiki, ibportal, vbportal… 100s. If you want a listing of some go to help www. sourceforge. net and find CMS ‘microsoft’ CMS Server — 20k or consequently: -P LOL.. looks like a giant waste materials of money. Usual of M$.

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Security system for site!

Hi there, I’d like to see to create some sort of page in my site that may be for members only. I want people to be able to create a individual account and log in to a specific page on our site. Is there any tool i always can use to do this. I use Homestead. com and I’m a beginner with web page design. With thanks guys! usually there are some free basic scripts you can download from places for example www. dynamicdrive. com and www. javascriptsource. com You should be best of learning the basics (HTML, CSS) and then take to learn how to use PHP and also mySQL. It will take time, but if you want it to be proper you should take that route. Unless it has an open source script knocking around anywhere, but I’m not sure in case Homestead supplies you which has a database. JavaScript isn’t a good option in this, unless it is only for yourself. You’ll be able to certainly not have users added automatically.

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Insiration, Project Ideas And How You Start Them

Where can you folks get brand new ideas for fresh projects aswell as inspiration Do you look at other sites in case you see a style you want aim towards something such as that How do you start the designing process Do you have a mess around using your graphics editors and also html editor or do you first sit down having a pen and documents and just scetch out a number of ideas I usually start the ideas at my computer yet am beginning to start out designing some off of it aswell. Just thought I would make this to see what some of you guys came up with. Many thanks, Daniel I normally draw on the tables at this school when Im bored, seriously. without doubt DanielOliver, It deppends really because we have a few templates i always made off the top of my head after which you can show my clients whenever they ask to see any plus they may pick one of these. But relating to ideas for designs yes i do look around the internet with regard to new ideas. On my design website the css style on almost all of the links with underline … Continue reading

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ideas for a subject

Hey there, I’m likely to make a new website as well as a friend with my. But the situation is, we do not have a good subject for it.. So I had been wondering whether any of you will have any tips for any nice subject pertaining to our new webpage. We want a heavy one and that’s usefull if anyone else is. In case you have any ideas, you should tell me. Any kind of comments are welcome. Thanks in advance. I guess to make an details site, you need to get something you know more than an average joe and use which. I’m not positive how popular your page might be, because you can Google almost everything these days. But if you really want to make a niche site, good luck for your requirements! Li Brad well it might help if most people knew about what are the things you are into for any start It would be pointless someone pouncing in saying something like web design if you do not know anything concerning this, or if another person said do one of garden bowls, if would often be stupid you doing it in case you have no … Continue reading

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VBulletin Questions

We are currently considering purchasing a VB Board. Yet before I decide, I would want to ask some regarding you guys some questions about the item. 1) Can it be actually worth a whole lot of money 2) Does this mean I am going to not have to be able to renew the permit afterwards 3) Can it be hard to receive skins and put hacks to VB 4) Plus anything else you want to add Must i, Or shouldn’t I Many thanks, Daniel Oliver ONE. I feel it truly is worth paying to get, but not $160. ONLY TWO. Each year with regard to $30, you have to renew access into the download. That means you possibly can run vB indefinitely, but if you don’t pay the $30, you simply can’t download new versions. THREE. Definitely not, even though custom-styling WDF got months. There can be some custom coding. If you want to make the styles and hacks oneself, it can take significant amounts of time learning how each section of the system works together other parts. SEVERAL. vB3 looks far more promising than vB2. Even so, given the current gui (which isn’t final), I still believe vB, along … Continue reading

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Please help Re: Site design

This is a bit much to be able to ask but I really need advice by someone with a little bit of knowledge We need to build a site that will require a customer entering information in to a dynamic form and those details might then be instantly posted onto an HTML page. We’d then need to be able to construct a easy to use search facility for you to enable other clients to ‘read’ this posted comments. We’d aslo like available a ‘feedback’ / rating system just like that used by Ebay but is not essential. We are currently using Dreamweaver MX when my WYSIWYG arrangement and my ISP currently offers this services: CGI (Upload individual scripts is permitted) My personal SQL The ISP does not yet support ASP (Frontpage extensions) I have designed various sites with Dreamweaver during the past and have utilised formmail etc has worked fine. Possible have a ordinary form – CGI publishing facility but this would mean physically being forced to cut / paste information to the displaying page every time. Should you choose decide to offer you me any information – thanks before hand. PS: We are trying to function this out currently … Continue reading

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