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Apache ?? 404 ??

hoe can one have every 404 error redirect to a certain URL (not a file in the identical directory as this referral) aid WHat would you like to do Redirect whenever a 404 error takes place yeh Work with ErrorDocument and placed some redirect program code on that page! hmmm, i’ll try that, i believe i know what exactly u mean this is what i have regarding my error handle: Code: # # 1) ordinary text ErrorDocument 500 " Error 700 – The node made a boo boo. # n. b. the individual leading (" ) marks it as wording, it does certainly not get output # # 2) local redirects ErrorDocument 404 urlhttp: //LOCALHOST/404. php/url # to redirect to regional URL /missing. html page #ErrorDocument 404 /cgi-bin/missing_handler. pl # N. B.: You can redirect to a script or your document using server-side-includes. # # 3) external redirects ErrorDocument 402 " Error 402 – Messed ” up “, sorry # N. B.: Many of the actual environment variables of this particular original # request will certainly *not* be designed for such a script. is there anything wrong for it cos when i visit an invalid LINK it gives this error … Continue reading

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Yahoo Webhosting – Page Include Problems

Do you find it just me I just now took over updating a website that is hosted on Yahoo, and for your life of us, I can’t figure out how to make a page include work. This should be pretty simple, right I’m not a guru or a skilled, but I are advanced enough (or hence I thought) to try and do manual HTML coding, or anything else., and I’m a excellent Javascript cut-and-paster. I’ve sent 2 E-mails recommended to their Customer Care – still waiting for a reply. Has anyone had this issue, or can any person tell me easy methods to fix it I think I got it to your workplace once, but all of a sudden, they just don’t work anymore. NOTHING AT ALL.: ichatangr Any help could be GREATLY appreciated.: ichathapp Thanks a lot. Hi webbee, and welcome to the board! Los angeles injury attorney Yahoo Webhosting won’t answer this question is because it falls outside the normal bounds of website hosting tech support. Most hosts would not answer questions in connection with design of a site unless it relates to one of the components of the server not doing work or something of this nature. … Continue reading

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Suggestions for Free Web-Based Fourms (non PHP)

I’ve come to an awareness that yahoo does not suppourt php, and I are not aware of much about php also, I just want a superb solid web-based fourm, any kind of suggestions With thanks, Chad I’m fairly sure that Geocities won’t support anything yet HTML, so you’re effectively completely beyond luck. Your two alternatives are either (1) purchase a host that can handle PHP/MySQL/another server-side vocabulary, or (2) work with a remotely-hosted forum. If you know ASP, you can use Brinkster to setup a " forum" of sorts in that you may set up form-to-MS-Access database by it. However, they do not necessarily allow any form-to-email so you’ll must pay pretty close attention towards forum if that grows. Hi there… the website is http: //ktmonks. port5. com, and I’d like to create a strong " links of interest" page, which would include at the top of the page, a tiny form with name, url, and story feilds.. so that will when someone visits " post", their posted website and description would appear within a table below the form. does that help to make sense basically Im seeking to reproduce http: //endless. ws/lotm. WE run a site using greymatter, but … Continue reading

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Password-protect my whole site.

I want to password-protect the whole site. I’ve got CPanel nonetheless it won’t allow to do the / (public_html) seeing that password-protected. How do you do that: vintage: The best technique I’ve found is to use a mix of a single server-side include along with a session variable, i always tie into the unique identifier on the database. The pseudo-code would be something like this kind of: — Site determines session variable to check out if user can be logged in. — in the event user is logged with, he/she can log onto the site — if user is not logged in, he/she is redirected into a login page — if customer attempts to sign in and match is found in database, unique identifier is retrieved and composed to session variable Certainly, the exact syntax will depend on your programming dialect, but you have the idea. Uhm yes! But i’m not thinking about doing a entire PHP programming just for this. Can’t this be done which has a single. htaccess report i have got never used the. htaccess file but i assume it could, and there may be a tool above each of the forums to produce one. yep saw … Continue reading

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US E-Commerce merchant accounts/payment processors

Understand that this is a request originating from of the boundary, so I learn almost nothing about it issue. I’m trying to find US E-commerce mercantile account/payment processing solutions for clients of mine who wish to establish your US presence (and rather frankly, most Canadian providers are terrible made by this standpoint). I require these: 1) ASP integration with no COM object set up (so everything must be server-side) 2) The capability to reconcile to somewhat of a bank quickly (US is actually fine, but preferably Canadian if possible). 3) Decent service/explanation of how to use the processer software 4) An organization that’s not likely to run with it is tail between its legs per month later What can be nice: 5) Reconciling funds with a Canadian bank. 6) International currency (at minimum CAD/USD) acceptance. Can anyone help me made by this standpoint Thanks.

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Useful server-side forms

OKAY, not advertising in this article, just posting a thing that comes really handy in my opinion.: ) www. formbuddy. com can be a cool system that helps you create forms, and put them against your webpage, and have persons contact you doing this, instead of including your e-mail, many people just click post, and it can either check out your " e-mail" or " forumbuddy. com’s" e-mail service you get when you join. Its pretty nice. If you go there, they reveal the coding thoroughly and clearly. I know theres others, I became just recommending this because doing so came extremely easy to my opinion.

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books (if in wrong place plz done move)

hi peeps, Well im good into webdesign right now and my PS2 WebPage are going to be uploaded very shortly.. anyhow i have started a new job just for the time upwards until college and i need to buy some new books on webdesign.. I have these alrdy HTML DOCUMENT 4. 0 made simple JavaScript Made Simple Coffee beans Made Simple Plash MX throughout easy steps Illustrator 7 in effortless steps How to do everything within FrontPage Well i know them all inverted inside out for example.. and im after extra advanced books mainly wen it pertains page layout, flash animation and how to make cool 3d photographs. I’m also thinking of buying a domain but the host offers alsorts for example databases etc… and then for starters am likee: cross-eyed: ermm whats these features for and how can i use them with regard to instants php,. asp,. world wide web, CGI etc.. and many others… almost any help please… ps.. i’m from britain so if u will find me some providers which cell these books in great britain or ship for the uk i’d b many greatful: classic: thnx all over again! try amazon. com! i know that they’re … Continue reading

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Please help!!! Form required

Hi all, I wonder if someone can assist me please. I have recently put together a site for someone, it is www. confettidreams. corp. uk and the lady Concerning designed it pertaining to wants this: The order/enquires page I desired something like an ordinary form that is emailed to us direct……. along your lines of… Name Email Telephone Address Designer Program code name/number Quanity Colour Size Time frame required Order or enquiry Just how do i do this You should please help! Thanks beforehand! Sarah xxx You have got to use a server-side encoding language to compile the data and then send it on the clients email tackle. e. g languages: PHP, ASP, Perl. Its rather than that hard, though, if you dont have time to study some basic programming then you could just look up an email script from google or one thing. Make sure you know your net servers specifications before you just write the script. If you work with a Windows machine, use ASP. If you work with a Linux host, use Perl as well as PHP. Do not double post. Line closed.

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Making a computer app a web app

Hello there everyone. I was just wondering if there is anyway to make any application for ones computer into an appication for that web which can be run in the browser window. (For illustration: I have a personal game on my computer which i want people to qualified to run from the net. Somehow, I put this im this webpage, and seems like there, in this window. ) Should i do that Thanks Wouldnt that be a copyright breach of some sort You’d probably need permission every single child publish games which you buy from shops on the internet so people can play at no cost I expect. Could get in many trouble else. It could be not possible. Some applications is often executed in the context of your web application through creative us going for DLLs or OCXs, for instance so: DLLs may be used on the server-side that will implement the functionality of your existing application (though it’s necessary to have an API specification which means you know what you happen to be programming to). OCXs can be used to execute components associated with some applications (such while MS Word and MS Excel) while in the context of … Continue reading

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