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I need to put a section on my website, that only associates can access. I know a simple method of passwording it, although it’s hopeless, because you will see it in the actual source code, hence that’s pretty pointless. Does anyone know of a better way to do this If your host supports. htaccess information (free hosts may well not), then look at this out: http: //faq. smart. net/htaccess. htm it won’t let me do that, it’s as being a pain in the actual rear Carry out they support PHP, ASP, Perl, and so on. or just bare HTML If it is the latter then you’re basically screwed. Java applets aren’t a solution because they could be decompiled. We are using geocities, angelfire and also bravenet. WE’ve tried liquid 2K, but it is best to down. Vic’s hoping to put together an ftp server i a number of months, but most people need something to be able to tide us more than http: //www. internations. net/ Thanks Arien!!! *hugs* ((Can we’ve found the hug smilies back again please) Do they assist you to cross link That’s our problem, Vic made tons of backgrounds, but imagestation resizes and then, and no … Continue reading

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Selling scripts

If i wanted to advertise my (ASP) scripts, how much should i ask for them Most of them are quite innovative and took me ages to build. My own scripts include certificate and online assistance. Just about any price ideas Depends what these are. If its a guessbook for instance, i dont assume anyone would spend more then TWELVE bucks. But for something similar to a Forum or even portal system inside the hundreds. don’t charge a lot of or people will just copy your source code and you should lose more as compared with you make Seeing that Mike says, depends entirely upon what they, if there is anything around currently and that is free but does exactly the same thing etc You could charge for the support, i. at the. you can ensure that anyone who buys it is going to get personal assistance for installation, and so on. And perhaps even fixes if you are feeling charitable. Wait per minute, scrap the charitable, do what many people ask, they’re the buyer!

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I am to develop a Lingerie site

Hey cutie I’m just about to be commisioned to perform a lingerie site and I’m quite looking towards getting down to be able to it. After a litlle research I’ve saw the running theme with a no. of these websites and they all utilize a nice system that will grab the specs from your database and place them to the same template. Although I have got experience with together databases and PHP this are going to be a big step personally and so I would like a litte advice on where to seem to develop a few very targeted skills. I’m looking in making a site very much like those listed below of course , if anyone can assist me out by way of pointing me into a code snippets or tutorials that may direct me in how Let me achieve this different site, please perform. http: //www. contessa. org. uk http: //www. ultimodirect. com My business is a little lost about what you will be asking for. You wish a nice route to put data originating from a database into a normal page The way I would about doing it can be to use just one php page as … Continue reading

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How do I create a Guestbook in Dreamweaver MX

Every ideas what I really could do for this…. I currently make use of Bravenet as WE haven’t got some sort of clue really…. In my dreamweaver book it says concerning adding scripts which you need to get from your web host company… Gives thanks in advance Galaxy u want help adding ur rule Galaxyblue if u post ur signal on here and the page u are interested on i’ll put it for ya Sorry, forgive me Kirman, but I’m uncertain what you signify by code < Inserts novice developer smilie> A guestbook would need to be written inside a language other as compared with HTML. Dreamweaver will shade code php for yourself, but you have to enter it yourself (and know it). Consult your hosts concerning what Server Aspect languages they assistance. Then check out and about www. hotscripts. com. They have alot of prewritten scripts that you could use. most guestbooks job by connecting to database stored on a web server. When you view the guestbook this server opens the particular database, grabs all records and sends back a HTML site which displays all those meals neatly. Similarily, when you sign the guestbook, you have a HTML type … Continue reading

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Table cell height has gone mad!

I’m building a site in Dreamweaver MX, and the table I have shows beeing the height of this text in Pattern view, but next time i preview in IE, the cells really are a lot taller. When will i make the solar cells the height from the text in these The page under consideration is attached. (BTW, I am just very new to web development, and as such I don’t know HTML. ) Firstly, the page which is attached looks just like it was done in MS Word of mouth (which isn’t detrimental to starting but causes plenty of problems, particularly inside browsers that Ms didn’t make. ) Look at to look from redoing the page from scratch inside Dreamweaver MX. Minute, you make us going for a table/table cell attribute (height) which is buggy at most effective. If you need your cells that they are the height of the text in these, the best thing you can use is lose which height attribute. Here you are at the board, however. And there’s almost nothing wrong with becoming new. Everyone is at some time, right Why does it seem like it was carried out in Word WE removed the length … Continue reading

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expanding navigation bar like apple.com

we’ve a navigation bar width=800. how do i make the dining room table fit 100% on the browser window i looked over thier source signal of apple. com and so they have a personal on each aspect that loops any background pic.. but after i did that it shifted each one of my slices.. ASSISTANCE PLEASE it’s probably something related to the width settings to the cells and/or the table in general. can you publish the source code for the table, or supplies a link to your page containing that problematic code thanks for you prompt response… however i actually simply just figured it available myself… In my opinion it’s because you have the total size to equal 400. Even though the resolution you desire your site for being optimized for might be 800×600, the web dimensions for the width are marginally different. I believe a new width of 780 (or was it 768) is what you should set it to get. Why the big difference The scrollbar about the right takes way up some space.

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freelance questions

If I would prefer to work using a project as your freelancer, is it possible to request payment from the books and still be able to protect myself in case of non-payment Not that getting cleared the books strategy (sooner or subsequently, you do get caught) though the only way I possibly could think of to protect yourself is usually to implement some way of overlay graphic within the various graphic features (logo, pictures, menu, etc. ) Whenever they want the " SAMPLE" (or no matter what word you use) taken away, then they pay. If not… nicely… then you’re on your. Mind you, I’d think many people would simply because nobody wants a site with " SAMPLE" scrawled throughout it. Just provide them with a screen chance of it together with SAMPLE accross it, that way they can even steal source code lol Well what i mean by protecting myself is legal steps… or at very least threaten such. Would self-written legal agreements hold any water Does one bother Are going to I’m going to get making changes using a live site this was previously created. Now i’m doing some easy mods to the idea, more textual and also … Continue reading

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Finding the right colors

Will there be any easy tool for figuring out the color of something (such like a background or picture) with a website Is at this time there any tools that we can use just for this Try carrying out a screenshot, pasting it into Photoshop in addition to checking the shade in there. Just view your source code and show at the SYSTEM tag, this is taken because of this forum Code: < body bgcolor=" #EEEEEE" If its not just a color it’s going to be a image source Or prefer a quick way to check out if a bg is usually a image or not merely right click on it if the ‘Save Background As’ selection comes up JR’s method also successful.

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"Bigger"/"Smaller" Liqud static wbdesign… Like WDFs one…

I was wondering if any person could help myself. I really like the script this makes the WDF discussion boards bigger and smaller sized!! (look up on the header)… Ive completed many many lookups in WDF, plus google, but are already unsuccessful! Does anyone understand how to do it, or could point me sumwhere to find out how If you wish to find out nearly anything about any site, look in it is source code. It’s an alternative way to learn new methods. I don’t understand if people will get very happy in case you jack their computer code though. On additional hand, what can they greatly about it, and you could start to help other people out It isn’t really as if they need to jack an entire site – graphics, content and most. By the way, just to create your searching easier, JavaScript is applied to this site, though I could think of added ways of undergoing it. Thanx, we’ve allready browsed this source content plus attached files and also couldn’t work that out! however, being respectfull I thought we would ask before MY SPOUSE AND I stole! It’s really a combo of css along with javascript! I’ll … Continue reading

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use of tables

Hello there all, Still endeavoring to hone some web coding skills.. I’ve noticed that alot of designers will nest tables and use plenty of tables all spanning a page. Is that one way just to make sure things stay place the way they should Is there a main purpose for all you tables And by using CSS, is it possibly necessary anymore I’ve seen a stand with one cell which has a table nested because… why for As an example, check out the source because of this page: http: //www. bakingshop. com/bc/item/wk-6ds. htm You will find tables everywhere! Thanks alot Tables had been the main way of laying things out and about.. It is messy and unneccessary.. CSS will be new way.. It has a more rational structure and right now there isn’t all this messy code, that comes with tables.. I’ll provide you with the same inbound links I gave some1 otherwise on these user discussion forums earlier.. Many are CSS based patterns.. Check out the actual source code.. http: //www. csszengarden. com http: //www. cssvault. com Information good site to learn basic CSS as well as other design languages.. http: //www. w3schools. com Tables inside dining tables was … Continue reading

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